iRacing: Lionheart Indycar league takes on large rookie roster

One of iRacing's more popular player hosted leagues is the Lionheart IndyCar Series. contributor Justin Laxton looks at what the series has in their upcoming season.

The Lionheart IndyCar Series is named in memory of fallen IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, is the premier open-wheel series on

Much like the real-world counterparts, the series has serious competition, friendly rivalries, and true wheel-to-wheel racing. The 18 race schedule will test each driver’s skills, which range from iRacing NASCAR Peak Series Drivers all the way to the casual sim racer.

The upcoming season will have a very different feel from the first two, as many drivers are not returning to the series; including two-time Champion Jesse Vincent is not racing due to back surgery. In their place, are 19 series rookies, all of whom are looking to make their stamp on the series. This season also marks the first season, where drivers can compete for a team championship, and that has drawn new teams such as Unacceptable Racing, Banshee Autosport, and HMB to battle against Team #nailedIt, No Name Racing, No Chance Racing, and Goin’ Broke Racing.  

On the upcoming season, Series President Jorge Anzaldo commented, “The Lionheart IndyCar Series was created to provide sim racers who are passionate about open wheel racing an opportunity to compete in a top level series. We strived to create an environment that simulates the challenges of what real world drivers face through an entire 18 race season.  We have currently some of the best IndyCar sim racers in the world and as a result, winning a championship in the Lionheart IndyCar Series is certainly a significant accomplishment. All this is accomplished while keeping the spirit of Dan Wheldon alive in our hearts and minds."

As the season unfolds, drivers will learn what it really means to be Lionheart – never quit and expect the unexpected. 

The season begins on July 22nd at 10:30pm EST on the Global SimRacing Channel. 

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