F1 2015: Damage model

I recently played the latest Formula 1 racing game on my PS4. Here are my thoughts on latest F1 simulation from Codemasters...

Welcome to Part 5 of our six-part review of the newest Formula 1 game.

The game has done as much as will be allowed from the standpoint of damage, I believe. If you rub the armco out of Tabac at Monaco, you will suffer a puncture. If you misjudge the swimming pool, you will lose a wheel and your race will be done. If you get up into the gearbox of someone at the tight hairpin you will lose you're front wing (and there are different levels of wing damage) ... By the way, don't ask me how my first race on the streets of Monte Carlo went.

My point is that your damage correlates well with the mistake you make. I liked seeing that other cars could suffer damage and punctures in their own battles as well, despite being nowhere near me. You're engineer will inform you of such situations. 

Part 6: Championship/Pro Season mode

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