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REMUS-Innovation has been one of my top technology partners and sponsors for many years. Today, Angelika Kresch "CEO of this high tech company" writes about the "why and how" of our long standing partnership. Moreover, I describe our driver...

REMUS-Innovation has been one of my top technology partners and sponsors for many years. Today, Angelika Kresch "CEO of this high tech company" writes about the "why and how" of our long standing partnership. Moreover, I describe our driver changes at the pit stop right from the cockpit

Have fun, best wishes, Armin Schwarz


Angelika Kresch, CEO, REMUS Innovation

"No test lab in the world can replace this sort of racing."

Since REMUS was founded, the engagement in very diverse racing series has been an integral part of the company's philosophy. Pilots like Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, Karl Wendlinger, and Armin Schwarz were and still are members of our Racing Squad.

No matter whether on the circuit or the rally track, REMUS Exhaust Systems are regularly exposed to extreme stresses in motorsport. The information yielded goes directly into the development of our product range and guarantees the highest quality at maximum performance.

When Armin Schwarz switched his activities from the World Rally Championship to Rally Raids, his move opened up an entirely new proving field, where the durability of REMUS Exhaust Systems is tested under the toughest conditions. No testing lab in the world can replace the six rounds of the Score International Off-Road Racing Series which includes the notorious Baja 1000 on the Baja California. The data we acquire there form part of the basis for the successive development of REMUS Exhaust sys tems.

Armin Schwarz's vast experience guarantees a direct and clear feedback concerning the components we run and his input contributes hugely to the product development.

Moreover, the high popularity and considerable media interest in this racing series help to position the REMUS brand in the American market and support the installation of our US sales network.

Driver Change: Highspeed ballet with a jump through the roof

Racing should provide equal chances for all competitors. It should be tough and gripping. And the show must be good. In the SCORE International Off-Road Series these rules not only apply for the driving, but also for the pit stops. During our pit stops we not only get a set of fresh wheels and a tank full of aviation gas. We change the entire crew in the cockpit at the same time! For this we like to go through the roof. And we do it like this:

Right from the start the navigator tells our team via radio where we are in five race mile intervals. So the emergency crews along the track and the pit crew always now we are still running and when they can expect us to reach them.

The last phase before the pit stop is really exciting:

Five miles to go: I check the instruments and radio the information through to the waiting pit crew and driver/navigator: How is the engine doing? How are the tyres and shocks? Any warning lamps from our AGM Dakar Series hydraulic jack system or our new ZF Sachs Race Engineering anti roll bar? At the Baja 500, like so many times before I was happy to radio: All systems running perfectly. For the waiting driver and navigator my information is vital because in the second they leave the pits they will be at race speed. There's no time for a shake down or a formation lap ...

800 metres to go: I slow down by maybe 30 percent and loosen my belts until they are really wide. That will make it easy for Martin to get into his seat and buckle up. I disconnect the intercom and the air supply into my helmet. Now we open the roof.

In the pit lane: Now I go slow, otherwise our pit crew won't see anything in the dust. As soon as the Buggy comes to a standstill I engage the AGM Dakar Series jack which lifts the Buggy in a few seconds.

We jump out to the sides of the buggy. At the same time Martin and his navigator jump into the seats through the opening in the roof. We help them buckle up. The pit crew works fast and co-ordinated. No hectic, pure efficiency: High speed choreography: change rear wheels, refuel, check the entire race car. Each technician lifts his arm when his express job is done. When all arms are in the air the crew chief waves our eight cylinder monster out. And with a mighty growl of the engine Martin catapults the AGM Buggy out into the desert ...


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