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SMD #27 Goes Off 2nd In Huge Trophy Truck Field With Former Rough Rider John Swift Joining Baja 1000 Effort

SMD Ironman David Scaroni To Drive Watson/Noe SCORE Lite

Heber, California (November 14, 2005) -- The SCORE Baja 1000 is regarded by many as the toughest off road race in the world. The 38th running of Mexico's Baja Mil features some of the harshest terrain on the peninsula. For the past three weeks, SMD Motorsports has covered nearly every square inch of the race course. Prerunning their sections multiple times, in both daylight and under the mask of darkness, preparing for the ultimate challenge in off road racing.

SMD Motorsport's #27 trophy truck will go off the line second in the first group of 4-wheel vehicles, the SCORE Unlimited Production Trophy Trucks, which includes a growing list of race entries at over 30 trophy trucks. Trophy Truck #27 will be driven off the start line by accomplished desert phenom and the 2003 Baja 1000 Winner in ProTruck, Matt Scaroni. Performing co-driving duties for Matt will be one of the best in the business, Greg Foutz, an accomplished championship off-road racer himself.

Veteran off-road champion and former Ford Rough Rider, John Swift, joins the SMD Motorsports trophy truck effort and will split driving time with Matt and his dad, Steve.

"This is truly a dream come true racing the Baja 1000 with my sons and someone of John's caliber. His Baja racing experience is second to none when it comes to racing of this magnitude. Not only is John a good friend and partner in one of our agricultural business's, but he's been our off road racing mentor and teacher to me and my sons over the years," explained Steve.

Leading the charge from behind the wheel of the Watson/Noe SCORE Lite buggy is SMD Ironman -- David Scaroni. In September, David piloted the Watson/Noe buggy for nearly the entire 300-mile race only stepping aside for Watson to cross the finish line. A short time later, the SMD Ironman entered the #27 trophy truck and drove 225 miles until the power train suffered a transmission failure. The Watson Noe SCORE lite is locked into "a decide all" points run at this race, which ultimately will crown the SCORE Lite season champion.

At 19 years old, David Scaroni is one of the top rated young gun drivers in off road desert racing. SMD Motorsports has blended together one of the most strategic race plans ever developed for this race.

SMD Motorsports will deploy the latest in advanced vehicle tracking technology in the world using SkyBitz GLS Technology. This allows the SMD Motorsports Command Center to provide a real time assessment of both #27 trophy truck and the SCORE Lite buggy. Coupling SkyBitz technology with the SMD Motorsports Racing pit support system provides unparalleled resources in their quest for the Baja 1000 victory.

Steve commented, "Our extended desert racing family, team and friends are prepared to implement the SMD Motorsports plan as we are challenged by the best of the Baja Peninsula."

"Without the tremendous support from our many sponsors, friends and family, this racing effort could not be accomplished. We sincerely thank them all."

Our many supporters include: Ford Motor Company, BFGoodrich Tires, SkyBitz, Mastercraft Seats, FOX Racing Shocks, TrailReady Beadlocks, VP Racing Fuel, Hella Lights and Pure Power Lubricants.

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