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All Star Sprint Race Results - New 96 Speedway, Lake Odessa, MI - Sat. 5/22/99 Jacobs Bests Kahne with Last Lap Pass at the New 96 Speedway - By TJ Buffenbarger LAKE ODESSA, MI - Kenny Jacobs had to use all of his experience as the most ...

All Star Sprint Race Results - New 96 Speedway, Lake Odessa, MI - Sat. 5/22/99

Jacobs Bests Kahne with Last Lap Pass at the New 96 Speedway - By TJ Buffenbarger

LAKE ODESSA, MI - Kenny Jacobs had to use all of his experience as the most successful driver in All Star Circuit of Champions history to pass young Kasey Kahne on the last turn of the last lap to win Saturday night's feature at the New 96 Speedway. Jacobs was driving his own Eagle Chassis with Kriner/Chevrolet Engines that gave him the horsepower to motor around Kahne on the last lap.

"Rick (Nichols) was chewing me out for passing that kid on the last lap, but I've won and lost a lot of races like that. Kasey is going to be passing me a lot like that in the future, this kid is really good!" Jacobs exclaimed in victory lane. "I have to thank my brother Dean for this win, because he showed me the bottom and I slid my wing all the way back and dedicated myself to running the bottom. I also have to thank my crew chief Barry Jackson. I was on the cell phone with me all night because I was getting kicked around good here tonight."

ButlerBuilt Hot Seat pole man Brian Ellenberger and Kahne were on the front row behind the Chevrolet Silverado Pace Truck for the 30-Lap feature event. Kahne jumped out in the lead with Danny Smith and Butch Schroeder in tow. Kahne pulled out to a big lead until Davey Brown flipped in turn three. Brown was able to make the restart for the feature.

On the restart Kahne and Smith pulled away while Dean Jacobs and Schroeder battled for third. Kenny Jacobs was able to slip through the same gap as his brother and put Schroeder back to fifth. Then on lap nine it was time for a family showdown and Dean and Kenny battled for third. Kahne was behind the lapped cars of Raymond Shank, Norman Carpenter, and Brian Carlson running three wide for position. This allowed Smith to close in on Kahne. Kenny Jacobs also got the best of the brotherly battle for third just as the caution flew for the stopped car of Norman Carpenter in turn three.

Kahne was able pull away from Smith again on the restart eight car lengths ahead of Smith. Jerrod Hull used the restart to pass Schroeder for sixth hugging the bottom of the racetrack from his tenth starting position and was charging. Byron Reed also was moving from starting dead last in the feature to the top five.

While Reed and Hull were working their way to the front, the top three cars were nose to tail through traffic. On Lap 25 Kenny Jacobs was able to get under Smith in turns one and two and took over the second position right behind the leader Kahne two laps later. The battle was just heating up when Jerrod Hull broke on the backstretch on lap 28. This set up a two-lap dash to the finish.

The lapped car of Greg Dalman separated Kahne and Kenny Jacobs on the restart, and Kahne had a little bit of cushion going down the backstretch. Kenny Jacobs made up the distance through turns three and four and was right on Kahne's bumper going down the backstretch. The pair raced nose to tail down the backstretch and Kahne dove to bottom to protect the lead, and Kenny Jacobs went up to the top. They were side by side through turns three and four and Kenny Jacobs was able to motor around to win by a half a car length.

Even though Jacobs passed Kahne on the last lap, the huge crowd at New 96 gave Kahne a standing ovation for his drive. Kahne flipped in his heat race, and had to run the United Expressline B-Main. In that event Kahne was just about ready to lap the entire field when the left rear tire exploded in front of the grandstands with only three laps to go. The Kelly Kahne Motorsports crew got Kahne back on the track and he was able to move up to the last transfer position.

"I can't believe these fans are cheering me after I lost this race. I really appreciate that", said a dejected Kahne in victory lane. By the time the victory lane photos were taken though, Kahne had a big smile knowing he had a great run. Dean Jacobs, who set fast time over the 35 car field, Danny Smith, and Rodney Duncan rounded out the top five with Byron Reed finished sixth after starting 24th. Butch Schroeder picked up the Simpson Lucky Seven award for 7th, and Mann, Duncan, and Greg Wilson rounded out the top ten.

