ALLSTAR: Attica Results 1999-06-18

All Star Sprint Race Results - Attica Raceway Park - Fri. 6/18/99 By Scott Hall ATTICA, OH - Kenny Jacobs finally recorded a feature win at Attica Raceway Park. His first feature win here came in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Friday...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Attica Raceway Park - Fri. 6/18/99 By Scott Hall

ATTICA, OH - Kenny Jacobs finally recorded a feature win at Attica Raceway Park. His first feature win here came in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature Friday night at Attica in the Coors Nationals, worth $5,000. But the story of the race was Chad Kemenah, who appeared to have victory within his grasp before he spun out of the lead on lap 31. "I figured I was going to get too old to drive one of these things before I would win one here," Jacobs recalled. "We just had trouble tonight from the time we unloaded the car, but the guys, Aaron Hammer, Matt Barger, my son Lee and Russ Rhea never stopped working all night long. They’re the reason I’m here. I just can’t say enough about all the people who help me." Jacobs’ Eagle chassis rode Goodyear tires, used Kriner-Chevy power and is sponsored by York Co. Excavating. Kemenah started on the ButlerBuilt Motorsports Equipment Hot Seat pole position in the Jim Harble J&J with Randy Kinser’s Franklin Power Products Maxim outside. Kinser took the early lead, running the high groove and continued to lead through four yellows in the first nine circuits. After the fourth restart, Kinser led Kemenah, Kelly Kinser up from tenth, Butch Schroeder and Rocky Hodges, who started eighth. Both Kinser and Kemenah ran the high and low grooves on Attica’s third mile, changing lines at will, trying to gain a slight advantage on the other. Lap 10 saw Kinser run high in the lead, with Kemenah low. The next lap Kinser ran low with Kemenah high and the duo were side-by-side on lap 12. Kemenah dove low under the leader to lead by a wheel on lap 13, and stretched his advantage until the action stopped for an Alvin Roepke turn two flip on lap 16. Following the red, Kemenah fended off the charge of Kinser in the low groove for a lap until Paul May slammed the guardrail hard off turn one for another red. The restart lineup was Kemenah, R. Kinser, K. Kinser, K. Jacobs, who started third, Hodges, Dean Jacobs, Schroeder and Donnie Goeden, who started last after forgetting his fuel cap on the initial lineup of the race. Kemenah lead over Kinser, with K. Jacobs taking the high line around K. Kinser for the third spot. After another yellow on lap 20, K. Jacobs moved around R. Kinser for second with a high groove move down the backstretch. But Kinser regained the runner-up spot a lap later. Kemenah had a nice lead until he approached lapped traffic on lap 30. The leader had trouble getting by Brian Ellenberger, which upset his rhythm, and he slipped off the edge of the track in turn two a turn later, spinning out of the lead. This put R. Kinser on top over K. Jacobs, K. Kinser and D. Jacobs as it was shaping up to be an Ohio vs. Indiana battle. K. Jacobs shot low in turns three and four to take the lead from R. Kinser on lap 33 as Dean and Kelly were side-by-side for third. With K. Jacobs in the lead, Dean snared third, making a Jacobs sandwich of Kinser. Dean was now setting up Kinser, and got by with a high move off turn four for second on lap 37. K. Jacobs slid high off the backstretch with two to go, but reeled his car in to maintain the lead over his brother and third place R. Kinser. Schroeder charged back to fourth at the end, over K. Kinser and Danny Smith, who started seventh in Denny Ashworth’s Schnee. "I thought he was going to give it to me, driving off on the back straightaway" Dean Jacobs said of his brother's miscue. "I don’t know if he was looking back to see if I was behind him or what. I thought I was going to be able to drive up in front