Assetto Corsa announces console release - video

The new, and beautiful Assetto Corsa announced this morning they plan on releasing a version of the game for the two major consoles in 2016. contributor Justin Sutton breaks down the reveal.

Someone once said that competition was good for business, and good for the consumer.  Sim-racing seems to be no different in that respect. Earlier today an announcement from Kunos Simulazioni  confirmed that their PC sim-racing title “Assetto Corsa” would be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2016.  In addition to that, the Italian developer also announced that not only would they be at the 2015 E3 conference, but that they would be showcasing new content at the popular American gaming convention.

For many people, however, the highlight of the teaser comes at about the 53 second mark when there is a sudden appearance from Fernando Alonso’s racing winning 2013 Ferrari F138. Kunos has been featuring Ferrari cars in their sim since inception, but the addition of this semi-modern Formula 1 car will likely be a big selling point for fans of the sport. As the final year with the V8 engine, the screaming sound and incredible speed of the Spanish Grand Prix winning F1 car should appeal especially to those who aren’t a fan of the current regulations (or the current F1 games from Codemasters).

The full details about the announcement today can be viewed on the Kunos Simulazioni website HERE. And the full trailer can be viewed on their YouTube page HERE.

Along with the exciting news, a fresh new trailer was posted which may provide further insights on the planned content coming later this year to PC.  One of the first things you’ll notice in the trailer is a sleek classic super car with a logo of a bull and a name on the back reading “Countach.”  The addition of Lamborghini to the Assetto Corsa roster comes as no surprise to anyone who follows the Kunos Simulazioni developer blog on their website.  On New Year’s Eve 2014 they announced their acquisition of the Lambo license and even stated their intent of releasing content in 2015.

Just a few seconds after the Countach reveal, fans are treated to a glimpse at a new German addition to the line-up with the ever-gorgeous Audi R8 LMS Ultra, the first officially licensed Audi to join the ranks of Assetto Corsa’s beautiful cars.  The new kid on the block will be joining the already impressive collection of four GT3 cars and two GT2 cars, providing an excellent opportunity for WEC-style endurance racing.

Straight after the Audi, there is a quick shot of a Nissan GTR (the Japanese sports car formerly known as Skyline) which might not immediately surprise or impress anyone who has purchased the Dream Pack DLC for the game, but the lack of sponsorship on the car, and rear-facing exhaust proves that the street version of the car will also be coming to Assetto Corsa, alongside the already existing GT3 version of the same car.

One of the more mysterious parts of the trailer is a shot of a seemingly entirely carbon fiber super car, which, admittedly, I was not familiar with upon first glance.  At around the 25 second mark you can clearly see what is a Glickenhaus SCG 003, a Honda-powered vehicle that was launched earlier this year at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (and which will run you about two and a half million US dollars for the street legal version).

For the already initiated, it’s no surprise that Toyota will also be joining the Kunos family, as the Japanese manufacturer has been listed as “Coming Soon” for quite some time now.  Nevertheless, seeing the Toyota FR-S (branded as Scion in the US, and often referred to as the Eight Six, FT86, GT86, or BR-Z under the Subaru branding) in the new trailer was refreshing for someone like myself who is a fan of this type of car.

After the halfway point of the trailer, and some unsurprising advertising of the laser-scanned Nordschleife, two more new cars are shown, but I’d like to talk about the last one first. In the closing stages of the trailer there are two short clips of what appears to be a mid-1980s Audi Quattro Sport, which would be the first of the road cars available from the popular German manufacturer.

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