Final entry list for Baja 500

Over 230 entries from 20 U.S. states, 15 countries celebrating SCORE’s 41st anniversary

ENSENADA, Mexico—After two weeks of determined pre-running and two days of fun-filled pre-race festivities, 232 sturdy racers from 20 U.S. States, competing in classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and ATVs, are ready for the green flag to drop Saturday morning at the 46th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert race.

Defending race champion Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C. (in photo) has returned to his desert-racing roots and posted the fastest qualifying time Thursday to earn the first starting position in for Round 3 of the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship, being held in Mexico’s Baja California Norte, starting and finishing in Ensenada, the seaside port on the Pacific Ocean, 86 miles south of San Diego.

SCORE is celebrating its 41st year as the world’s foremost desert racing organization in 2014 and this is an elapsed-time race with staggered starts as the green flag on Saturday will drop first for the motorcycles and ATVs at 5:45 a.m. and approximately 10 a.m. for the cars, trucks and UTVs. All vehicles will have 18-hour time limits to be an official finisher in the 447.86-mile race. The fastest finishers are expected to complete the rugged race course in approximately nine hours.

With 232 entries competing in 25 Pro and 5 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and ATVs, entries to date have come from 20 U.S. States and the U.S. Territory of Guam along with Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands and Spain.

The race will be televised on a delayed basis in the USA, Canada and U.S. Territories as a one-hour special on the CBS Sports Network. The show, being produced by SoCal’s acclaimed BCII TV, will air for one week on the CBS Sports Spectacular show with the initial airing at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 20, 2014. Following a week of airing the CBS Sports Network telecasts, the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 show will air worldwide in over 100 countries through international distribution.

With viewers in over 100 countries, SCORE Dirt LiveHD will present live internet streaming from the event from pre-green to post-checker. Coverage will include live start and finish line interviews as well as live coverage from the many ancillary events tied to the race. On race day, live satellite tracking of all vehicles in the race will also be broadcast through the SCORE International website.

Here is the final entry list, by class, for Saturday’s race…

46th Tecate SCORE Baja 500

June 5-8, 2014—Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Celebrating 41 years of SCORE International desert racing


By entry order within class

(from 20 U.S. States and Guam; Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador,

France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain)

Pro Cars & Trucks


(After Qualifying)

77 Robby Gordon

70 Bryce Menzies

35 Jason Voss

11 Rob MacCachren

5 Clyde Stacy

83 Luke McMillin

1 B.J. Baldwin

16 Cameron Steele

7 Steven Eugenio

15 Armin Schwarz

44 Kyle Jergensen

21 Gus Vildosola Jr

18 Juan C. Lopez

85 Justin Davis

72 Robert Acer

76 Jesse Jones

23 Dan McMillin

91 Troy Herbst

98 Gary Weyhrich

50 Zak Langley

26 Jay Reichert

9 Mark Weyhrich

30 Robbie Pierce

3 Mark Post

33 Todd Romano

19 Tim Herbst

53 Jose de Jesus Flores

93 Chris Kemp

57 Mike Palmer

45 Gary Magness

34 Ken Losch

39 Ron Whitton

14 Heidi Steele

69 Alejandro Cervantes

52 Gonzalo Pirron

87 Carlos Ibarra

37 Thomas Greer-1st RS

CLASS 1 (17)

(After Qualifying)

100 Cody Parkhouse

153 Ronny Wilson

188 Jon Walker

101 Justin Matney

144 Andrew Myers

138 Brian Wilson

128 Chuck Sacks

169 Nick Mills

168 Shelby Reid

156 Richard Boyle

111 John Langley

187 Ryan Sharman

112 Oscar Rodriguez

131 George Peters

142 Steven Sells

114 Lyle Bask-2nd RS

121 Damen Jefferies-1st RS

CLASS 1/2-1600 (18)

1685 Edson Cruz

1615 Jesus Velez

1636 Christian Celaya

1605 Miguel Cortez

1606 Ruben Sanudo

1691 David Jones

1609 J. David Ruvalcaba

1611 Christopher Sanchez

1603 Marco Bernaldez

1604 Cesar Fiscal Jr

1677 Marco Romo

1646 Alejandro Blengio

1688 Rodrigo Elorduy-6th RS

1697 Francisco Rodriguez-5th RS

1631 Ramiro Escobedo-4th RS

1699 Chris Jones-3rd RS

1600 Ernesto Arambula-2nd RS

1630 Kevin Smith-1st RS

CLASS 3 (2)

300 Donald Moss

303 Chris Wilson-1st RS

CLASS 5 (3)

511 Wendy Belk

509 Jose Lopez

525 Ben Swift

CLASS 5-1600 (6)

565 Martin Rangel

598 Jesus Aros

556 Emilio Salcido

558 Salvador Carrillo

599 Jorge Gutierrez-2nd RS

578 Gustavo Avina-1st RS

CLASS 7 (6)

