ALLSTAR: AT&P Racepark results 2003-09-27

BENTON, MO -- Paul May captured his first career series win Saturday night at Auto and Tire Parts Racepark in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 40 lap feature. With the win, the Terre Haute, IN resident became the 22nd All Star feature winner of...

BENTON, MO -- Paul May captured his first career series win Saturday night at Auto and Tire Parts Racepark in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 40 lap feature. With the win, the Terre Haute, IN resident became the 22nd All Star feature winner of 2004 out of 46 races. May's No. 71 is a J&J Chassis with Gaerte power. May passed Randy Hannagan with only three laps remaining and held off Joey Montgomery for the win.

May and "The Hurricane" Hannagan brought the field down to the green and Hannagan got the jump into turn one and took the lead over May. By lap five, Hannagan was already in lapped traffic and by lap eight the leader had built a half straightaway lead on May.

The first yellow came out on lap 10 for Joey Moughan who half spun in turn two and headed toward the infield then drove to the inside of turn one and stops. The running order was now Hannagan, May, Joey Montgomery, Jason Johnson and quick qualifier Lee Dunn. On the restart Mike Ward uses the high line to move around Dunn and take fifth.

The next yellow on lap 12 was for All Star Champion Chad Kemenah, who stopped on bottom of turns three and four. Hannagan still led May, Montgomery, Johnson and Ward at this point. Hannagan opens up a five car length lead over May on the restarts but May slowly reels him in and is on his back bumper after only a few laps.

Action was slowed again just before the half-way mark with the running order Hannagan, May, Montgomery, Johnson, Ward, Dunn, Kelly Kinser, Dean Jacobs, Jerrod Hull and Tim Montgomery. With Hannagan and May still one-two, fourth place Johnson spins in turn two doing two 360s, smoking the tires, but he continues on with no yellow coming out. It was a perfectly executed 720 but Johnson fell back to 14th place.

The turning point of the race was lap 37 Hannagan was trying to lap a car in turns one and two and caught a bit of a rut and May got a run on the leader. May goes from top to bottom crossing over and shoots by Hannagan down the backstretch and leads into turns three and four. J. Montgomery follows May past Hannagan and moves into second while Hannagan falls to third. Once in the lead May drove away to his first career All Star win over J. Montgomery, Hannagan and Ward. Greg Wilson did awesome job working the top of the track after starting 15th and he finished fifth ahead of T. Montgomery, Jerrod Hull, Dunn, Kinser and Jacobs.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Chad Kemenah, the B&B Products heat went to Wilson, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Ricky Stenhouse and the TP Wings heat fell to Johnson. Tim Moss won the Outerwears Pre-filters C Main. The United Aluminum Window Sales & Consulting B Main fell to Jeremy Campbell and Johnson also captured the Haulmark Dash. Lee Dunn was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Lee Dunn, Dunn 81, 11.891; 2. Mike Ward, Ward 88w, 11.925; 3. Joey Montgomery, Montgomery 21c, 11.937; 4. Jason Johnson, Harrison 22, 11.942; 5. Randy Hannagan, Hannagan 1x, 11.993; 6. Paul May, May 71m, 12.014; 7. Dean Jacobs, Pullins 29, 2.016; 8. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 12.108; 9. Jeremy Campbell, Campbell 10c, 12.150; 10. Kaley Gharst, Gharst 1g, 12.172; 11. Jimmy Kite, Reddick 12, 12.175; 12. Daron Clayton, Clayton 92d, 12.238; 13. Tim Montgomery, Montgomery 32, 12.297; 14. Jerrod Hull, Hull 12h, 12.301; 15. Jim Moughan, Moughan 1m, 12.302; 16. Paul Hart, Hart 32h, 12.302; 17. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 12.329; 18. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 12.401; 19. Robbie Standridge, Reddick 12x, 12.409; 20. Todd Rowland, Rowland 14r, 12.428; 21. Mark Kronk, Kronk 7, 12.455; 22. Bill Rose, Rose 6r, 12.466; 23. Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Stenhouse 40r, 12.473; 24. Brandon Wimmer, 7tw Racing 7tw, 12.482; 25. Terry Babb, Babb 88, 12.495; 26. Joey Moughan, Moughan 55m, 12.553; 27. Ryan Coniam, Coniam 6c, 12.554; 28. Alex Shanks, Cravens 1c, 12.575; 29. Jason Keith, Keith 28, 12.608; 30. Chad Souders, Souders 12s, 12.713; 31. Tommy Worley, Worley 97, 12.749; 32. Shawn King, King 9, 12.760; 33. Wade Oliver, Oliver 90, 12.800; 34. Steve Short, Short 8, 12.815; 35. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 12.980; 36. Eddie Lynch, Lynch 29L, 12.989; 37. Matt Liner, Liner 4, 12.991; 38. Bruce Robenalt, Robenalt 98, 13.100; 39. Tim Moss, Moss 35m, 13.230; 40. Daniel Adler, Adler 50, 13.315; 41. Jimmy Hurley, Hurley 35, 13.341; 42. Lance Gullo, Gullo 223, 13.435; 43. Tonya Landaway, Landaway 21, 13.496; 44. Darrell Martin, Martin 5, 13.629; 45. Lowe Cannel, Cannel 2, 13.724.

