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Riviera Racing Unleashes Monarch Grand Vacations/Rockstar/Makita Trophy Truck at SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge January 23, 2008 -- After winning the 2007 SCORE Desert Series Championship, Riviera Racing arrived to the season-opener on the ...

Riviera Racing Unleashes Monarch Grand Vacations/Rockstar/Makita Trophy Truck at SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge

January 23, 2008 -- After winning the 2007 SCORE Desert Series Championship, Riviera Racing arrived to the season-opener on the shores of the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada. The familiar glossy black FORD Trophy Truck was readied for battle against all challengers.

Different than last season, the shiny black body was skinned with the emblems of Riviera Racing's new partners on the championship winning team -- Rockstar Energy Drink and Makita USA.

Fans from around the nation gathered at different areas on the race course to view the door-to-door racing action as the nation's top teams gathered for the 2008 SCORE opener.

For the first time in the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge history, qualifying was held for the elite Unlimited Production Truck class referred to as the "Trophy Truck" class. All the big guns arrived to qualifying in an attempt to take their first shot at the defending champs. What many didn't take into account was that each facet of the championship winning team returned from the 2007 season. Led by Mark Post, Riviera Racing was firing on all cylinders coming into the new season.

Blackmore's crew rolled out the newly plated #1 pristine Trophy Truck after an off-season prep that took the truck down to the bare frame. Skinned with the blazing Rockstar yellow star and the red and white streaking Makita logo, Rob MacCachren set the hottest lap of the day beating all competitors hands down.

"Rob really got it done in qualifying. He set down a very impressive lap time that has once again set the bar high in the Trophy Truck ranks," commented Post.

The Laughlin Desert Challenge marked the start of Riviera Racing's campaign towards back-to-back championships and charging from the start line on Saturday afternoon, Mark Post, initiated the early season behind the wheel of the #1 truck. Facing some of the most difficult conditions seen in many years at the Laughlin Desert Challenge, Post suffered mechanical failure with the drive line in the same spot that sidelined a host of the nation's top drivers only a mere 9-miles from the end of the race.

Starting from the sixth row in Sunday racing action, Rob MacCachren was behind the wheel of the Rockstar/Makita USA/Monarch Grand Vacation Riviera Racing Trophy Truck and weaved his magic through the field early. Racers trudged through the deep mud and wet conditions often times battling with the competition only inches apart. Once again as on Saturday, the treacherous conditions slimmed out the field of racers lap-by-lap, as MacCachren continued his assault through the Nevada desert.

By the end of the 8-lap finale, the #1 Trophy Truck finished in second position rounding out their overall weekend position to 6th place in the first race of the five-race series.

Exiting the driver's seat of the race truck, MacCachren was drenched in wet muddy rain water as he peeled off his water proof rain suit and said, "Wow, what a race! It was really a mess out there and you could barely see anything. We battled with Carl Renezeder for a couple laps and then implemented our plan to secure the all important season series points. We didn't finish on Saturday, so it was very important to get this championship truck across the line here today. We want to back up last year's championship and it's going to take some hard work all season long."

Finishing in the sixth position at the first race of the season slots Riviera Racing a mere fourteen points out of the lead heading to the SCORE San Felipe 250, where Mark Post has claimed the prestigious overall victory a record three times while spanning two decades of off road racing.

"San Felipe is one of our all-time favorite races. I've had some very good races in San Felipe over my career and it was here that we scored our first overall Trophy Truck victory in this very same truck. You can expect that we will be contenders at the San Felipe 250," said Post.

Focusing on the 2008 SCORE Desert Series, Riviera Racing's center of attention is to re-capture the magic of last season and defend their triumphant championship winning season.

Riviera Racing is excited to announce they have partnered with two of the world's strongest corporations involved the action sports universe in a strategic marketing plan for 2008. ROCKSTAR Energy Drink and MAKITA USA have joined Monarch Grand Vacations as co-title sponsors for the 2008 desert racing season.

"The partnership with Rockstar and Makita is exciting for our program. After our success in winning the SCORE Championship last year, we're stepping up our program in 2008 with these two great companies joining our team and you can expect to see us challenging to repeat our performance of the 2007 season.

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