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Armin Schwarz Newsletter 1 March 2009: Organic turkeys, ice and desert Dear friends, partners and sponsors, We sportspeople are known for being very fussy when it comes to food. In this regard, Armin Kremer's old business partner and ...

Armin Schwarz Newsletter 1 March 2009: Organic turkeys, ice and desert

Dear friends, partners and sponsors,

We sportspeople are known for being very fussy when it comes to food. In this regard, Armin Kremer's old business partner and friend indulges us thoroughly. His name is Dr. Martin Bohn and he is now onboard with All German Motorsports as a sponsor. In his letter he explains how good organic turkeys and fussy sportsmen go together. After Martin's letter is a brief mention of ice and a more extensive epistle on the San Felipe 250. Enjoy...

Best wishes,
    Armin Schwarz


Martin Bohn: race drivers need extra boost

An organic turkey farmer and desert racing - how does this go together? Well, it issimple: In 2001 I was looking for a processing plant for our organic turkeys and found an excellent partner in Armin Kremer's company. We got talking about life outside our businesses - I had spotted an endless row of trophies in Armin's house, which interested me greatly as an avid racing fan.

Martin Bohn, Director Feiland Puten Fahrenzhausen

Armin Kremer invited me to watch tests in the Lausitz: It was fascinating to witness the professional interaction between all team members first hand. And as top sportspeople need top fuel, we had our own catering vehicle there to provide for the entire crew and guests.

I accompanied Armin to the Deutschland Rally, joined him at the Lausitz and witnessed him winning a round of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.

Armin & Armin: motor sport professinals are high performance sports men

And in this arena of rally professionals I got to know Armin Schwarz. He too was a pure professional, always on the lookout for something new. He invented the "Project Baja" and got it on the feet. I was able to accompany Armin to an event in the USA and there I discovered that the hours inside the cockpit of a 640 hp Buggy is by far not not the whole job. Office administration, extensive talks and exhausting journeys are all part of a normal working day for these guys. And professionals have to keep fit.

Part of keeping fit is to have a balanced and healthy diet and that's why Armin&Armin prefer my organic turkey meat: It is "food for the nerves" for top sportspeople. It is not only easy to digest and high in protein, but it also contains extraordinarily high levels of Vitamin B12, which is particularly helpful in coping with stressful situations.

In return, as the manager of a mid-sized company, I learned a lot from Armin Schwarz: His absolute will to succeed, his iron determination even in seemingly hopeless situations (reaching the finish on three wheels and climbing the podium!) and the realisation that without a team standing behind the driver not a lot can happen. These characteristics are not only good for rally drivers, they also contribute significantly to the successful running of a business.

Armin: great principles, as a sports man and as a business man

Now I've told you heeps all these good reasons for sponsoring and the pleasure I get seeing top sportsmen enjoying my product, but to be honest, I don't want to hide the fact that I'm simply fascinated by the "Project BAJA". Fantastic sport, grunty engines, action and wonderful landscapes - that gets my pulse racing.

And so I wish everyone in the All German Motorsports team many exciting races and even more success. I'll be following all the races and very much hope to witness some of them live.

Best regards,
    Martin Bohn

Dr Martin Bohn is the director of Freiland Puten Fahrenzhausen, breeding free-range turkeys following organic principles and is a sponsor of AGM


Finnish ice, Mexican dust - and nothing against a repeat result

The first two weeks in March will definitely not be boring. To be honest, they will be fantastic. Today, March 1st, I land in Finland. Up here near the polar circle we have ice training on the schedule until Friday. With 4WD and plenty of pep under the bonnet I'll be having tons of fun with my "drift students".

On March 6th I'll jump into an airplane and the next day I'll be driving through California. This will mean a dramatic change in weather for me: From around minus 25 to plus 25 degrees. Everything at All German Motorsports is revving at full throttle in preparation for the San Felipe 250 (13-15 March). San Felipe 250! That was our first victory in the 2008 SCORE International Off-Road Series! Normally I'm not really into repeating myself but in this case I wouldn't mind in the least.

The route of this year's San Felipe is the same like 2008

The practice will be short: SCORE International's boss Sal Fish has selected exactly the same route as last year to save time and money for the teams. Like last year, I'll drive the first half, Martin will take over the difficult final stint.

Part of the route is along the coast, all flat out in the race

All German Motorsports again field two Buggys at the San Felipe 250. Armin Kremer couldn't do the first round but is back in the cockpit now. For AGM, this means they have two irons in the fire. Apart from that it's simply much more fun when the whole team are at full power.

And in can get a little dusty in places

The San Felipe 250 is a very fast race. Start and finish for the round course are in the fishing town San Felipe, a charming and somewhat downtrodden little village. We catapult out of the village in a northerly direction along the coast, then we head north-west with a brief visit into the hills.

There's only a short stretch through the hills

Then follows a dry lake bed where we will definitely NOT be looking for a shortcut. Once we have mastered the salt lake we enter a large dune area with deep, deep dust. The route back to San Felipe leads through narrow, steep gullies with huge rocks that can even wreck the suspension of a Buggy. These ravines then open up and it's full steam back along the coast to San Felipe.

In the next newsletter I can give you a report directly from the cockpit from San Felipe. Until then,

All the best,
    Armin Schwarz

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