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UNITED EXPRESSLINE ALL STAR SPRINT RESULTS - MON. 09/2/96 Attica Raceway Park, Attica, Ohio ATTICA, OH - Pennsylvania's Kevin Gobrecht was the suprise winner Monday night at Attica Raceway Park in the United Expressline All Star sprint ...

UNITED EXPRESSLINE ALL STAR SPRINT RESULTS - MON. 09/2/96 Attica Raceway Park, Attica, Ohio

ATTICA, OH - Pennsylvania's Kevin Gobrecht was the suprise winner Monday night at Attica Raceway Park in the United Expressline All Star sprint 40-lap "Attica Ambush" feature. With his fourth place finish, Dale Blaney was crowned the winner of the 1996 Frigidaire Attica Pro Series, worth $5,000. Gobrecht's victory lane visit was his first career All Star win, and his third overall win of 1996. "We want to get out and travel some more, we were tired of being at home and the lower payoffs," Gobrecht said from victory lane. "We are going to go for the money and travel and run with the big guys." he added. "This is pretty neat place, I'm happy now that we're here." Gobrecht's four-race old Gambler is self owned, wrenched by his brother Brian, powered by a Don Ott Chevy engine, and rode on McCreary Tires. Mark Keegan made a charge on the cushion from sixth to second in the last five laps aboard Lenny Ferguson's Schnee. "We really didn't know Kevin was leading the race," Keegan said afterward. But we're just happy for second. I guess we needed a 50 lapper." Charlie Fisher started third, ran second most of the race and finished third, losing second to Keegan on the last lap. "We have spark plug number seven out of the engine tonight, and ran on seven cylinders," Fisher said of his run aboard his self-built chassis. Gobrecht started on the pole, with outside front row man Dean Jacobs grabbing an immediate lead on the cushion of the third mile oval. Gobrecht ran the bottom groove, with Fisher third also on the bottom of the race track. Fifth starter Kenny Jacobs tucked in to position number four. By lap three, K. Jacobs got past Fisher for third, and began challenging Gobrecht for second as D. Jacobs stretched out his lead in the Jacobs Racing Frigidiare Stealth. The only caution of the race flew on lap 16, for Frankie Kerr and Kelly Kinser who were battling for eighth on the low groove. They made contact and spun each other out. Both restarted the race on the tail. D. Jacobs led again over Gobrecht and K. Jacobs on the restart, with Dean still high and Gobrecht low. By lap 25, Dean's tires had sealed over and he began spinning his wheels, allowing Gobrecht to close. They ran side by side for two laps. Finally, on lap 28, Gobrecht took over the top spot with a low move going into turn one and was on top going down the backstretch. He handled lapped traffic expertly, as the action behind him heated up. D. Jacobs kept fading, while Fisher took back second ahead of K, Jacobs. With five to go, Keegan moved back to the top groove and made his last ditch charge to the front, which fell a half straightaway short at the end. Dale Blaney got past K. Jacobs to record fourth with two laps remaining with K. Jacobs fifth. Tenth starter Kevin Huntley was sixth, 17th starting Todd Kane seventh, 19th starter Rodney Duncan eighth, D. Jacobs holding on for ninth and 16th starter Danny Lasoski was tenth. Jeff Shepard was the fast qualifier over the 41car field and picked up a $4,000 kitchen set from Frigidaire for having the most quick times in the Pro Series. The Southwest Expressline heat was won by Chad Kemenah, the ButlerBuilt heat went to Rocky Hodges and the other heats to Danny Smith and Danny Lasoski. Dale Blaney won the Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash with Kevin Gobrecht the Outerwears Pre-filters B Main winner. Jim Nier captured the Action Sportswear-Indy C Main. Scott Miller took a nasty end-over-end flip down the backstretch in his heat. On the start of the B, Van Gurley, Jr., Jimmy Stinson and Byron Reed flipped entering turn one. All were okay. In econo sprint action, Brian Neeb took over on lap 17 to win the 20 lap main. Mike Linder was second with Jim Dunham, who lead early, third. Time Trials: 1. Jeff Shepard, Wahlie 1w, 12.196; 2. