ALLSTAR: 2007 Rule changes announced

All Stars Announce Rule Changes for 2007 Season (CAMARGO, IL) 12-20-06 In an effort to help curb the rising cost of competition, and at the same time increase the level of excitement at future All Star events, the series will implement several...

All Stars Announce Rule Changes for 2007 Season

(CAMARGO, IL) 12-20-06 In an effort to help curb the rising cost of competition, and at the same time increase the level of excitement at future All Star events, the series will implement several rule changes for the 2007 racing season. "The All Stars are committed to bringing our fans more entertainment value for their dollar and we are always looking for ways to do that," said series president Guy Webb. "By adjusting a few rules that will make our drivers race harder throughout the night and throughout the season if they are chasing points, it will bring even more excitement to the ticket buying fans."

The biggest change will have to do with tires. A tire rule similar in nature to that adopted by the World of Outlaws for 2007 will be implemented using a spec right rear tire with a limited choice of compounds. However, Guy Webb being an innovator of rules in the past, has put a slight twist on that rule allowing only one right rear tire to be used for the entire evening. The tire will be marked by the All Star officials when the car crosses the scales after qualifying and the specific compound will be noted. That same tire must then be used for the Heat race and the A-main. Any cars forced to run the C-main, B-main, or Dash may select a different tire for those particular races, but must then put the same marked right rear back on for the A-main. Tires will be checked for markings prior to pushing off for the A-main.

"If a tire must be changed after Qualifying and prior to the Heat race, the driver can start no better than 7th in their Heat," stated All Star Competition Director Butch Sherwin. "If a flat right rear occurs during the Heat race and must be changed, the same compound must be used to replace it. The driver can then start no better than 11th in the A-main." Sherwin went on to say, "Any driver forced to run the B-main will start no better than 11th in the A-main. This rule adjustment is intended to force drivers to race harder than ever before to make the transfer to the A-main."

Another rule change involves season championship points. Implemented last season was an increase in show up points from 40 to 100. Starting in 2007, the top spot in the A-main will receive 100 points -- an increase of 40 points. Second place will receive 88 points, third place will receive 80 points, fourth place will receive 76 points, and fifth place will receive 72 points. From there they will decrease by 2 points per position through 20th place and then decrease by one point per position through 24th place.

Dash points have also been increased. The top six qualifying All Star members are placed in the dash and inverted by qualifying time. Points have increased significantly to make the Dash race a factor in the season championship points. This will make the top six qualifying spots a primary goal at each event. Dash points have increased from 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 to 20, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 for the six finishing positions.

Rookie points have been increased in an effort to make the Rookie of the Year points battle more exciting for the fans to follow. The Rookie of the Year title is worth $10,000 at the end of the season. The points have been increased to 10 show-up points and will follow the same point breakdown as the Dash points listed above. Points will be awarded based on overall performance for the evening's events. Rookie contenders will be awarded points relative to where the other rookie drivers finished throughout the night regardless of whether or not they make it to the A-main. These points are not included in the season championship points totals.

Other rule changes for 2007 include:
- Left rear tire will have a 15 inch maximum tread width.
- An increase to 85% for the number of scheduled All Star events that must be run in order to be eligible for the season points fund.
- Co-sanctioned events with the World of Outlaws will pay 100 show-up points only toward the season championship points total. No race points will be awarded.
- Designated "Double Points" races will pay 100 show-up points plus the race points for that particular event will be doubled.
- Top wings shall have no wicker bill. Nose wings may have 1" wicker bill.
- Track procedure and driver/team conduct rules have been updated and fines/suspensions have been increased for conduct considered detrimental to the series.

The All Star Circuit of Champions is dedicated to providing quality entertainment to sprint car fans across the Midwest. These rule changes have been designed to increase the level of competition and add more excitement to the fans of this series. "One thing that still remains true is that you never know who is going to win an All Star race", said Webb. "We expect that these subtle changes will help to level the playing field even more in the future."

The official 2007 O'Reilly All Star Rule Book should be available to teams/drivers by mid-January. The All Stars expect to release their 2007 schedule at the awards banquet that will be held on January 7th at the Eldora Ballroom. For more information, visit . Also, tickets are on sale now for the season opener at Volusia Speedway Park near Daytona, FL on Feb. 6th, 7th, and 8th.


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