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Scuderia Playteam Sarafree puts 2 drivers on the podium and win from pole at Nuerburgring The start of the 44 minutes first race of the weekend was perfect for all 18 cars on the grid with AC Milan keeping the lead. However, Galatasaray's...

Scuderia Playteam Sarafree puts 2 drivers on the podium and win from pole at Nuerburgring

The start of the 44 minutes first race of the weekend was perfect for all 18 cars on the grid with AC Milan keeping the lead. However, Galatasaray's Alessandro Pier Guidi - Galatasaray SK lost time at the start and fell back to 11th place. Corinthian was immediately in second place and lapping fast with 1.45.606. Meanwhile Guidi - Galatasaray SK was pushing to get back from 11th to 4th and stabilize the car in the top of the classification.

Roma's Enrique Toccaccello, Soucek (Atletico Madrid) and Adrian Valles (Liverpool) started from the pit lane. Nelson Philippe (BVB Borussia Dortmund) stopped and was out of the race.

In the first laps, Robert Doornbos driving the AC Milan car was under pressure from SC Corinthians but tried to widen the gap managing a really fast lap 5 with a 1.44.924. It was a good enough effort to be able to resist the Corinthians driver Antonio Pizzonia's pressure.

Robert Doornbos AC Milan pushed hard, and the strategy worked. He manages to extend the lead. On lap 8, he is 4.420s ahead of SC Corinthians. The window for pit stops was then opened. Alessandro Pier Guidi (Galatasaray SK) was the first of the cars to stop and change to fresh tires. Pier Guidi was soon followed by the Porto car who lost 8 seconds in the pit stop with a stuck rear wheel. Third place Anderlecht made a quick pit stop on lap 10, ahead of Robert Doornbos - AC Milan. Doornbos rejoined the race in the lead after a perfectly executed pit stop. Soon after him, it was Alessandro Pier Guidi's turn in the Galatasaray SK car to ramp up the speed on lap 11 with 1.44.148.

In the second part of the race after all cars had completed their pit stops, Milan AC was still leading the race with Alessandro Pier Guidi - Galatasaray SK in third place, 6.856 behind Craig Dolby in RSC Anderlecht. There was a bit of emotion in the race as Duncan Tappy (Tottenham Hotspur) spun out but his position at the end of his misadventure did not bring the pace car out The two Playteam SaraFree drivers managed to hold on to their positions and take a one and three that brought both of them onto the podium.

Robert Doornbos (AC Milan) commented: "Overall the weekend went well. A pole position and a win for the 24 lap long first race was outstanding. It was an incident free race. My principal focus was on the tires. They were quite cold resulting in a bit of a tire lockup at the start. So I was really taking care. I felt vibrations on the first stint. I wanted to maximize the tires. It is easy to the get pressure wrong on the tires but the team as usual did a good job. We really guessed well today. I maintained a good pace and wanted to bring the car home with a win. The team did a great job in the pit stop. I am really pleased to hand the team a win, because they worked so hard after the bad first race in Donington. At least now we have started to score points in the classification. 56 points is a good start. The car is easy to drive. It is fun to drive. I loved the race today."

Giambattista Giannoccaro, Team owner and Team founder. " It was an excellent result for the team. It is a great success because Playteam has never raced at this high level and is not a specialist of single seater races. I am really pleased to have two drivers on the podium today. Proud of Robert of course and enthusiastic about Alessandro who had never raced on this track before in his career. A first for him.

Alessandro Pier Guidi (Galatasaray SK) added: "I am so happy to have scored a podium today. The first of my career with Superleague Formula. The car was well setup. The team did a great job today. I am very happy to be on the podium. I am sorry that the start was not so OK. But I did a great effort managed to come back strongly. Now we have 64 points in the classification. A good start for the day. A reverse grid start will be interesting. It will be difficult not to have an accident with anyone."

Gabriele Tredozi, Technical Manager, Scuderia Playteam Sarafree added: "I want to thank the team as everyone did a very good job to prepare for this race after Donington. Let's see how our second race will go in two hours time as Robert this time will not be leaving from pole as the grid will be reversed."

AC Milan and Galatasaray SK both score points in race two

Scuderia Playteam SaraFree started the second Superleague Formula race at the Nuerburgring starting from seventh and eighth respectively for Alessandro Pier Guidi (Galatasaray SK) and Robert Doornbos (AC Milan) after the grid was reversed following their win and third place in the morning race.

Robert Doornbos (AC Milan) finished the race sixth, taking 29 additional points this afternoon and putting AC Milan tenth in the championship. Alessandro Pier Guidi (Galatasaray SK) finished in seventh, scoring an additional 26 points that takes him to ninth in the championship.

Both cars drove a competitive race from their positions on the reversed grid with Alessandro Pier Guidi (Galatasaray SK) one of the first group of drivers to pit on lap 9 while Robert Doornbos (AC Milan) staying out until lap 11.

Pier Guidi was up to sixth and Doornbos seventh as the safety car came in after dealing with a Glasgow Rangers spin and stall in the middle of the track. The two Scuderia Playteam SaraFree cars fought for position. After Alessandro Pier Guidi, pushing hard, made a mistake in the first corner of the final lap, Robert Doonrbos passed him.

AC Milan went on to finish sixth with Galatasaray SK in seventh.

Robert Doornbos (AC Milan) commented: "The second race went well. I had a good start even if it was a bit messy around me. However, I was disappointed that I could not gain any positions at the start. That would have changed the race although I am convinced that the winner of race one is really penalised having to start from the back in the reversed grid. There is no way you can get back in a strong position in the front in normal conditions unless the weather intervenes in your favor. I did not have a lot of problems in the race. Atletico Madrid touched wheels with me, but luckily nothing happened. It did not damage the car too much allowing me to continue at the same pace. Overall the weekend went well and we made good points. I am ready for the next weekend of racing in Zolder."

Alessandro Pier Guidi (Galatasaray SK) added: "It was a good race. The start was alright, at least better than in race 1, but I was missing speed. I am not sure if it was necessary to bring out the pace car for a car stalled in the middle of the track with no debris scattered anywhere. The marshals could have possibly pushed it clear of the track without danger. Anyway, I do not know if it was dangerous for them to go onto the track at that point of the race. I want to thank the team for their great help over this weekend. At least, I am pleased with the points we scored."

With a win, two podiums this weekend and scoring points in race two, Team Galatasaray SK ranks 9th in the Superleague Formula Championship with 90 points and Team AC Milan is 10th with 85 points.

Next race - Zolder (Belgium)- 4-5 October 2008

-credit: scuderiaplayteam.com

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