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23s, 12.368; 3. Dale Blaney, Hughes 94, 12.388; 4. Jimmy Stinson, Lauman 60, 12.425; 5. Kenny Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 12.460; 6. Daniel Coggeshell, Coggeshell 3, 12.463; 7. Mark Keegan, Ferguson X, 12.486; 8. Charlie Fisher, Fisher 48, 12.560; 9. Van Gurley Jr., Gurley 3B, 12.627; 10. Dean Jacobs, Jacobs 1F, 12.659; 11. Kevin Gobrecht, Gobrecht 92x, 12.678; 12. Scott Miller, Miller 5m, 12.679; 13. Butch Schroeder, Gottschalk 17, 12.742; 14. Kevin Huntley, Johnson U2, 12.808; 15. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 12.820; 16. James Fisher, Fisher 48J, 12.824; 17. Chad Kemenah, Steinbrick 92, 12.836; 18. Rocky Hodges, Holbrook 8H, 12.911; 19. Danny Smith, Bodkins 00, 12.915; 20. Danny Lasoski, Forbrook/Cole 5, 12.930; 21. Todd Kane, Davis 99, 13.011; 22. Tim Shaffer , Reidling 50, 13.141; 23. Rodney Duncan, Susong 63d, 13.185; 24. Matt Linder, Linder 1x, 13.309; 25. Bob Teeple, Teeple 8T, 13.398; 26. Craig Dollansky, Lindsey 2D, 13.472; 27. George Prosser, Prosser 57, 13.483; 28. Alvin Roepke, Whitty 99, 13.555; 29. Jim Nier, Nier 00, 13.736; 30. Todd Heller, Heller 14H, 13.738; 31. Brian Carlson, SC Motorsports 18, 13.741; 32. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11n, 13.814; 33. Sarah Fisher, Fisher 9, 13.850; 34. Jerry Slade, Slade 1cw, 13.869; 35. Rocky Allen, Allen 7x, 14.022; 36. John Wisbon, Wisbon 5w, 14.149; 37. Terry McCarl, Gray 51, 14.163; 38. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 14.240; 39. Mike Zeiter, Zeiter 4Z, 14.269; 40. Dick Liskai, Liskai 6, 14.412; 41. Mark Christman, Christman 34, NT. Southwest Expressline Heat (10 laps): 1. Kemenah 2. Kane 3. K. Jacobs 4. Shepard 5. Gurley 6. Teeple 7. Schroeder 8. McCarl 9. Christman 10. S. Fisher 11. Nier. ButlerBuilt Heat (10 laps): 1. Hodges 2. Shaffer 3. D. Jacobs 4. Huntley 5. Kerr 6. Reed 7. Dollansky 8. Heller 9. Slade 10. Coggeshell. Heat (10 laps): 1. Smith 2. Kinser 3. Blaney 4. Duncan 5. Keegan 6. Gobrecht 7. Allen 8.Carlson 9. Zeiter 10. Prosser. Heat (10 laps): 1. Lasoski 2. Roepke 3. C. Fisher 4. J. Fisher 5. Linder 6. Stinson 7. Wisbon 8. Neumeister 9. Liskai 10. Miller. Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): 1. Blaney 2. Kerr 3. Shepard 4. K. Jacobs 5. Coggeshell 6. Gurley. Action Sportswear-Indy C Main (10 laps): 1. Nier 2. S. Fisher 3. Coggeshell 4. Christman 5. Prosser 6. Slade 7. Zeiter. Outerwears Pre-filters B Main (12 laps): 1. Gobrecht 2. Kerr 3. Keegan 4. Schroeder 5. Dollansky 6. Nier 7. Coggeshell 8. S. Fisher 9. Linder 10. McCarl 11. Allen 12. Neumeister 13. Carlson 14. Christman 15. Heller 16. Teeple 17. Stinson 18. Gurley 19. Wisbon 20. Reed. A Main (40 laps): 1. Gobrecht 2. Keegan 3. C. Fisher 4. Blaney 5. K. Jacobs 6. Huntley 7. Kane 8. Duncan 9. D. Jacobs 10. Lasoski 11. Kinser 12. Schroeder 13. Kerr 14. Roepke 15. Smith 16. Shepard 17. Shaffer 18. Kemenah 19. Nier 20. J. Fisher 21. Hodges 22. Dollansky. Final Points - Frigidaire Pro Series: Dale Blaney 526, Frankie Kerr 490, Kevin Huntley 482, Kelly Kinser 474, Dean Jacobs 442.

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