ALLSTAR: Attica results 2004-04-16

ATTICA, OH -- Chad Kemenah used lapped traffic to reel in Mark Keegan Friday night at Attica Raceway Park in the Haulmark All Star sprint car Coors Light Spring Nationals 30 lap feature. After Keegan led the first 28 circuits in his own No. X, ...

ATTICA, OH -- Chad Kemenah used lapped traffic to reel in Mark Keegan Friday night at Attica Raceway Park in the Haulmark All Star sprint car Coors Light Spring Nationals 30 lap feature. After Keegan led the first 28 circuits in his own No. X, Kemenah dove low under the lapped car of Jeremy Campbell with Keegan moving to the high groove, and that move was Kemenah's winning one. It was Kemenah's second consecutive win for the 2004 season in the Jim Harble No. 15K Eagle Chassis wrenched by his brother Brian.

"It was a really good race, and I just ended up winning," Kemenah understated from victory lane.

Keegan and Campbell brought the field down to the green flag with Keegan grabbing the initial lead over Paul May, who started fourth. Following a lap two restart for a Lee Jacobs and Tim Hunter spin, Keegan easily motored away from May with Campbell third and Kemenah fourth. Kemenah began applying pressure to Campbell and after three laps of dicing back and fourth, Kemenah secured third. Meanwhile, Danny Smith and Randy Hannigan were battling for sixth. Keegan recovered from a slide off the top lip of the racetrack on lap eight in time to keep his lead, which began shrinking to May and a fast moving Kemenah.

A lap nine caution was a lucky break for Keegan, allowing him to get free of lapped traffic. For the restart Keegan led May, Kemenah and Byron Reed. As Keegan pulled away from the rest of the pack, Reed began pressuring Kemenah for third. Reed dove low to try and get under Kemenah, but the defending All Star champion repelled his advances. Two laps later Kemenah passed May for second, and Reed followed him past the Terre Haute, Indiana driver.

By lap 13 the running order was Keegan, Kemenah, Reed, May, Greg Wilson, Campbell, Danny Smith, David Harrison, Bill Rose and Dale Blaney, who started 13th. As Keegan moved out to a half straightaway lead, Rose was battling with Harrison for eighth, but Blaney blew past both of them as his machine was one of the fastest on the track.

With a John Ivy lap 17 flip bringing out a red flag, the running order was Keegan, Kemenah, Reed, Wilson, May, Smith and Blaney when the green reappeared again. Keegan, in the high groove, pushed his lead to another half straightaway advantage with a great restart, and Blaney began picking off cars, moving to sixth by lap 20.

Todd Kane, who started 21st, now was in the top ten as Keegan approached lapped traffic. With five circuits remaining, Kemenah was closing quickly on Keegan's machine. With three laps to go, Kemenah drove high into Keegan's groove as the leader dove low to get by lapped traffic. As the lapped machine of Campbell loomed ahead, Kemenah remained in the high groove with Keegan committed to the bottom, and Kemenah's momentum in the upper groove propelled him into victory lane.

Keegan held on for a close second over Reed, with Wilson fourth and Blaney fifth. Smith, after starting ninth, was sixth, ahead of Jac Haudenschild, who charged hard in the latter stages of the race after starting 22nd. Kane ended eighth with 19th starting Kyle Sauder ninth and Hannigan tenth.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Tim Hunter, the B&B Products heat went to John Ivy, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Jody Keegan and the TP Wings heat fell to Mike Linder. The University of Northwestern Ohio B Main fell to Lee Jacobs and Kemenah was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Chad Kemenah, 12.162; 2. Greg Wilson, 12.303; 3. Paul May, 12.418; 4. Randy Hannagan, 12.474; 5. Jeremy Campbell, 12.516; 6. Mark Keegan, 12.578; 7. Brock Mayes, 12.605; 8. Jon Agan, 12.649; 9. Byron Reed, 12.669; 10. Rob Chaney, 12.695; 11. Danny Smith, 12.704; 12. Bill Rose, 12.722; 13. Ryan Coniam, 12.748; 14. Dave Harrison, 12.754; 15. Dale Blaney, 12.775; 16. Craig Mintz, 12.789; 17. Tim Hunter, 12.824; 18. John Ivy, 12.893; 19. Jody Keegan, 12.960; 20. Mike Linder, 12.971; 21. Kyle Sauder, 13.125; 22. Lee Jacobs, 13.166; 23. Jon Finsel, 13.252; 24. Todd Kane, 13.252; 25. Chad Blonde, 13.256; 26. Caleb Griffith, 13.265; 27. Jac Haudenschild, 13.301; 28. Todd Heller, 13.354; 29. Phil Gressman, 13.354; 30. Eric Rankine, 13.486; 31. Barry Ruble, 13.546; 32. Brandon Martin, 13.645; 33. Shane Helms, 13.819; 34. Alvin Roepke, 13.872; 35. Kelly Kinser, 13.928; 36. Matt Lucius, 13.975; 37. Andrew Palker, 14.006; 38. Eddie Lynch, 14.131; 39. Chad Levingston, 14.187; 40. Aaron Middaugh, 14.985; 41. Bill Shaw, 15.403.

Crown Battery Heat (10 laps): 1. Hunter 2. Reed 3. Kemenah 4. Sauder 5. Campbell 6. Gressman 7. Helms 8. Palker 9. Shaw 10. Conaim 11. Blonde.

B&B Products Heat (10 laps): 1. Ivy 2. Chaney 3. Wilson 4. Harrison 5. M. Keegan 6. Jacobs 7. Roepke 8. Lynch 9. Rankine 10. Griffith.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (10 laps): 1. J. Keegan 2. Blaney 3. Smith 4. May 5. Haudenschild 6. Mayes 7. Kinser 8. Finsel 9. Ruble 10. Levingston.

TP Wings Heat (10 laps): 1. Linder 2. Kane 3. Hannigan 4. Rose 5. Mintz 6. Agan 7. Heller 8. Martin 9. Lucius 10. Middaugh.

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (12 laps): 1. Jacobs 2. Mayes 3. Martin 4. Heller 5. Kinser

Haulmark A Main (30 laps): 1. Chad Kemenah 2. Mark Keegan 3. Byron Reed 4. Greg Wilson 5. Dale Blaney 6. Danny Smith 7. Jac Haudenschild 8. Todd Kane 9. Kyle Sauder 10. Randy Hannigan 11. Bill Rose 12. Tim Hunter 13. Craig Mintz 14. David Harrison15. Lee Jacobs 16. Brandon Martin 17. Rob Chaney 18. Brock Mayes 19. Jeremy Campbell 20. Todd Heller 21. Paul May 22. Jody Keegan 23. John Ivy 24. Mike Linder.

Lap Leaders: Mark Keegan 1-28, Chad Kemenah 29-30.

NOTE: April 17th event postponed due to rain.

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