Dean Jacobs set quick time with a lap of 15.396 seconds. Heats were won by Charlie Baker, Hull, and Tim Norman. Greg Dalman won the United Expressline B-Main event, and Dean Jacobs won the Commercial Truck and Trailer Dash.

In IMCA Modified action 1998 track champion Jake "The Snake" Meyerink pulled his backup car out of the mothballs and dusted the field for his first victory of the season. Dan Rogers, Todd Cowan , James Coil, and John McClure rounded out the top five. In the street stocks Ben Christie picked up his second feature event of the season. Mark Anderson, Ryan Fisk, Carl Forsythe, and Scott Ralston rounded out the top five.

Time Trials:1. Dean Jacobs, Holbrook 8, 15.396; 2. Butch Schroeder, Schroeder 17, 15.571; 3. Danny Smith, Ashworth 92, 15.710; 4. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs 6, 15.755; 5. Kasey Kahne, Kahne 23, 15.765; 6. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20, 15.943; 7. Brett Mann, Mann 19, 16.166; 8. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 16.167; 9. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 16.229; 10. Todd Wohlford, Wohlford 0, 16.307; 11. Jerrod Hull, Web 51, 16.312; 12. Joe Conway, Conway 11c, 16.376; 13. Brad Furr, Furr 2, 16.483; 14. Robert Huisken, Huisken 46, 16.537; 15. Mark Stemen, Stemen 17s, 16.546; 16. Fred Boso, Boso 7, 16.705; 17. Raymond Shank, Shank 7, 16.721; 18. Drew Bible, Bible 22B, 16.744; 19. Mike Daggett: 16.785 20. Charlie Baker, Baker 1c, 16.860; 21. Brian Carlson, Carlson 18c, 16.863; 22. Jody Hunt, Hunt 00, 16.876; 23. Davey Brown, Brown 13, 17.212; 24. Dustin Daggett, Daggett 85, 17.490; 25. Mike Stemler, Stemler 22, 17.451; 26. Jim Damon, Damon 50, 17.654; 27. Mark Broughman, Broughman 52, 18.002; 28. Norman Carpenter, Carpenter 49c, 18.102; 29. Greg Dalman, Dalman 49t, 18.275; 30. Red Jones, Jones 98, 18.620; 30. Lisa Ward, Hot Rod Shop 49, 18.697; 31. Tim Norman, Gaerte 3g, 16.579; 32. Kyle Poortinga, Poortina 84, 19.548; 33. Byron Reed, Reed 5, NT; 34. Mark Graybill, Graybill 50, NT.

Southwest Expressline Heat #1: Baker, Wilson, D. Jacobs, Furr, Boso, Stemler, Carpenter, Poortenga

Southwest Glass Heat #2: Schroeder, Carlson, Huisken, Shank, Ellenberger, Wohlford, Dalman, D. Daggett

United Specialites Heat #3: Hull, Smith, Hunt, Stemen, Mann, Jones, Damon, Bible

United Specialties Heat #4: Norman, Reed, Duncan, Jacobs, M. Daggett, Brown, Ward, Conway, Broughman

Commercial Truck and Trailer Dash: D. Jacobs, Schroeder, Smith, K. Jacobs, Duncan, Ellenberger

United Expressline B-Main: Dalman, Brown, Carpenter, Kahne, Stemler, Conway, Wohlford, Daggett, Jones, Ward, Damon, Broughman

A-Main: Kenny Jacobs, Kasey Kahne, Dean Jacobs, Danny Smith, Byron Reed, Brad Furr, Butch Schroeder, Brett Mann, Rodney Duncan, Greg Wilson, Brian Ellenberger, Charlie Baker, Tim Norman, Mike Daggett, Raymond Shank, Greg Dalman, Brian Carlson, Davey Brown, Jody Hunt, Fred Boso, Jerrod Hull, Norman Carpenter, Robert Huisken, Mike Stemler

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