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Eash Wins The Late Show at Lincoln Speedway The O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions dodged another bullet from Mother Nature in the form of rain. The skies opened up just about the time the pit gates were set to open and the rain fell just ...

Eash Wins The Late Show at Lincoln Speedway

The O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions dodged another bullet from Mother Nature in the form of rain. The skies opened up just about the time the pit gates were set to open and the rain fell just enough to be annoying, yet never enough to cancel the night's events. As every other track in the area were calling it a night, the Lincoln Speedway track crew was hard at work to keep the track under their control as the light rains continued to fall well into the night. The hard work paid off and hot laps fired off at around 10:15 pm.

There were 33 cars signed in before the rains came, but with the cancellation of other area tracks, two more teams were able to tow in for a total of 35 cars. The fans stuck it out and waited in their cars until the motors were fired and the stands filled up once again. The wait was worth it as the main event was a wild one. Cris Eash picked up the win around 1:30 am over 158 time Lincoln Speedway winner Fred Rahmer and a hard charging Brian Monteith.

The All Star Pick 6 redraw put two time All Star Champion Greg Wilson on the front row along side Rahmer who would be hard to beat starting on the front row. On the initial start, Rahmer jumped out to the lead and looked like he was shot out of a cannon, but the caution flew as Cory Haas and Paul McMahan got together on the backstretch ending both of their nights.

On the restart, Wilson was ready and jumped out in front of Rahmer to lead the first 17 laps of the 30 lap event. Wilson was running strong and was never challenged for the lead until the midway point, but the action behind him was intense. Rahmer battled Eash and Monteith as the three sliced and diced their way around the speedway with Rahmer falling back to fourth at one point and Eash ran second.

As the three raced each other, they caught up to Wilson who looked to have some handling issues by mid-race. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place cars got around him as he continued to fall all the way back to 8th place.

Eash took the lead on lap 18 and held off several charges from Rahmer as Monteith gave him fits battling for second place. Eash drove to the checkers with Rahmer in tow and Monteith third. Doug Esh and Chad Layton rounded out the Top 5.

"Man that was awesome," said the Hanover, PA driver following his $5,000 victory. "There towards the end of the race I lost my brakes. But luckily I was running the top and I didn't need a lot of brakes up there."

Heat Races were won by Layton, "Big Block" Weaver, Jim Seigel, and Alan Krimes.

Paul McMahan won the O'Reilly All Star dash followed by Layton, Wilson, Rahmer, and Brandon Martin. Dale Blaney was scheduled to start, but was changing a rear end.

Lance Dewease, who suffered mechanical failure in his heat race sending him into the turn 4 wall was forced to run the B-main. Brian Leppo picked up the win with Dewease second. Craig Keel and Randy Hannagan picked up the last two transfer spots.

"Darren had this car really good tonight," Eash said of car owner/brother who owns the E & G Classics, Macri Concrete No. 17E. "We're really on to something. Anytime you beat Fred Rahmer, you feel like you've done something."

Kister Engines Fast Qualifier was Fred Rahmer with a time of 13.252.

Lincoln Speedway (6-14-08) - All Star Circuit of Champions full results

Kistler Engines Qualifying
1. 51-Fred Rahmer, 13.252; 2. 30-Doug Esh, 13.269; 3. 30C-Lance Dewease, 13.309; 4. 89-Cody Darrah, 13.384; 5. 17E-Cris Eash, 13.391; 6. 71-Brian Leppo, 13.433; 7. 21-Brian Monteith, 13.441; 8. 43-Doug Dodson, 13.454; 9. W20-Greg Wilson, 13.476; 10. 25-Chad Layton, 13.480; 11. 11C-Cory Haas, 13.483; 12. 22-Greg Hodnett, 13.497; 13. 9-Craig Keel, 13.510; 14. 45-Aj Micheal, 13.533; 15. 0-Paul Mcmahan, 13.534; 16. 45L-Scott Geesy, 13.538; 17. 25X-Aaron Ott, 13.547; 18. 22Z-Michael Carber, 13.548; 19. 59-Jim Siegel, 13.557; 20. 87-Alan Krimes, 13.561; 21. 6W-Josh Wells, 13.567; 22. 69-Big Block Weaver, 13.587; 23. 2-Dale Blaney, 13.601; 24. 19-Stevie Smith, 13.603; 25. 1X-Randy Hannagan, 13.647; 26. 10N-Niki Young, 13.662; 27. 47J-Jeff Busby, 13.701; 28. 17B-Steve Buckwalter, 13.780; 29. 20E-Brian Ellenberger, 13.786; 30. 11M-Brandon Martin, 13.800; 31. 12-Mike Bittinger, 13.886; 32. 4-John Rudisill, 13.979; 33. 56R-Ryan Myers, 14.172; 34. 16-Lee Stark, 14.207; 35. 38N-Nick Schlauch Jr., 14.236

