ALLSTAR: Attica (OH) Results 99-05-14

All Star Sprint Race Results - Attica Raceway Park By Todd Tappel Attica, OH - May 14 - Upperco MD’s Jeff Shepard has become the dominant fixture in All Star Circuit of Champion competition at Attica Raceway Park. After winning 3 of 5 events...

All Star Sprint Race Results - Attica Raceway Park By Todd Tappel

Attica, OH - May 14 - Upperco MD’s Jeff Shepard has become the dominant fixture in All Star Circuit of Champion competition at Attica Raceway Park. After winning 3 of 5 events last year at the 1/3 mile, Shepard continued his winning ways by capturing the Kears Speed Shop sponsored Chuck Ward Night 40-lapper. The win was not easy though as it took 34 laps before a struggling Shepard could secure the lead. Standing next to his Zemco Headers machine, Shepard stated, "The car didn’t handle worth a darn in the feature so I finally moved down to the bottom of the track because it was at least the shortest way around." Shepard also thanked the fans for coming out on a night that saw some drizzle after qualifying and generally cool and cloudy conditions.

Paul McMahan started the United Expressline U2 from the ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole position and immediately jumped out to a commanding lead over front-row mate Donny Goeden and Joey Saldana. In only four laps, McMahan was catching backmarkers which allowed Goeden to close periodically. Meanwhile, Shepard was moving up from his sixth-place starting position and disposed of Saldana for third by lap ten. McMahan’s lead over Goeden looked like a yo-yo depending on how quickly he was able to skirt through lapped traffic. McMahan’s downfall came when he caught Mark Keegan and Alvin Roepke who were racing for position. McMahan would later state, "I got a little impatient in lapped traffic and that cost me." McMahan tagged the back end of a slower car in turn four on lap 17. McMahan nearly spun out but saved the car. Goeden jumped on McMahan’s bobble and snared the lead in his Karavan Trailers sponsored car.

The race’s only caution flew at lap 20 and the running order was Goeden, McMahan, Shepard, Saldana, Dale Blaney (up from 9th), and Kenny Jacobs. Goeden was now the rabbit and in five quick laps he was battling backmarkers. McMahan would stay close enough to smell Goeden and Shepard was a distant third. The complexion then changed as Goeden explained, "The top groove started to go away and I was afraid someone was going to show up on the bottom." Shepard was that someone as he closed and then picked off McMahan and Goeden on two consecutive laps. Goeden would hang onto second despite smacking the front stretch wall on lap 36. McMahan turned his first-ever visit to Attica into a third place finish. Blaney nailed down the fourth spot over Byron Reed. Rounding out the top ten were Kelly Kinser, Saldana, Kenny Jacobs, Chad Kemenah, and Butch Schroeder.

Shepard won the United Expressline heat, Danny Smith won the Southwest Expressline heat, Brian Ellenberger captured the Southwest Glass heat, and Brad Furr won the United Specialties heat. Dale Blaney captured the Commercial Truck and Trailer dash. The Georgia Marketing C-Main fell to Jonathan Stevens and Goeden won the United Expressline B-Main. Shepard was the Red Devil Brakes quick qualifier and was awarded $300 from Ramsey Trucking.

In companion action, Mike Lonas led all 15 laps of the Limited Late Model feature. His win came over John Mayes, Wayne Maffett, Jr., Chris Smith, and Dale Aikman. Lonas picked up the $100 bounty placed on Maffett’s head.

Qualifications: 1. Jeff Shepard, 1, 11.422; 2. Butch Schroeder, 17, 11.448; 3. Joey Saldana, 17, 11.530; 4. Kenny Jacobs, 6, 11.557; 5. Donny Goeden, 27G, 11.647; 6. Paul McMahan, U2, 11.740; 7. Byron Reed, 5, 11.784; 8. Dean Jacobs, 8, 11.787; 9. Dale Blaney, 94, 11.857; 10. Kelly Kinser, 4K, 11.875; 11. Kasey Kahne, 23K, 11.928; 12. Jerrod Hull, 51, 11.981; 13. Frankie Kerr, 23S, 12.008; 14. Chad Kemenah, 15, 12.030; 15. Mark Keegan, 92, 12.034; 16. Rodney Duncan, 22, 12.146; 17. Brian Paulus, 28, 12.181; 18. Danny Smith, 92, 12.193; 19. Brian Ellenberger, 20, 12.194; 20. Brad Furr, 2, 12.202; 21. Greg Wilson, 63, 12.211; 22. Jason Dukes, 3, 12.237; 23. Eric Hysong, 72, 12.287; 24. Alvin Roepke, 99, 12.297; 25. John Ivy, 8S, 12.327; 26. Brian Carlson, 18, 12.346; 27. Tracy Hines, 97, 12.431; 28. Bobby Teeple, 8T, 12.435; 29. Boston Reid, 9, 12.438; 30. Tim Kern, 28K, 12.460; 31. Rod Morgan, 21, 12.495; 32. Ed Neumeister, 11N, 12.542; 33. Scott Miller, 2M, 12,565; 34. Rob Chaney, 42, 12.663; 35. Chuck Wilson, 31, 12.683; 36. Paul Weaver, 1A, 12.689; 37. Jon Finsel, F1, 12.703, 38. Jonathan Stevens, 99, 12.761; 39. Duffy Smith, 29, 12.864; 40. John Wisbon, 16, 12.902; 41. Bobby Distel, 4D, 12.965; 42. Tony Broughton, 22, 13.234; 43. Mike Miller, 82, 13.531; 44. Brian Smith, 2+, NT; 45. Mark Imler, 40, NT

United Expressline Heat (8 laps): Shepard, Paulus, Wilson, Blaney, Kerr, Goeden, Ivy, Furr, Reid, Finsel, Distel Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): Da. Smith, McMahan, Kinser, Schroeder, Chaney, Kemenah, Kern, Carlson, Stevens, Broughton, Dukes Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): Ellenberger, Keegan, Kahne, Saldana, Hines, Hysong, Wilson, Du. Smith, Morgan, M. Miller, Reed United Specialties Heat (8 laps): Furr, Roepke, Duncan, D. Jacobs, Hull, K. Jacobs, Teeple, Imler, Neumeister, Wisbon, Weaver Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps): Blaney, D. Jacobs, Shepard, McMahan, Saldana, Schroeder Georgia Marketing C Main (10 laps): Stevens, Finsel, Wisbon, Du. Smith, Imler, Broughton, Distel, M. Miller, B. Smith United Expressline B Main (12 laps): Goeden, K. Jacobs, Kemenah, Reed, Ivy, Carlson, Reid, Stevens, Morgan, Neumeister, S. Miller, Finsel, Hysong, Teeple, Wilson, Kern, Dukes, Du. Smith, Wisbon Feature (40 laps): Shepard, Goeden, McMahan, Blaney, Reed, Kinser, Saldana, K. Jacobs, Kemenah, Schroeder, Kahne, Kerr, Paulus, D. Jacobs, Furr, Smith, Roepke, Hines, Duncan, Hull, G. Wilson, Keegan, Ellenberger, Chaney

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