Q+A with GT/Superleague Formula driver Davide Rigon

Barcelona - Spa-Francorchamps - Vallelunga - Bucharest - Donington. These are the stages of the Twenty-Vicenza Davide Rigon August, a month really intense commitment to the Champion outgoing European F.3000, the current pilot of the FIA World GT -...

Barcelona - Spa-Francorchamps - Vallelunga - Bucharest - Donington. These are the stages of the Twenty-Vicenza Davide Rigon August, a month really intense commitment to the Champion outgoing European F.3000, the current pilot of the FIA World GT - Ferrari F430 with the team BMS Scuderia Italia - and the next pilot Superleague Formula.

Davide Rigon began this intense tour de force with the first test at the wheel of Elan / Panoz from 750 HP: even the time to conclude the session and is already in Belgium for the fifth leg of the FIA World GT where the mythical scheduled 24h of Spa-Francorchamps. Week ends will end in the best possible way thanks to a striking victory which gives Vicenza to the first podium and first victory 2008. Not even two days of rest and Rigon is ready to dive back inside Panoz for the second test sessions of collective Superleague Formula, where once again manages to give Borussia Dortmund to three days as a protagonist.

Over the next 15 days Davide Rigon is diveded again between FIA GT (August 24 - the sixth stop on the track Bucharest) and the Superleague Formula, for the great debut on the track of Donington Park (August 31), where since the early testing has proved to be very fast.

1. On track of Spa-Francorchamps have participated in your first 24 hours and you've been imposed with a fantastic victory. There stories that your adventure at the wheel of the F430 team BMS Scuderia Italia? The 24h is a single race and was fantastic. We never had any problem and the strategy team was perfect. Certainly the experience of the team 24h of Le Mans has been very useful to be able to bring home this success. Since the tests Thursday we were the fastest in the race and we imposed our rhythm, thanks to Pirelli tyres.

Driving the night was not very easy at the beginning even though after a few rounds I could get used to carrying out my stint without mistakes. Unfortunately, I broke out a tire, but fortunately I managed to control my F430. Once replaced the tires are broken down without further problems. Go up on the top of the podium is always fantastic.

2. Il next round of the FIA World GT will be on the track of Bucharest. Get to know the route and what are your expectations?

During this time I feel fit and the team BMS Scuderia Italia is very strong. Surely I would be able to beat my fellow team Malucelli / Ruberti and able to focus once again to the podium. As on other occasions have to try to exploit the early rounds of free practice in order to learn all the secrets of the track, because for me will be the first time on this track. It will also be essential, once again, they have no mechanical problem.

3. After five appointments occupies the fourth position with 33 points. At this point in the championship what is your goal in the FIA World GT?

My goal, since the beginning of the year, has not changed: being a novice in the FIA GT my priority is to bring to my team as many points and my F430 as forward as possible. Like all the world technical level is very high and there are pilots with a great experience. Precisely for this reason I try to always give the maximum.

4. We shall now proceed to talk about this Superleague Formula. In the two tests collective (Vallelunga and Barcelona) have had the opportunity to try the new Panoz. Can you explain this car?

The Panoz SF is very big. The cos that impressed me most was the braking, very similar to Dallara GP2, and changing very fast. Unfortunately, in these two tests we failed to exploit still at 100% of its power, but I have seen that is a very demanding car to drive. It has much aerodynamic load and has no effect soil. He feels that all its cargo arrives "from above". It 'a very fun car to drive and beautiful, although as I said earlier, even challenging to manage.

5. We could see that the steering wheel is very similar to that of a Formula. Can you explain its functions?

The steering wheel I find it really very beautiful and as you can see from the picture is full of buttons, (very similar to that of an F1) and now you explain its main functions
1) Push to pass - pushing give about 30 HP more for a few seconds. Very useful in case of overtaking
2) Pit limit - is used in lane box for the speed limit to 60 km / h.
3) Conferm - is used in the most challenging moments of the race and when you can not talk by radio with the wall. Premendolo affirming the team that you have arrived information.
4) Alarms - there's just something abnormal (such as temperature or pressure change too high) the onboard computer te lo illuminandoti indicates the screen of the steering wheel. To accept or reset the screen you press this button
5) Rain - activates the light rear (compulsory in case of rain)
6) Neutral - every time you hand there is a procedure to follow. First we need to press the clutch (lever placed behind the steering wheel), then the "neutral". And this is where the gear lever with the right to leave. This button is used also to put the car in neutral
7) Gcu - this button is used to change the mapping of the change. Towards using an "exchange" fastest in qualifying and more reliable in the race
8) ECU - serves to change the engine mapping. These are changed for the qualification and the race. At times have changed to lower consumption.
9) Talk - Opens the channel to talk to the wall
10) - it can change the 3 pages that we are in the main screen: START, PRACTICE, RACE.
11) Fuel - when the topping of fuel pressed to reset consumption
12) Drink - in this button will be installed a pump to bring water to the pilot to drink during the race.

In the main screen you can see the 3 pages that give the pilot all the information in their vehicles, or temperature, oil pressure, engine and gearbox. It also indicated the gear and turns of the engine through which led tell you the right time to change and thus to avoid the "out of laps"

6. The Superleague Formula will start on August 31 on the track Donington Park. What will be your goal in this new adventure?

Ever since I decided to focus on this new adventure my goal was to win the championship and now, after the first test collective awareness we can do well. If the team ZakSpeed will meet my requests for others it will be very difficult. We are all determined to do much good.

-credit: minardi.it

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