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ROCKSTAR's Rob MacCachren Endures Tough Race at SCORE Tecate Baja 500 LAS VEGAS, Nevada --Winning 19 season championships over the past 28 years has not come easy for off road racing champion, Rob MacCachren, and being sidelined by mechanical ...

ROCKSTAR's Rob MacCachren Endures Tough Race at SCORE Tecate Baja 500

LAS VEGAS, Nevada --Winning 19 season championships over the past 28 years has not come easy for off road racing champion, Rob MacCachren, and being sidelined by mechanical failure at this year's SCORE Baja 500 isn't easy to swallow either. Drawing the second starting position in the elite SCORE Trophy Truck class, ROCKSTAR's Rob MacCachren arrived to the Baja Peninsula like he has every other year, ready to get down and dirty while prerunning every possible moment of daylight.

With nearly 10-days of prerunning behind him, Rob MacCachren, idled the #20 ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / BFGoodrich Tires / Mastercraft Safety sponsored JIMCO to the green flag, situated in the heart of the seaside town of Ensenada. With over 100,000 fans lining the 438-mile racecourse, the well-known Baja racing veteran roared off the start line 30 seconds behind lead Trophy Truck racer, Clyde Stout.J Focusing on the task at hand, MacCachren drove a steady pace as he weaved through the outskirts of Ensenada. A SCORE International record 39 Trophy Trucks took to the starting line in search of victory at the 2010 SCORE Tecate Baja 500. Heralded as the second-oldest desert race in the world and the second component of the three SCORE Baja races each season, Rob MacCachren is no stranger to winning the SCORE Baja 500. Over nearly three decades of racing, MacCachren has five SCORE Baja 500 titles to his name, however on this day, he would end up succumbing to a mechanical failure that stopped his race to victory.

The #20 Jimco-built SCORE Trophy Truck got by the lead truck early and by the time MacCachren reached race mile 33, he had lengthened his physical lead by 1:22 seconds over the pack of charging trucks. Without the hinderence of the standing dust, MacCachren continued to open up his initial physical lead over the field. Rob's devotion to days and days of intense prerunning and knowing the racecourse and its obstacles definitely paid off.

"We had a fairly easy run over the top of the summit and down to Laguna Salada. But on the lakebed, I noticed a vibration in what I believed to be the driveline, but it wasn't too bad. Little did I know what was about to happen," said Rob.

He continued, "I was nearly at race mile 186 in a deep sand wash heading towards Borrego and all of a sudden, I felt the transmission let go. I knew inside that was the end of our race to the win."

"Disappointment does not describe my thoughts. I race for a living and suffering mechanical failure in a race like this is heart stopping. Everything was going well in the race. I hate the thought of letting down the team and my sponsors, who have all partnered together in a joint effort towards success in the SCORE Desert Series. Today was not our day, but we finished and you know we'll be back," said MacCachren.

Although the ROCKSTAR Energy backed racer suffered a sheared intermediate shaft in the transmission, he was not throwing in the towel. In fact, Rob MacCachren and his team changed out the transmission and continued through the night taking the checkered flag well past midnight with a time of 14:05:03 and claiming the 22ndposition in the SCORE Trophy Truck class.

"The #20 ROCKSTAR Energy race team does not give up. We rallied to the finish line, but I really wanted to be cautious of the other racers in the limited classes. We were well behind in time, while the limited class racers were still dicing it out for the race win. I've been there in the past and I know how it is, so the last thing I wanted to do was to jeopardize anyone's race," commented Rob.

Racing in 30 race weekends a season is what Rob MacCachren does. Partnering with companies that provide support like no others and who are as passionate about winning championships as he is.

Rob commented, "The transmission failure is a one off thing. I've been partnered with Rancho Drivetrain Engineering for a very long time. Together, we've won some of the biggest races in off road racing, but this time we got a bit unlucky. RDE had 9 other SCORE Trophy Trucks out there that finished with the same transmission and no issues. We'll be back stronger than ever."

Rob MacCachren and his Rockstar Energy Racing team kick off the 2010 TORC Series with the season opener at Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin on June 19-20, 2010. Rob will defend his 2009 TORC Series Pro 2 Championship and his goal is to win back-to-back championships.

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