Inaugural Henderson's Terrible 250 event plans forming

July 11-14 in So. Nevada Inaugural SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 Developing Colorful Plans for Ancillary Events Second Event of 2002 SCORE Triple Crown of Southern Nevada LOS ANGELES--With plans for ancillary events from concerts, ...

July 11-14 in So. Nevada
Inaugural SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 Developing Colorful Plans for Ancillary Events
Second Event of 2002 SCORE Triple Crown of Southern Nevada

LOS ANGELES--With plans for ancillary events from concerts, fireworks shows, a pit crew challenge, a charity bowling event and a pre-race parade, race organizers anticipate the Inaugural SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 desert race in Southern Nevada will quickly become one of the top motorsports events held annually in the Silver State.

SCORE International, America's foremost desert racing sanctioning body, has confirmed that extensive plans are being finalized for the newest SCORE race, Round 4 of the six-race schedule for the 2002 Duralast SCORE Desert Series. The motorsports extravaganza will be held July 11-14 on the outskirts of Henderson, Nev., the growing city located southeast side of Las Vegas.

With a unique co-sponsorship from the Henderson (Nevada) Convention Center and Visitors Bureau along with the Southern Nevada-based Herbst Oil Company, the SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 as a 7-lap open desert race run over a challenging 35-mile course between Nevada State Highway 93 and the McCullough Mountains.

"SCORE, the city of Henderson and Herbst Oil Company are equally enthusiastic about the new SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 and plans for great racing and tremendous ancillary events are being finalized now," said Sal Fish, long-time CEO of SCORE International, which is based in Los Angeles. "The enthusiasm level is significantly high for this event and the Henderson hospitality community has become very pro-active and Herbst Oil has committed significant resources to promoting the event through its vast network of businesses and hotel/casinos."

Helping secure the Henderson co-sponsorship of the race, Bud Pico, Manager, Tourism and Sales for the Henderson Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, is spearheading the organization and execution of the variety of ancillary events being developed. "Henderson is expanding its involvement with special events and it appears obvious that the SCORE event will truly become a community event, provide significant exposure and positive economic impact as well as providing a tremendous entertainment value for our residents and the thousands of visitors who will join us in July," said Pico. "It's still a bit premature to officially announce all of our plans for the exciting events we will wrap around the race, but suffice it to say right now that Henderson will be a high-octane place to be during race week."

SCORE officials have also tentatively announced an afternoon start time of 3 p.m. with a 10-hour time limit to be an official finisher in the elapsed-time race. The fastest vehicles will be expected to complete the 245-mile race in just over four hours. Nearly 150 vehicles, competing in 17 classes for desert race cars and trucks and including as many as 20 from the Southern Nevada area, are expected to be a part of the first major desert race in the area in over a decade.

Terrible Herbst Motorsports, which features the driving of brothers Ed, Tim and Troy Herbst, is one of the most prominent teams in SCORE racing. Ed, 40, and Tim, 38, split driving time as two-time season champions in the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division while Troy, 35, has won a record five consecutive SCORE season championships in the unlimited Class 1 division.

The 2002 Duralast SCORE Desert Series started with the most unique and the shortest race and finish with the oldest and most well known desert race. After kicking off the season with the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge in Laughlin, 90 miles south of Las Vegas, it will conclude with the always-memorable Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, starting in Ensenada and running the length of the mysterious Baja California peninsula in Mexico.

Three of the events, all mid-to-long-distance endurance desert races, will be held once again on the mysterious Baja California, Mexico, peninsula along with the three multi-lap races in Southern Nevada.

Round 2 and 3 will both be held in Mexico. The 16th Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 is set for March 1-3, followed by the 34th SCORE Tecate Baja 500, May 31-June 2. Rounds 4 and 5 will both be held in Southern Nevada. After the new SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 (July 11-14) race in Henderson, Nev., the 7th SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 will be held Sept. 13-14 in Primm, Nev., 35 miles south of Las Vegas.

SCORE International, started in 1973, continues to be the premier sanctioning body in the sport of desert racing. SCORE races feature 17 pro classes for cars and trucks in U.S. races and seven more pro classes for motorcycles and ATVs for the three races held annually in Mexico. Races in the U.S. average 150 entries, 225 in Mexico.

For information on the ancillary events being organized, contact Charlene Ham with the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau at (702) 565-5197.

More information on the race itself is available from SCORE International at (818) 225-8402 and on the official SCORE website at


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