Watkins Glen Friday Track Notes and Quotes

Friday, October 1, 1999 Pro Spec Racer Quotes: John Bowden, ...

Friday, October 1, 1999

Pro Spec Racer Quotes:

John Bowden, #23 Blue Sky Graphics -- I was carrying speed through the corner, the second to last left-hander down there. The guys in front of me let off and it was either lift and shift or take the wall. I took the wall.

Go Motorola Cup Practice Quotes:

Jochen Tartak, #61 King Motorsports/Valley Graphics/National Auto Honda Civic SI -- I came around the corner and there was a car sitting in the track. I slowed down, hit the brakes, and the car just stopped. Then the car went over just a little bit (flipped).

Barber Dodge Pro Series First Round Qualifying Quotes

Jeff Simmons, #1 Oil Extreme/AFS Construction -- Provisionally Qualified First - It was a pretty good lap, all the way around the track. During the session, the track seemed to get a little slick; I picked up more and more under-steer in the car. I couldn't have gone much faster.

Todd Snyder, #11 OUTPOST.com/Zippo Mfg, Inc.-- Provisionally Qualified Second - Everybody was trying hard and Jeff just got a good run. We had a good run going in the opening laps, but we got in the draft and spun in the last turn and we just weren't quite as good in those last couple of laps.

Pro Spec Qualifying Quotes

Jim Goughery Jr. - #29 Speedcom Comm/Finish Line Auto - The car has been working great since the first lap. We knew the times were close. Jack and I worked together in the draft going back and forth but it was better for me to be in front. I don't think being on the pole is the key. As it is right now, me first and Jack third, that's good.

Warren Stilwell - #28 Stilwell Racing - My pole time held up from this morning. The new track surface is great with the concrete in the patches; it's a fun track to drive. And when it's a fun track to drive you can focus on the individual turns and individual laps. I was worried about drafting partners, because I usually don't like run in the drafts, so I felt like I was on my own which makes it easier to concentrate for me. We had plenty of the time to make plenty of laps. The car was a little loose coming on the fast straight-aways.

Jack Willes - #49 Willes Racing - Things are going real smooth, I'm still getting adjusted to this high-speed track. Jim and I have been working together all season and we worked together today. The draft works good here as long as you get two cars hooked up. It's better that I'm behind because Jim knows the course better that I do and he has faster lap times. He can come off the corners with a little better judgement.

FIA/GT Practice Quotes

Mark Knepper - #45 SSZ Stradles - I was just going a little too fast. I drove off the topside and slid into the pea gravel and hit the wall with the driver's side door.

Motorola Cup Post Qualifying Quotes

Scott Maxwell, #0GS Coca-Cola/Trizec Hahn Ford Mustang - Qualified First For The Three Hour Motorola Cup Race Grand Sports Division, Seventh Pole Position This Year -- The Coca-Cola Mustang's good but we just have to (go) after it this weekend. We're so far back in the points that we have to try harder and hope nothing breaks. The BMWs will be trouble; they can corner and brake better than we can.

Peter Schwartzott, #71T BBS Acura - Qualified First For The Three Hour Motorola Cup Race Touring Division -- I've been racing at the Glen since 1962 and I've won many races here, but it's been 5 years since I won here and I'm the world's slowest learner. The track's all new and it took a while to get used to it."

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