Crown Battery Heat #1: 10 laps top five transfer to A Main 1- Greg Wilson, Tim Montgomery, Mark Kronk, Lee Dunn, Randy Hannagan, Jason Keith, Wade Oliver, Terry Babb, Jimmy Hurley, Jeremy Campbell, Matt Liner, Lowe Cannel

B&B Oval Track Products Heat #2: 10 laps top five transfer to A Main 1- Chad Kemenah, Mike Ward, Jerrod Hull, Paul May, Bill Rose, Steve Short, Joey Moughan, Chad Souders, Kaley Gharst, Bruce Robenalt, Lance Gullo

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #3: 10 laps top five transfer to A main 1- Ricky Stenhouse, Jim Moughan, Robbie Standridge, Dean Jacobs, Joey Montgomery, Tommy Worley, Ryan Coniam, Tim Moss, Tonya Landaway, Barry Ruble, Jimmy Kite

TP Wings Heat #4: 10 laps top five transfer to A Main 1- Jason Johnson, Brandon Wimmer, Kelly Kinser, Paul Hart, Todd Rowland, Alex Shanks, Eddie Lynch, Daniel Adler, Darrell Martin, Daron Clayton, Shawn King

Outerwears Pre-Filters C Main: 8 laps top 4 transfer to B Main 1- Tim Moss, Daniel Adler, Jimmy Hurley, Bruce Robenalt, Darrell Martin, Lowe Cannell, Lance Gullo, Tony Rolland, Matt Liner

Haulmark Dash: 4 laps 1- Jason Johnson, Kelly Kinser, Chad Kemenah, Greg Wilson, Bill Rose. (Dean Jacobs DNS)

United Aluminum Windows B Main: 12 laps top 4 transfer to A Main 1- Jeremy Campbell, Khaley Gharst, Joey Moughan, Terry Babb.

A-Main: 40 laps 1- Paul May, Joey Montgomery, Randy Hannagan, Mike Ward, Greg Wilson, Tim Montgomery, Jerrod Hull, Lee Dunn, Kelly Kinser, Dean Jacobs, Paul Hart, Brandon Wimmer, Jason Johnson, Joey Moughan, Bill Rose, Chad Kemenah, Jim Moughan, Kaley Gharst, Todd Rowland, Terry Babb, Mark Kronk, Robbie Standridge, Jeremy Campbell, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. <pre> Lap Leaders: 1-37 Randy Hannagan, 38-40 Paul May. All Star Sprint Points: 1. Chad Kemenah 3971 2. Jason Johnson 3641 3. Dean Jacobs 3313 4. Greg Wilson 3132 5. Ryan Coniam 3118 6. Jeff Shepard 3046 7. Bill Rose 2917 8. Barry Ruble 2117 9. Bruce Robenalt 2069 10. Kelly Kinser 1954

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