Baja 1000: Davy Jones event summary

DAVY JONES COMPLETES THE BAJA 1000 SUCCESSFULLY Genoa, Nevada - November 22nd, 2010 - Davy Jones took part in the 43rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 last week when he drove the ...


Genoa, Nevada - November 22nd, 2010 - Davy Jones took part in the 43rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 last week when he drove the #BC1 Wide Open Baja car with an impressive lineup of teammates including Sebastian Saavedra, Roberto Guerrero, Marco Guerrero, Mike Cassling and Mike Mitten. The grueling race lived up to its reputation and the group encountered several setbacks, but despite all the problems they managed to complete the event with a time of 29h30m41s which places them fifth in the Baja Challenge class.

Jones started his first ever Baja 1000 alongside co-driver Marco Guerrero and the duo led its class for the first four hours of the event until the first of many punctures forced them to pull over and watch their competition drive by while they changed tires. Despite suffering punctures and getting hit by another competitor during their 384-mile stint, the teammates still managed to hand over the car to Roberto Guerrero and Sebastian Saavedra in third position. The two Colombians had their fair share of problems as well, mainly due to poor visibility but despite the setbacks still managed to finish their stint and hand over the #BC1 car to Mike Cassling and Mike Mitten while running second in class. After a promising start to their stint the pair had a major delay when they hit a gully at top speed and suffered heavy front end damage to their Subaru-powered car. After a two hour repair they managed to get back on their way and completed the 1061.69-mile race fifth in their class.

For Jones there will be little rest as he now prepares to drive Patent It Race Team's Panoz GT2 car at this weekend's NASA 3 hour event at Phoenix International Raceway. He will then travel to Homestead-Miami Speedway where he will test a Dyson Racing Daytona Prototype car in preparation for the 2011 Rolex 24 at Daytona.

Davy Jones
"This was a tremendous opportunity to experience what the Baja 1000 is like and what it offers It's definitely one of the toughest races that I've ever been a part of. From a logistics point of view having your pits stops every 150 miles, moving drivers and crews around, the hotels, everything it's just a very tough from an organizational point of view. But from a driving point of view its very demanding as well, dealing with the different road surfaces, the daylight to the night, the dust, the fog, the different vehicles and classes, the people, its truly just an amazing race. As beat up as all of us drivers were and wondering why we put ourselves through that torture, a few days after the race is over and you are able to absorb everything that happened your body recovers you are already geared up and thinking about the next race and when you can do it again.

It's a shame that we had a lot of problems but everybody has problems in this race, at the end of the day we were all very happy with our effort and with the team that we put together. Wide Open Baja does a great job, they provide a top car and they take care of all the logistics so we can just focus on the driving, I'm really looking forward to coming back next year."

-source: davy jones PR

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