VW Jetta: AJNR/Brimtek Mid-Ohio Saturday notes

Hello Friends! I've wrapped up another day at the track at the very challenging Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for Round 5 of the 2010 VW Jetta TDI Cup. The weather was just absolutely perfect throughout the day and we had a schedule jam packed...

Hello Friends!

I've wrapped up another day at the track at the very challenging Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for Round 5 of the 2010 VW Jetta TDI Cup. The weather was just absolutely perfect throughout the day and we had a schedule jam packed full of activities.

We started the day bright and early at 6am to debrief with our technicians to make sure we were aware of any changes made to the car since the last round at Miler Motorsports Park. My car had a brand new front end and it looked great.

Next was breakfast! On the menu this morning included eggs, sausage, and muffins that were about the size of my head! Complemented all of this with a cup of coffee and was good to go.

We then had our track walk with our chief driving instructor, Jan Heylen, to learn the ropes of this challenging circuit. We spent an hour driving around to some of the key sections of this track to learn its quirks. Took notes during the entire track walk and was ready to hit the circuit for our one and only 30 minute practice session.

After our track walk, I was able to meet US Army Staff Sargent Justin Belt and his girlfriend Lindsey Blair. It's an honor to have them join us for the race weekend and was able to give them a tour of the hospitality area as well as the technical center where Justin had a chance to sit inside my race car. They both thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the day and will be back tomorrow to watch all of the on track action!

Soon after our SCCA driver's meeting, we suited up, buckled up in the cars, and took to the track. Spent the first couple laps re-acquainting myself with Mid-Ohio before I started to run consistent laps in the 1:40's and ending the session with a best lap of 1:40.3. This was good enough for P10 but only .5 seconds from 2nd. Big congrats on Wyatt who blew the field away with a 1:39.3 lap time. Only 1 second separated 2nd through 17th. Very competitive field this weekend.

That was our only on track session of the day. So after debriefing with our technicians and driving instructors, we were honored to have Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas as our guest speakers for the weekend. They both drive the #01 Telmex Daytona Prototype in the Rolex Sports Car Series. Both are extremely successful drivers and it was really cool to hear both of them talk about their background and how they got to where they are today. Bottom line, talent combined with a never give up attitude and a bit of luck can lead to great success. Very inspirational stuff.

We then had an autograph session at the Volkswagen promotional booth in "vendor alley" where we were also able to interact with all of the fans of the VW Jetta TDI Cup. It was good to relax with the crowd a bit before we would have to go through our fitness evaluation for the weekend.

After a hearty lunch which included ribs, chicken, salad and a little bit of gelato, I was fueled up and ready for this fitness evaluation. It started off with a jog with Jan Heylen out of the front gate and down the street a bit. They had us stop at the beginning of this long, straight road. Turns out they were going to time us sprinting for a mile. They started the stop watch and we all took off together. I kept a good pace throughout the run and was 4th fastest in the group with a 6:24 mile run. Felt good about myself as the last time I was timed on a mile run wasn't since high school where I ran a 6:36 so I must be in better shape since then! The training I'm doing between race weekends is really paying off. But we weren't done there. We then jogged another 4 miles in some pretty hilly terrain and was maintaining a good pace throughout the jog as well and was about 3rd overall in the group. Good workout for the day and am looking forward to more fitness evaluations later this season.

What better way to recoup from a workout then to have a VWaffle! I smothered this VW branded waffle with whipped cream and more gelato. Mmm...mmm good!

After our activities were done for the day, I was able to enjoy watching the Rolex Sports Car Series Race today where Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas took the overall win! It was a great race to watch with close racing throughout the field.

On track action starts tomorrow morning at 8 AM for our 30 minute qualifying session. The race will begin soon after that starting at 11:55 AM. I apologize for not having my Ustream channel up and running as I have no internet connection out here at all. The service is pretty weak. But if I can somehow establish a connection, I'll definitely be broadcasting live from the front straight and you can tune into AJ Nealey Racing Live here.

Thank you all for your continued patronage and support! I realize everyday that I'm living the dream and it could not have been possible without you all. Thank you!

Until tomorrow, take care!
    AJ Nealey

-source: ajnealeyracing.com

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