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SCORE Champion Mark Post Eyes Back-to-Back Title in Riviera Racing ...

SCORE Champion Mark Post Eyes Back-to-Back Title in Riviera Racing #1 Championship Truck

Laguna Hills, CALIFORNIA -- The 2007 SCORE Trophy Truck Champions captivated the world of desert racing last season when Riviera Racing put the exclamation point on the winningest Trophy Truck season ever after claiming victory in their championship run down the length of the Baja Peninsula.

Capturing the 40th Baja 1000 Overall Victory, along with the Trophy Truck Class win, Mark Post and Rob MacCachren, finished up last season and haven't skipped a beat as they prepare to charge into the 2008 season opener at Laughlin, Nevada.

Prepped by Jim Blackmore and the dedicated Riviera Racing crew, the newly plated #1 Trophy Truck stands ready to dominate the desert. Blackmore's exceptional talent was rewarded not long after the epic victory at the SCORE Baja 1000 when he was awarded the top trophy by a vote of his peers at the 2007 SCORE Awards, "Mechanic of the Year."

Mark Post reflected, "The victories of the 2007 season were incredible to say the least, however the score among the trophy trucks is now zero across the board and everyone is back to a fresh start. We expect the level of competition to continue to rise among the top teams and that is going to make this season's racing very challenging. However, Riviera Racing is, however, prepared to defend the championship title."

Riviera Racing spent little time celebrating their historic accomplishments that besieged the desert floor of North America. In fact, short of the multi-day celebration that took place at the finish line in Cabo San Lucas, the devoted crew has worked diligently preparing for what may be the toughest season in the history of Riviera Racing.

"Racing with Riviera Racing was absolutely the most fun I've ever had in my life. Each aspect of the team is inspiring and to do what we accomplished in 2007 will be tough for anyone ever to match...except for us to repeat in 2008. Both Mark and I, along with our cast of characters on this team, are committed to run hard this season," said a smiling Rob MacCachren.

Focusing on the 2008 SCORE Desert Series, Riviera Racing's center of attention is to recapture the magic and defend their triumphant championship winning season.

For two decades, Mark Post and Rob MacCachren have raced throughout the Baja Peninsula searching for the ultimate adventure and the 2007 season demonstrated their strengths of desert racing in Mexico. Armed with the essence of victory at the 40th SCORE Baja 1000, Riviera Racing returns to the 2008 desert stage prepared to rage warfare and win races.

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