All Pro Heads Heat #1
1. 25X-Aaron Ott; 2. W20-Greg Wilson; 3. 6W-Josh Wells; 4. 51-Fred Rahmer; 5. 17E-Cris Eash; 6. 1X-Randy Hannagan; 7. 9-Craig Keel; 8. 20E-Brian Ellenberger; 9. 56R-Ryan Myers

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #2
1. 69-Big Block Weaver; 2. 22Z-Michael Carber; 3. 25-Chad Layton; 4. 30-Doug Esh; 5. 11M-Brandon Martin; 6. 10N-Niki Young; 7. 16-Lee Stark; 8. 45-Aj Micheal; 9. 71-Brian Leppo;

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat #3
1. 59-Jim Siegel; 2. 2-Dale Blaney; 3. 11C-Cory Haas; 4. 0-Paul Mcmahan; 5. 21-Brian Monteith; 6. 47J-Jeff Busby; 7. 12-Mike Bittinger; 8. 30C-Lance Dewease; 9. 38N-Nick Schlauch Jr.;

Hank's Performance Products Heat #4
1. 87-Alan Krimes; 2. 19-Stevie Smith; 3. 22-Greg Hodnett; 4. 89-Cody Darrah; 5. 45L-Scott Geesy; 6. 43-Doug Dodson; 7. 4-John Rudisill; 8. 17B-Steve Buckwalter;

O'Reilly Auto Parts Dash
1. 0-Paul Mcmahan; 2. 25-Chad Layton; 3. W20-Greg Wilson; 4. 51-Fred Rahmer; 5. 11M-Brandon Martin;

University of Northwest Ohio B-Main
1. 71-Brian Leppo; 2. 30C-Lance Dewease; 3. 9-Craig Keel; 4. 1X-Randy Hannagan; 5. 45-Aj Micheal; 6. 10N-Niki Young; 7. 43-Doug Dodson; 8. 47J-Jeff Busby; 9. 20E-Brian Ellenberger; 10. 4-John Rudisill; 11. 12-Mike Bittinger; 12. 16-Lee Stark; 13. 56R-Ryan Myers; 14. 17B-Steve Buckwalter; 15. 38N-Nick Schlauch Jr.;

MSD Ignition A-Main - Starting Position [x]
1. 17E-Cris Eash[3]; 2. 51-Fred Rahmer[2]; 3. 21-Brian Monteith[5]; 4. 30-Doug Esh[6]; 5. 25-Chad Layton[7]; 6. 71-Brian Leppo[12]; 7. 19-Stevie Smith[22]; 8. W20-Greg Wilson[1]; 9. 22-Greg Hodnett[9]; 10. 59-Jim Siegel[17]; 11. 25X-Aaron Ott[15]; 12. 30C-Lance Dewease[11]; 13. 89-Cody Darrah[4]; 14. 6W-Josh Wells[19]; 15. 1X-Randy Hannagan[23]; 16. 2-Dale Blaney[21]; 17. 22Z-Michael Carber[16]; 18. 87-Alan Krimes[18]; 19. 45L-Scott Geesy[14]; 20. 11M-Brandon Martin[24]; 21. 69-Big Block Weaver[20]; 22. 11C-Cory Haas[8]; 23. 9-Craig Keel[13]; 24. 0-Paul McMahan[10];

-credit; allstarsprints

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