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The All Star Circuit of Champions invaded Pennsylvania Posse territory this past weekend and were 0 for 3 heading into the last round on Sunday night at Selinsgrove. Lance Dewease won saturday night at Lincoln Speedway after a fantastic duel...

The All Star Circuit of Champions invaded Pennsylvania Posse territory this past weekend and were 0 for 3 heading into the last round on Sunday night at Selinsgrove.

Lance Dewease won saturday night at Lincoln Speedway after a fantastic duel with the up and coming star Tyler Walker from California. Walker led the first three laps before Dewease took the lead for the next twenty five laps. Walker regained the lead on lap 30 but only led for seven laps as Dewease led the last 4 laps. After a first lap mishap involving Van Gurley Jr., Kenny Jacobs, Don Kreitz and Tery McCarl was cleared, the feature ran 39 laps without a yellow.

Billy Pauch, who finished second, and Dewease found that their cars were faster coming off the turns late in the race. Walker was faster down the straights but he wasn't able to keep the Posse members behind him as Dewease and Pauch rode the high side through the turns. Pauch passed Walker for second as the pair raced under the white flag. After 39 laps of green flag racing, a blanket would have covered the top three. Pauch ran strong during the entire race and probably would have won if given another lap.

Walt Dyer, owner of Lance Dewease's 461 sprinter, was asked if he was worried about his driver late in the race, Walt responded "I was worried we were going to miss church tomorrow" refering to the delayed start of the evening's activities.

A rain shower before the scheduled start delayed the evening's events by an hour and may have hurt attendance a bit. High winds that accompanied the storm stayed behind as the rains left the area. Much to the fans dismay, the wind was blowing directly towards the grandstand causing most fans to leave the track with a lovely brown coating. After seeing the evening's race no one complained about the late hour or the conditions in the stands.

Time Trials (top ten) 1. Lance Dewease, 461, 13.671 2. Cris Eash, 17e, 13.684 3. Tyler Walker, 35, 13.721 4. Dale Blaney, 94, 13.785 5. Keith Kauffman, U2, 13.792 6. Todd Shaffer, 88, 13.810 7. Dean Jacobs, 1F, 13.833 8. Billy Pauch, 1, 13.867 9. Jesse Wentz, 2w, 13.880 10. Fred Rahmer, 77, 13.920

United Expressline Heat (10 laps/5 to qualify) 1. 69k Don Kreitz; 2. 23s Frankie Kerr 3. 4 Danny Smith 4. U2 Keith Kauffman 5. 461 Lance Dewease 6. 2w Jesse Wentz 7. 55 Todd Gracey 8. 92 Brian Gobrecht 9. 69 Shawn Weaver (DNF) 10. 17 Alan Cole (DNF)

Time - 2:26.12

Southwest Expressline Heat (10 laps/5 to qualify) 1. 88 Todd Shaffer 2. 77 Fred Rahmer 3. 55w Mike Wagner 4. 92j Kenny Jacobs 5. 17e Cris Eash 6. 8 Dan Jones 7. 15d Brook Weibley 8. 3b Van Gurley Jr. 9. 10n Jeff Shepard 10. 73 Lonnie Ryan 11. 94x Glendon Forsythe 12. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. (DNF)

Time - 2:28.98

Southwest Glass Heat (10 laps/5 to qualify) 1. 16c Cliff Brian 2. 16 Bill Brian 3. 50 Tim Shaffer 4. 59 Steve Siegel 5. 1F Dean Jacobs 6. 35 Tyler Walker 7. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 8. 10 Len Thompson 9. 9F Sarah Fisher 10. 29 Mike Lutz 11. 2c Mike Dillman

Time - 2:27.94

United Specialties Heat (10 laps/5 to qualify) 1. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 2. 28 Brian Paulus 3. 1 Billy Pauch 4. 9w Gary Wright 5. 94 Dale Blaney 6. 8H Terry McCarl 7. 07 Dave Haight 8. 3 Daniel Coggeshell 9. 18 Brian Carlson 10. 48 Chris Knopp 11. 92k Chad Kenemah (DNS)

Time - 2:28.99

Commercial Truck & Trailer Dash (4 laps) 1. Fred Rahmer 2. Todd Shaffer 3. Dean Jacobs 4. Keith Kauffman 5. Lance Dewease 6. Dale Blaney

Time - 59.08

KSE Racing Products C Main (8 laps/4 to advance to B-Main) 1. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 2. 28 Chris Knopp 3. 29 Mike Lutz 4. 73 Lonnie Ryan 5. 94 Glendon Forsythe 6. 2c Mike Dillman 7. 17 Alan Cole (DNS) 8. 92k Chad Kenemah (DNS)

Time - 2:02.12

United Expressline B-Main (12 laps/4 to qualify) 1. 35 Tyler Walker 2. 2w Jesse Wentz 3. 8h Terry McCarl 4. 3b Van Gurley Jr. 5. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 6. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 7. 15d Brook Weibley 8. 92 Brian Gobrecht 9. 29 Mike Lutz 10. 10 Len Thompson 11. 9F Sarah Fisher 12. 10n Jeff Shepard 13. 07 Dave Haight 14. 18 Brian Carlson 15. 73 Lonnie Ryan 16. 55 Todd Gracey (DNF) 17. 48 Chris Knopp (DNF) 18. 3 Daniel Coggeshell (DNF) 19. 8 Dan Jones (DNF) 20. 69 Shawn Weaver (DNF)

Time - 3:05.47

Frigidaire All-Star Sprints Feature (40 laps) 1. Lance Dewease ($4,000) 2. Billy Pauch 3. Tyler Walker 4. Tim Shaffer 5. Keith Kauffman 6. Cris Eash 7. Dale Blaney 8. Kenny Jacobs 9. Todd Shaffer 10. Dean Jacobs 11. Bill Brian 12. Danny Smith 13. Fred Rahmer 14. Frankie Kerr 15. Jeff Rohrbough 16. Jesse Wentz 17. Cliff Brian 18. Steve Siegel 19. Gary Wright (DNF) 20. Don Kreitz (DNF) 21. Mike Wagner (DNF) 22. Brian Paulus (DNF) 23. Terry McCarl 24. Van Gurley Jr.

No Time

Lap Leaders - Tyler Walker (1-3), Lance Dewease (4-29), Tyler Walker (30-36), Lance Dewease (37-40)

Sprint Notes:

Todd Shaffer won the All-Star feature event at Williams Grove on Friday night. The All-Stars have yet to win a feature event at Williams Grove.

Jeff Thompson was struck in the head by a lawn chair that was blown off the top of a trailer. Thompson received medical attention at the track and was reported to be OK. Jeff Shepard, who blew a motor in the Jim Shuttlesworth #41 in hot laps, took over Thompson's 10N for the evening.

Dan Dietrich, who was back in his #8 sprinter at the Grove on Friday night, was at Lincoln but went home early without putting the car on the track.

Steve Siegel was driving the Sal Scarpitta #59 at Lincoln on Saturday night. Scarpitta's car hasn't been seen much this season. Scarpitta's crew were seen Friday night at the Grove securing a Don Ott engine in the back of a pick up truck.

It was good to see Todd Gracey at Lincoln on Saturday night. Gracey, a Pennsylvanis Posse regular, is now on the All-Star tour.

-- David Reininger's Paper Race

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