ALLSTAR: Attica Raceway Park Results 98-04-17

By Todd Tappel Attica, OH - Jeff Shepard used a lap 23 restart to pass Kevin Huntley and win the first leg of the All Star sanctioned Coors Spring Nationals at Attica Raceway Park Friday. In victory lane, Shepard stated, "On a bunch of ...

By Todd Tappel

Attica, OH - Jeff Shepard used a lap 23 restart to pass Kevin Huntley and win the first leg of the All Star sanctioned Coors Spring Nationals at Attica Raceway Park Friday. In victory lane, Shepard stated, "On a bunch of restarts, they would put lapped cars in between Kevin and me. I finally got a chance to start on his bumper and I figured if I got him then I didnt think he was going to get me back." Shepard drove the Cat Construction/York Excavating sponsored Chevy-powered Maxim to the $4,000 payday. Huntley, who was close again at Attica stated, "We were really good early on, we just didnt quite tighten the car up enough for when the track got slick at the end." Huntley drove the Peterbilt sponsored Doemelt chassis.

John Ivy started on the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole position with Huntley beside him. At the drop of the green, Huntley jumped to the cushion and was already catching backmarkers by lap four. At a lap five caution for Ivy, the running order was Huntley, Shepard, Dean Jacobs, Joey Saldana and Frankie Kerr. Huntley used two lapped cars between himself and Shepard to open a comfortable margin on the restart and the top five remained the same.

In the middle stages of the race on the extremely quick and heavy track, Shepard made a run at Huntley in traffic and the pair raced side-by-side. D. Jacobs then made it a three car race while Huntley used a lapped car to shake Shepard. Jacobs and Shepard then dueled for second which gave Huntley a chance to get some breathing room. The action came to a stop at lap 22 when fifth place running Kerr stopped with a flat right rear. On the restart, Shepard pounced to the outside of Huntley at the flagstand but Huntley slid up in front of Shepard in turn two. Shepard then yanked his car off the cushion, shot inside Huntley, and had the lead for good in turn three. Behind Huntley it was Saldana, Kenny Jacobs, and D. Jacobs. the final caution waived at lap 38 and a massive pile up ensured on the restart. The wreck involved D. Jacobs, Butch Schroeder and Kerr. This necessitated a fuel stop and the restart line up was Shepard, Huntley, Saldana, K. Jacobs and Keith Kauffman. The order stayed the same to the checkered with Kelly Kinser, Chad Kemenah, Mark Keegan, Todd Kane, and Kerr rounding out the top ten.

Joey Saldana set fast time over the 38 car field and collected $200 from Ramsey Trucking and a right rear Weld Wheel.

In companion action, Bryan Scott won his first Econo Sprint feature of the year. He led all 20 laps in the Kistler Engines sponsored J&J chassis. Lee Potter finished second over Mike Linder, who flipped on the initial start.

Qualifications: 1. Joey Saldana, Mox 17,11.508; 2. Frankie Kerr, Shoff 23S, 11.535; 3. Jeff Shepard, Double L 4J, 11.565; 4. Dean Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 11.626; 5. Kevin Huntley, Daugherty 7, 11.654; 6. John Ivy, Bogner 5i, 11.696; 7. Kenny Jacobs, Hughes 94, 11.852; 8. Mark Keegan, Keegan X, 11.852; 9. Brett Mann, Mann 19, 11.852; 10. Butch Schroeder, Gottschalk 17, 11.862; 11. Keith Kauffman, Johnson U2, 11.954; 12. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15, 11.997; 13. Tim Kern, Hay 28K, 12.131; 14. Randy Wolfe, Allebach 75, 12.137; 15. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11N, 12.165; 16. Judi Bates, Mourar 121, 12.167; 17. John Wisbon, Wisbon 5W, 12.202; 18. Kelly Kinser, Kinser Timber 4K, 12.216; 19. Sarah Fisher, Fisher 9, 12.231; 20. Todd Kane, Hampshire 63, 12.242; 21. Paul Weaver, Sabo 8S, 12.248; 22. Alvin Roepke, R&F 99, 12.265; 23. Bobby Adamson, Adamson 2a, 12.306; 24. Brian Carlson, SC Motorsports 18, 12.330; 25. Dan Brettnacher, DCT Corp. 33, 12.351; 26. Brian Smith, Smith 2+, 12.435; 27. Scott Jones, Jones 13, 12.478; 28. Bill Bailey, Bailey 28, 12.498; 29. Scott Miller, Miller 5M, 12.507; 30. Rod Morgan, Morgan 21, 12.522; 31. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 12.546; 32. Bobby Teeple, Teeple 8T, 12.684; 33. Rocky Allen, Allen 7X, 12. 711; 34. Todd Cramer, Burmeister 16, 12.747; 35. Jim Stinson, Stinson 84, 12.808; 36. Bobby Distel, Distel 4D, 12.928; 37. Landon Stover, Melick 2M, 13.094; 38. Rob Chaney, Chaney 42, NT

United Expressline Heat (10 Laps): Saldana, Wisbon, Mann, Huntley, Weaver, Kern, Stover, Miller, Brettnacher, Allen.

Southwest Expressline Heat (10 Laps): Kinser, Kerr, Roepke, Schroeder, Ivy, Chaney, Wolfe, Cramer, Smith, Morgan.

Southwest Glass Heat (10 Laps): Kauffman, Shepard, K. Jacobs, Jones, Fisher, Duncan, Adamson, Neumeister, Stinson.

United Specialties Heat (10 Laps): Bates, Kane, D. Jacobs, Kemenah, Keegan, Bailey, Teeple, Distel, Carlson.

Commercial Truck and Trailer Dash (4 Laps): K. Jacobs, Shepard, Huntley, D. Jacobs, Kerr, Saldana.

United Expressline B Main (12 Laps): Wolfe, Kern, Duncan, Brettnacher, Adamson, Teeple, Chaney, Cramer, Stover, Distel, Smith, Stinson, Allen, Bailey, Neumeister.

Feature (40 Laps): Shepard, Huntley, Saldana, K. Jacobs, Kauffman, Kinser, Kemenah, Keegan, Kane, Kerr, Kern, Fisher, D. Jacobs, Jones, Bates, Schroeder, Brettnacher, Ivy, Duncan, Wisbon, Wolfe, Weaver, Roepke, Mann.

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