717 Pat Sims

724 Matt Lovell

700 Dan Chamlee

711 Norman Turley

722 Pete Sohren

701 Brandon Walsh-1st RS


747 Justin Park

758 Ricardo Vindiola

741 James Burman

742 Rodolfo Romo

759 Oscar Solaiza-2nd RS

750 Javier Avila-1st RS

CLASS 8 (5)

807 Noah Ostanik

808 Rick Sanchez

804 Jayson Wamsley

810 Enrique Lara

818 Brent Downing-1st RS

CLASS 10 (28)

1066 Mike Shaffer

1031 Mike Johnson

1068 Cody Reid

1045 Patrick Dailey

1033 Miguel Tornel

1006 Mike Lawrence

1081 Todd Winslow

1029 Thomas Bjorstrom

1062 J.J. Schnarr

1023 Lee Banning

1016 Cody Robinson

1009 Rafael Navarro IV

1015 Jeremiah Watson

1041 Todd Stemmerman

1089 Arnoldo Gutierrez Jr

1000 Brad Wilson

1074 Derek Ahern

1011 Morgan Langley

1098 Shane Scully

1032 Tim Pangborn

1002 Mark Lawrence

1048 Carey Chrisman

1051 Bill Young

1065 Mike Boone

1049 Ty Godde

1026 Hugo Becerra II

1099 Adam Pfankuch-2nd RS

1097 Rick St. John-1st RS


1249 Hector Garcia

1216 Luis Martinez

1201 Matt Ferrato

1212 Juan Guillen

1210 Luis Barragan

CLASS 11 (7)

1113 Mario Vazquez

1162 Greg Piraino

1121 Dennis Hollenbeck

1108 Armando Garcia

1102 Gilberto Arreola

1111 Francisco Escareno

1149 Alejandro Rivas-2nd RS

CLASS 3000 (2)

3002 Paige Sohren

3030 Paul Broughton-1st RS


1350 Chelsea Magness


842 Taylor Mills

846 Jose Gomez

872 Jonathan Brenthel

871 Larry Connor

858 David Kleiman

844 Eduardo Laguna

854 Brian Shaleen

845 William Hedrick

848 Billy Wilson

869 Tim Whale-1st RS


8013 Jorge Rivera-1st RS


5001 Gerard de Rooij

CLASS 19 (17)

1904 Cory Sappington

1949 Alonso Lopez

1944 Scott Estes

1917 Derek Murray

1937 Marc Behnke

1920 John Angal

1905 Marc Burnett

1907 Eric Pucelik

1930 Sean Cook

1942 Scott McFarland

1915 Thomas Graves

1903 Jose Romero

1921 Jamie Kirkpatrick

1940 Jose Juarez

1913 Branden Sims-3rd RS

1918 Justin Lambert-2nd RS

1932 Matt Parks-1st RS

Pro Motorcycles

OPEN M/C (5)

4x Ricky Brabec

1x Colton Udall

77x Ray Dal Soglio

19x Rodrigo Valenzuela

12x Eddie Hernandez


134x Dane Ward

101x Ulises Fierro

125x Fernando Beltran

130x Jesus Guerrero

113x Ricky De la Pena

CLASS 30 (6)

310x Mark Winkelman

306x Fred Sobke

349x Francisco Arredondo

309x Todd York

304x Jay Rabjohn

329x Brad Baker

CLASS 40 (4)

449x Ezure Tadao

410x Giovanni Spinali

403x Oscar Fazz

411x Jason Miller

CLASS 60 (1)

611x Jim Dizney-1st RS


706x Kevin Daniels

728x Daniel Stinson

733x Nicola Dutto

702x Tony Gera

Pro ATVs

Pro ATV (2)

1a Adolfo Arellano

10a Javier Robles Jr



1577 Martin Hoffman

1511 Clay Lawrence

1515 Derek Fletcher-1st RS


1414 Brett Maister

1420 Ted Brady

1411 Jared Adame-2nd RS

1444 Jim Bunn-1st RS


2002 Walter Prince

SPT M/C (13)

290x Stuart Gordon

272x Hisazumi Fukumura

247x Raul Hernandez

271x Akihiro Saito

270x Eizaburo Karasawa

275x Masayuki Kudo

298x Gerardo Suarez

230x Eric Saltzer

286x Joseph Jepsen

232x Jesse Williamson

221x Carlos Valdez

266x Hernan Teran-2nd RS

297x Carlos Sanchez-1st RS

SPT ATV (12)

121a Zachary Hayward

123a Waldemar Ortiz

140a Don Higbee

112a Oscar Ruiz

109a Juan Dominguez

107a Richard Epperson

111a Fidel Gonzalez

115a Guillermo Berenguer

158a Adam Parks

110a Gabriel Valencia Jr

103a Greg Delgado

130a Jorge Martinez-1st RS


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