of him but I came up in and there was a lapped car, so he won." "We were a little off the whole race," Randy Kinser said afterward. "At the end I should have been on the top and I just let them drive around me." Rodney Duncan finished seventh, earning the "Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven" award with Hodges, Joe Gaerte and Mark Keegan trailing him. Kemenah ended up 16th. The United Expressline heat fell to Mark Keegan, the Southwest Expressline heat to Jason Dukes, the Southwest Glass heat was won by D. Jacobs and the United Specialties heat went to Jerrod Hull. Danny Smith won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with Goeden the United Expressline B Main winner after flipping in his heat and Butch Schroeder was the fast qualifier over the 37 car field, worth $300. In limited late model action, Wayne Maffet Jr. captured the 15 lap feature over Mike Lonas and Mike Martini. Time Trials: 1. Butch Schroeder, Schroeder 17, 11.524; 2. Donnie Goeden, Karavan 27g, 11.796; 3. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 11.800; 4. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs 6, 11.827; 5. Randy Kinser, Kinser 14, 11.856; 6. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15, 11.869; 7. Danny Smith, Ashworth 92, 11.884; 8. Rocky Hodges, Holbrook 88, 11.891; 9. Joe Gaerte, Johnson U2, 11.919; 10. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 11.993; 11. Dean Jacobs, Holbrook 8, 12.015; 12. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 12.021; 13. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11n, 12.056; 14. Jonathan Stevens, Stevens 4J, 12.065; 15. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 12.089; 16. Boston Reid, Keppel 9, 12.104; 17. Mark Keegan, Steinbrick 92, 12.245; 18. Bob Teeple, Teeple 8T, 12.261; 19. Tim Kern, Hay 28, 12.323; 20. Jon Finsel, Finsel F1, 12.326; 21. Rodney Morgan, Morgan 21, 12.334; 22. Jason Dukes, Dukes 3, 12.383; 23. Greg Litten, Litten, 12, 12.399; 24. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 12.427; 25. Alvin Roepke, R&F 99, 12.507; 26. Brian Carlson, SC Motorsports 18, 12.539; 27. Paul May, May 71m, 12.562; 28. John Wisbon, Burmeister 16, 12.653; 29. Jim Damon, Damon 50x, 12.735; 30. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 12.804; 31. J B Scarborough, Scarborough 24, 12.813; 32. Bob Distel, Distel 4D, 12.921; 33. Marty Ling, Ling 47, 13.024; 34. Duffy Smith, Smith 29, 13.163; 35. Norton Southard, Southard 00, 13.400; 36. Brenda Buster, Buster 31, 13.458; 37. Eric Hysong, Andrews 72, NT. United Expressline Heat (10 laps): 1. Keegan 2. Schroeder 3. Morgan 4. Gaerte 5. R. Kinser 6. Roepke 7. Hysong 8. Ling 9. Damon 10. Neumeister. Southwest Expressline Heat (10 laps): 1. Dukes 2. K. Kinser 3. Kemenah 4. Stevens 5. Teeple 6. Carlson 7. Wilson 8. Duffy Smith 9. Goeden. Southwest Glass Heat (10 laps): 1. D. Jacobs 2. Litten 3. Duncan 4. Danny Smith 5. May 6. Kern 7. Southard 8. Scarborough 9. Reed. United Specialties Heat (10 laps): 1. Hull 2. K. Jacobs 3. Ellenberger 4. Hodges 5. Wisbon 6. Buster 7. Distel 8. Finsel 9. Reid. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash: (4 laps): 1. Da. Smith 2. Kemenah 3. K. Jacobs 4. Schroeder 5. D. Jacobs 6. K. Kinser. United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. Goeden 2. Reed 3. Wilson 4. Roepke 5. Hysong 6. Distel 7. Kern 8. Du. Smith 9. Buster 10. Carlson 11. Neumeister 12. Damon 13. Ling 14. Finsel 15. Reid (DNS). A Main (40 laps): 1. Kenny Jacobs 2. Dean Jacobs 3. Randy Kinser 4. Butch Schroeder 5. Kelly Kinser 6. Danny Smith 7. Rodney Duncan 8. Rocky Hodges 9. Joe Gaerte 10. Mark Keegan 11. Jerrod Hull 12. Greg Wilson 13. Jonathan Stevens 14. Donnie Goeden 15. John Wisbon 16. Chad Kemenah 17. Rod Morgan 18. Brian Ellenberger 19. Greg Litten 20. Bob Teeple 21. Paul May 22. Alvin Roepke 23. Jason Dukes 24. Byron Reed. - -

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