Perris Auto Speedway report 96-08-31

FOURTH WIN IN AUGUST! By Robert Mason Perris, CA Earlier in the year, Rip Williams joked with one of his crew members about the busy Sprint Car Racing Association schedule for August, commenting that he didn't see any reason why he couldn't win...

FOURTH WIN IN AUGUST! By Robert Mason Perris, CA

Earlier in the year, Rip Williams joked with one of his crew members about the busy Sprint Car Racing Association schedule for August, commenting that he didn't see any reason why he couldn't win every race this month.

Although he didn't win them all, Saturday night's win at the Perris Auto Speedway was his fourth SCRA win in six races this month. Actually, Williams failed to win only one main event in August because he was out of town competing in a Silver Crown car and missed a race.

"It's a storybook type season," said Williams. "Everyone would like to do this good and only a few us will ever have a year like this. My whole crew puts a heck of an effort together and that why I'm here."

Williams and JE Piston Dash winner Troy Cline started on the front row, but after a wild start, Cary Faas in his Western Union No. 37 was the first into turn one from the fourth starting position.

"My car was kind of tight on the start and we didn't have enough momentum," said Williams. "When I got on the gas the front end jumped around...Cline and me were bouncing all over the place."

Williams regrouped quickly and was second to Faas at the end of lap one. They were chased by Richard Griffin, Rodney Argo and Cline.

On lap four, Williams was on the tail of Faas when his Kurb King/AMA Plastics No. 3 Stinger did a huge wheel stand down the backstraight. Although spectacular for the fans, it cost Williams about eight car lengths.

Williams was back on the tail of Faas three laps later, when Griffin bicycled the Madrea Produce No. 50 in turn two. The 'Gasman' brought down his Ellis chassis without losing a position as Faas approached lap traffic.

Yellow was out on lap nine when DURA-Light Fast Timer Jeremy Sherman parked the Blue Ribbon Tire No.17 in turn two. Sherman, who leads in SCRA Rookie of the Year points, was done for the night with front end damage.

On the restart, Faas and Williams continued their fierce battle. Williams moved under Faas along the backstraight on the 11th circuit, but Faas held tough and maintained the lead through turn three.

Aware that an 11 o'clock curfew could soon be implemented, Williams was literally running out of time. When starter Tom Aidridge held up an unfurled white flag the 'Ripper' knew he had to make his move. "I saw the starter holding the white flag and knew I only had a couple of laps," said Williams..."so I put the pressure on him real hard and he moved up just a bit and I was able to get next to him."

Once alongside, Williams and Faas were so close that they may have rubbed Hoosiers before Williams grabbed the advantage and received the white flag. SCRA point leader Griffin made a nice crossover move on Faas to take second with less than a lap to go.

Williams, driving for Sharon Jory, received the lap 15 checkered flag and became the all-time SCRA leader for main event wins with 17 to his credit. Griffin's second place finish extended his drivers point lead and the owners point lead for Ron Chaffin. Faas beat Cline to the line for third. Cory Kruseman finished fifth after starting tenth.

Race #26-Perris Auto Speedway Perris, CA 08/31/96

Time Trials

Pos Driver Hometown Car Owner Car# Time

 1. Jeremy Sherman    Phoenix AZ          Bergman         17  17.388
 2. Verne Sweeney     Lomita CA           Sweeney         98  17.705
 3. Rickie Gaunt      Torrance CA         Hasebe           8  17.751
 4. Rip Williams      Yorba Linda CA      Jory             3  17.770
 5. Richard Griffin   Silver City NM      Chaffin         50  17.798
 6. Cory Kruseman     Ventura CA          Willis          45  17.800
 7. Cary Faas         Peoria AZ           Faas            37  17.873
 8. Troy Cline        Hawthorne CA        Cline           11  17.904
 9. Lee Brewer, Jr    Lomita CA           Cowherd Racing  48  17.913
10. Rodney Argo       El Segundo CA       Argo            19  17.930
11. J.J. Yeley        Phoenix AZ          Yeley            7  17.955
12. Bobby Marcum      Cottonwood AZ       B.J. Racing     14  17.975
13. Steve Ostling     Lakewood CA         Pratt           12  18.278
14. Ron Shuman        Tempe AZ            Schuck           2  18.322
15. Jim Giardina      Riverside CA        Giardina        56  18.361
16. Bobby Michnowicz  Dominquez Hills CA  Michnowicz      21  18.461
17. Cal Smith         Montclair CA        Pratt           53  18.547
18. Mike English      Norwalk CA          Performance     33  18.607
19. Ron DiDonato      Riverside CA        DiDonato        57  18.531
20. John Scott        Hesperia CA         Scott           83  l8.638
21. Keith Williamson  Pomona CA           Williamson      95  18.668
22. Marc Hart         Ventura CA          Geurin           4  18.752
23. Lee Hawkins       New Zealand         Freeman         67  18.774
24. Dale Cross        Clovis CA           Cross           69  19.067
25. Jim Blenkarn      Mission Viejo CA    Blenkarn        46  19.083
26. Ed Patterson, Jr  Ventura CA          Patterson, Jr   56  19.280
27. Dwight Cheney     Temple City CA      Cheney          42  19.426
28. D.J. Ruth         Las Vegas NV        Ruth            25  19.597

Heat 1

1. Keith Wllliamson 2. Richard Griffin 3. Jeremy Sherman 4. Cal Smith 5. Steve Ostling 6. Jim Blenkarn 7. Lee Brewer, Jr

Heat 2

1. Mike English 2. Rodney Argo 3. Ron Shuman 4. Marc Hart 5. Verne Sweeney 6. Ed Patterson, Jr 7. Cory Kruseman

Heat 3

1. Ron DiDonato 2. Cary Faas 3. Rickie Gaunt 4. Jim Giardina 5. Les Hawkins 6. Dwight Cheney 7. J.J. Yeley

Heat 4

1. John Scott 2. Bobby Marcum 3. Rip Williams 4. Troy Cline 5. Bobby Michnowicz 6. D.J. Ruth 7. Dale Cross

JE Pistons' Passing Master's Dash

1. Troy Cline 2. Rip Williams 3. Richard Griffin 4. Cary Faas 5. Rickie Gaunt 6. Bobby Marcum 7. Jeremy Sherman 8. Rodney Argo

B Feature

1. Kruseman 2. Verne Sweeney 3. Lee Brewer, Jr 4. Bobby Michnowicz 5. Ed Patterson, Jr 6. Les Hawkins 7. Dwight Cheney 8. Steve Ostling 9. J.J. Yeley 10. D.J. Ruth 11. Dale Cross

A Feature

1. Rip Williams 2. Richard Griffin 3. Cary Faas 4. Troy Cline 5. Cory Kruseman 6. Rodney Argo 7. Rickie Gaunt 8. Ron Shuman 9. Lee Brewer, Jr 10. Bobby Michnowicz 11. Bobby Marcus 12. Marc Hart 13. Verne Sweeney 14. John Scott 15. Mike English 16. Ron DiDonato 17. Keith Williamson 18. Ed Patterson, Jr 19. Cal Smith 20. Les Hawkins 21. Jim Giardina 22. Jeremy Sherman

Laps Led: Faas 1-13 Williams 14-15

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