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Davide Rigon Q&A: "Superleague Formula is one of the highest level categories of motorsport"

Davide Rigon Q&A: "Superleague Formula is one of the highest level categories of motorsport"

2010 was a great year for 24 year old Italian racer Davide Rigon, he became the first driver to win the Superleague Formula title twice, walking away with a cool EURO 1.6m in the process, as he brought the R.S.C. Anderlecht car home ahead of his closest rival Craig Dolby. We spoke to him about his 2010 season.

1. What were the highlights for you of the 2011 Superleague Formula season?

There were three major highlights for me last year, thebest moments of the season were at Assen after my first win, and then afterwards at Portimao when I went first in the championship, but certainly the biggest moment was in Navarra for me and my whole team, when we managed to win the championship!

2. What was your favorite track in 2010?

I really liked Assen, it seemed to flow with my driving style.

3. What did you do over the winter break to (a) relax, and (b) to prepare for the new season?

I continued working with my trainer to try to be in as good shape as can be, just in case the chance to drive in Formula 1 came along. But not just for that, it is really important to be in my best possible shape for the 2011 season.

The week before Christmas I was in the mountains with my girlfriend and friends to ski and relax a bit. It was great to unwind.

4. Who was your biggest rival in 2010?

To be honest everyone was very fast! But in the last races my biggest rivals were Craig Dolby, Yelmer Buurman and John Martin. It was a very close end to the season and ever point really counted.

5. Do you have a message for Superleague Formula fans?

Of course! Continue to follow this beautiful and spectacular series. This is one of the highest level categories of motorsport in the world now.

6. After winning the Championship in 2010 you signed as the Ferrari simulator driver. Is this what you were looking for 2011?

To behonest I have some time that I am available to Scuderia Ferrari for the development of their cars, mainly on the simulator. As an Italian, and a racing driver, it is good to work with Ferrari.

This year I'm looking at making the GP2 series but I still have not found all of the budget.

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