ALLSTAR: Brushcreek results 2005-09-04

PEEBLES, OH -- Polesitter Chad Kemenah led wire-to-wire Sunday night at the Brushcreek Motorsports Complex in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 30 lap A main feature. For the All Star points leader, it was his seventh win of the season in the ...

PEEBLES, OH -- Polesitter Chad Kemenah led wire-to-wire Sunday night at the Brushcreek Motorsports Complex in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 30 lap A main feature. For the All Star points leader, it was his seventh win of the season in the familiar Jim Harble Motorsports Kistler-powered Eagle. It was the initial visit by the All Star series to the wicked fast 3/8 mile D-shaped oval. Kemenah outran Rookie-of-the-Year points leader Cody Geldart to win by half a straightaway.

"Two weeks ago my engine builder wanted me to put a Mopar under the hood and so far the worst we've done is third," Kemenah said after the win. "I have to thank my whole team for their hard work tonight."

Kemenah started the main from the pole with Brock Mayes alongside. Row two consisted of Butch Schroeder and Geldart with Greg Wilson and Jimmy Stinson in row three. When the green flew Kemenah rocketed into the lead over Mayes and Schroeder with Geldart holding on to fourth. Kemenah began lapping the tail of the field on lap four as the top four maintained their positions.

The first caution of the event flew on lap eight for a Spud Gustin spin, and Kemenah maintained control following the restart. Geldart went high around Schroeder to take third on lap 10, and began applying heavy pressure to Mayes.

Geldart utilized every inch of the Brushcreek track surface to try and get around Mayes as the battle raged for second behind Kemenah. Kemenah pushed out to a quarter lap lead and it was now nose to tail and side by side for second. Greg Wilson, meanwhile, passed Schroeder for fourth.

Lap 26 saw Kemenah avoid disaster when Gustin spun right in front of him with Kemenah narrowly missing the spinning car by inches. Following the restart, Geldart put a great low groove move on Mayes to slide into second, but Kemenah was too far ahead to catch. Kemenah won by .857 seconds at the finish.

"We were running really strong," Geldart said of second. "This Eagle, Hampshire powered Oshweken car ran really good all night. We had a hard time getting through lapped traffic and then passed Brock (Mayes). He gave us a hard challenge."

Mayes ended up third with Dean Jacobs getting by Wilson with two laps to go for the fourth spot. Wilson was fifth ahead of Danny Smith, Schroeder, Randy Hannagan, Jeremy Campbell and Jimmy Stinson. The Crown Battery heat fell to Danny Smith, the B&B Products heat went to Jeremy Campbell and the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Dean Jacobs. Kemenah captured the Haulmark Dash and Jimmy Stinson was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier with a new track record of 11.991 seconds.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Jimmy Stinson, Wood 8, 11.991 (NTR); 2. Greg Wilson, Elden 22, 12.050; 3. Cody Geldart, Geldart 6g, 12.051; 4. Butch Schroeder, Jessup 7K, 12.073; 5. Brock Mayes, Brock Mtspts. 11B, 12.097; 6. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 12.097; 7. Ryan Coniam, Bancon 46, 12.157; 8. Chad Blonde, Blonde 5b, 12.169; 9. Dean Jacobs, Pullins 29, 12.170; 10. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 12.181; 11. Dale Blaney, Fisher 2x, 12.188; 12. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 12.232; 13. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 12.241; 14. Jeremy Campbell, Campbell 10c, 12.303; 15. Paul May, May 71m, 12.315; 16. Randy Hannagan, THR 1x, 12.318; 17. Adam Strausser, Strausser 65, 12.332; 18. Luke Hall, Hall 34, 12.501; 19. Spud Gustin, Gustin 4G, 12.589; 20. Curt Trainer, Trainer 36, 12.743; 21. Chuck Waddell, Waddell 22w, 13.045; 22. Josh Davis, Davis 22d, 15.971; 23. Tom Busch, Busch 4B, no time.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): 1. Smith 2. Hannagan 3. Coniam 4. Schroeder 5. Kinser 6. Schroeder 7. Gustin 8. Davis.

B&B Products Heat (8 laps): 1. Campbell 2. Blonde 3. Wilson 4. Blaney 5. Mayes 6. Trainer 7. Strausser 8. Busch (DNS).

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (8 laps): 1. Jacobs 2. May 3. Geldart 4. Kemenah 5. Hall 6. Ruble 7. Waddell.

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Kemenah 2. Mayes 3. Wilson 4. Geldart 5. Blaney 6. Ruble.

A Main (30 laps): 1. Chad Kemenah 2. Cody Geldart 3. Brock Mayes 4. Dean Jacobs 5. Greg Wilson 6. Danny Smith 7. Butch Schroeder 8. Randy Hannagan 9. Jeremy Campbell 10. Jimmy Stinson 11. Chad Blonde 12. Dale Blaney 13. Barry Ruble 14. Paul May 15. Chuck Waddell 16. Spud Gustin 17. Ryan Coniam 18. Kelly Kinser 19. Luke Hall 20. Curt Trainer 21. Josh Davis.

Lap Leaders: Chad Kemenah 1-30. <pre> All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 2473 2 Dale Blaney 2337 3 Danny Smith 2328 4 Randy Hannagan 2215 5 Jeremy Campbell 2080 6 Greg Wilson 2073 7 Brock Mayes 2038 8 Paul May 1884 9 Cody Geldart 1882 10 Bob Bennett 1619

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