ALLSTAR: Attica race report, results 2001-06-22

ATTICA, OH - Rob Chaney led wire-to-wire Friday night at Attica Raceway Park in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature. He had to hold on with a race car that developed a vibration the last five laps, and had to bump the lapped car of Brian ...

ATTICA, OH - Rob Chaney led wire-to-wire Friday night at Attica Raceway Park in the All Star sprint 40-lap feature. He had to hold on with a race car that developed a vibration the last five laps, and had to bump the lapped car of Brian Ellenberger out of the way to win over a hard charging Byron Reed at the end, picking up $5,000 for his second win of the year.

"We started getting a vibration with five laps to go, I don't know if the rear end was going out or what, we were just trying to hang on," Chaney revealed. He then talked about his Eagle Chassis equipped with a Paul Kistler engine and American Racer Tires. "We're starting to get some things figured out with this race car. I hope this just keeps right on rolling into Speedweek." His crew consists of his owner Stan Courtad and Scott, Mike and his dad Bob Chaney.

Chaney started on the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole alongside Brian Ellenberger with Kenny Jacobs and Reed in row two. Chaney grabbed the immediate lead in Stan Courtad's No. 9 with Ellenberger second and Jacobs third. Jacobs and Reed battled furiously for third, as Attica's new clay supported four wide racing in ht turns. Chaney still led as he entered heavy lapped traffic on lap seven as Jacobs snared third from Reed. Travis Rilat spun on lap nine for the first caution, and Reed took over third from Jacobs after the restart. Reed ducked under Ellenberger for second the next lap as Chaney held a comfortable margin in the lead.

Ellenberger spun in turn one on lap 13, losing third. This put Jacobs third as the red flew on the restart for Mike Hogan's slip off turn two which resulted in a tip-over. Chaney pulled out to a nice lead over Reed with Phil Gressman moving into third. Kemenah was fourth now as K. Jacobs held fifth. Chaney stretched out his lead at the half-way mare as Phil Gressman moved into contention, taking third from Kemenah. By lap 23, Mark Keegan was up to fourth when the yellow flew for Rodney Duncan, who slid off the track with a broken front end. Jerrod Hull brought out another yellow after one more lap was in when he coasted to a stop, dropping him from tenth place.

Gressman began fading back after the restart, putting Reed, Keegan, D. Jacobs and Kemenah behind leader Chaney. Gressman spun with Todd Heller on lap 27 for the final caution of the night. Chaney took off to a nice lead when the green reappeared as Jacobs and Keegan battled furiously for third behind Reed. Chaney entered lapped traffic with four laps to go, allowing Reed to close, but Reed did not get close enough to make a move, even when Chaney was pinned behind Ellenberger and had to brush wheels with him to move him just enough to get by for the win.

"Rob did a real good job," Reed said after finishing second. "He just took off so good on the restarts I didn't have a chance. I wasn't even close enough to make a move on him."

"I started 12th and it's not like me running around on the bottom of the racetrack," third place Dean Jacobs said. "Dean Bruns keeps telling me to look for the moisture and the only place I could find any moisture was on the bottom. I stayed there and kept passing cars," the pilot of Rick Daugherty's No. 7 concluded.

Keegan ended up fourth with Danny Smith in fifth earning the $100 TW Metals nightly cash bonus ahead of Chad Kemenah. Greg Wilson finished seventh, winning the Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven award. K. Jacobs, John Ivy and Alvin Roepke were next.

The K-T Equipment heat went to Kevin Huntley, the JB Enterprise Racing Products heat to Phil Gressman, the Crown Battery heat to Byron Reed and the Engler Machine & Tool heat fell to Dean Jacobs. Ricky Ferkel slid off the top of the track and flipped in heat one, but he emerged uninjured. Kenny Jacobs won the B Main and Phil Gressman captured the Haulmark Dash. Chad Kemenah's fast time was worth $200 from Ramsey Trucking and $100 from Kistler Engines. K96 Country sponsored the night's action.

Time Trials: 1. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 11.699; 2. Phil Gressman, Reidling 9, 11.861; 3. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 11.969; 4. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs/Honecker 6, 11.997; 5. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 12.005; 6. Rob Chaney, Courtad 9x, 12.005; 7. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 12.129; 8. Butch Schroeder, Holbrook 8h, 12.142; 9. Danny Smith, Baker 4, 12.175; 10. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 12.185; 11. Mark Keegan, Steinbrick 92, 12.222; 12. Dean Jacobs, Daugherty 7r, 12.236; 13. Alvin Roepke, Roepke 99, 12.290; 14. Jason Johnson, Elden 22e, 12.333; 15. John Ivy, Carousel 20, 12.361; 16. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 12.385; 17. Kevin Huntley, Ashworth 92, 12.401; 18. Blake Feese, Feese 1, 12.471; 19. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 12.518; 20. Todd Kane, Pullins 29, 12.587; 21. Jim Dayton, Dayton 2x, 12.624; 22. Todd Heller, Heller 14h, 12.641; 23. Travis Rilat, Archer U2, 12.641; 24. Mike Hogan, Hogan 75, 12.744; 25. Jody Keegan, Keegan K60, 12.782; 26. Jason Dukes, JT 3, 12.789; 27. Tony Kennedy, Kennedy 14K, 12.816; 28. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 12.981; 29. Ricky Ferkel, Ferkel 0, 13.057; 30. Bruce Robenalt, Robenalt 98, 13.072; 31. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63, 13.568; 32. Joe Laugherty, Laugherty 21J, 13.935.

K-T Equipment Rental Heat (10 laps): 1. Huntley 2. Smith 3. Kemenah 4. Ellenberger 5. J. Keegan 6. Dayton 7. Roepke 8. Ferkel.

JB Enterprise Racing Products Heat (10 laps): 1. Gressman 2. Heller 3. Hull 4. Johnson 5. Chaney 6. Feese 7. Robenalt 8. Dukes.

Crown Battery Heat (10 laps): 1. Reed 2. Rilat 3. M. Keegan 4. Ivy 5. Wilson 6. Kennedy 7. Ruble 8. Kinser.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (10 laps): 1. D. Jacobs 2. Kane 3. Hogan 4. Wagner 5. Duncan 6. K. Jacobs 7. Schroeder 8. Laugherty.

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Gressman 2. Kemenah 3. Reed 4. Chaney 5. Ellenberger 6. Wilson.

B Main (12 laps): 1. K. Jacobs 2. Schroeder 3. Roepke 4. Kinser 5. Feese 6. Kennedy 7. Dayton 8. Ruble 9. Robenalt 10. Laugherty 11. Ferkel.

A Main (40 laps): 1. Rob Chaney 2. Byron Reed 3. Dean Jacobs 4. Mark Keegan 5. Danny Smith 6. Chad Kemenah 7. Greg Wilson 8. Kenny Jacobs 9. John Ivy 10. Alvin Roepke 11. Butch Schroeder 12. Travis Rilat 13. Jason Johnson 14. Brian Ellenberger 15. Todd Kane 16. Jody Keegan 17. Phil Gressman 18. Todd Heller 19. Jerrod Hull 20. Rodney Duncan 21. Kevin Huntley 22. Mike Hogan 23. Mike Wagner 24. Kelly Kinser.

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