Stilwell captures PSR San Diego pole

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (November 3, 2000) - Warren Stilwell, of Harteville, Ohio captured the pole for Saturday's Round 11 season-finale Pro Spec Racer race at San Diego, part of the San Diego Grand Prix. Neil Tilbor, of New Smyrna, Fla. and...

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (November 3, 2000) - Warren Stilwell, of Harteville, Ohio captured the pole for Saturday's Round 11 season-finale Pro Spec Racer race at San Diego, part of the San Diego Grand Prix. Neil Tilbor, of New Smyrna, Fla. and Mark Eaton, of Melbourne, Fla. completed the top-three. Stilwell, driving the No. 28 Stilwell Racing Spec Racer, retained the pole he held briefly after first qualifying. Stilwell, who had the quickest time in the afternoon session on Friday, had his times removed following a technical infraction. On a quicker track in the final qualifying session on Saturday morning, Stilwell returned to the top of the order, posting a quick lap of 1:22.324 (72.154 mph). The pole is Stilwell's fifth of the season and extends his series record to 28. A finish of seventh or better in the race on Saturday afternoon will secure Stilwell his fourth Pro Spec Racer championship. "I was really concerned going into the session after yesterday," said Stilwell. 'After I was notified I had time good enough to be back in the top-five I relaxed and had fun out there. The goal is to go and run up-front in the race and win the championship." Driving the No. 8 Tilbor Marketing & Development Spec Racer, Tilbor improved on his first qualifying session to capture a front-row starting position. Tilbor, who was fourth quickest in the Friday qualifying session, went out on sticker tires in the second qualifying session. Using the improved grip and better track conditions, Tilbor posted the second fastest time of the session, 1:22.417 (72.072). Tilbor, whose only career win came on a street circuit, will be looking to repeat the feat and secure a top-five finish in the championship. "I'm getting quicker every time out," said Tilbor. "I think I'm in good shape for the race. The car is working great and starting up-front is important." Driving the No. 92 Robinson Motorsports Spec Racer, Eaton captured his first-career top-three start after an eventful session. Eaton, who had the third quickest time on Friday had his times removed after failing technical inspection. Needing to reestablish a quick time Eaton moved to the front early in the session, posting a time of 1:22.495 (72.004 mph). Hoping to improve on his time late in the session, Eaton locked up his brakes and made contact with another competitor. The incident damaged his car, but it is believed it will be repaired in time for the race Saturday afternoon. The session was great until the last few corners, said Eaton. The goal for the race will be to keep it between the concrete and have as many guys behind me as possible. Completing the top-five was John Black, of Tahoe City, Calif., who is second in the championship and Keith Scharf, of St. Louis, Mo.

<pre> San Diego, Calif. - Qualifying times for Saturday's 30-lap, 49.50-mile Pro Spec Racer race at San Diego, part of the San Diego Grand Prix weekend, with qualifying position, car number in parenthesis, driver, hometown, car, time and speed in miles-per-hour.

1. (28),Warren Stilwell, Hartville, Ohio, Spec Racer, 1:22.324, 72.153. 2. (8),Neil Tilbor, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Spec Racer, 1:22.417, 72.072. 3. (92),Mark Eaton, Melbourne, Fla., Spec Racer, 1:22.495, 72.004. 4. (17),John Black, Tahoe City, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:22.671, 71.851. 5. (82),Keith Scharf, St. Louis, Mo., Spec Racer, 1:22.683, 71.840. 6. (69),Carl Harris, Houston, Texas, Spec Racer, 1:22.716, 71.811. 7. (24),John Stickler, Olathe, Kansas, Spec Racer, 1:22.909, 71.644. 8. (0),Chris Funk, Kansas City, Mo., Spec Racer, 1:22.955, 71.605. 9. (62),TJ Acker, Valencia, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:22.981, 71.582. 10. (77),Johnny Meriggi, The Woodlands, Texas, Spec Racer, 1:23.133, 71.451. 11. (23),John Bowden, Lawrence, Kansas, Spec Racer, 1:23.139, 71.446. 12. (19),Bobby Sak, W. Bloomfield, Mich., Spec Racer, 1:23.180, 71.411. 13. (36),Kelly Toombs, Prairie Village, Kansas, Spec Racer, 1:23.493, 71.143. 14. (68),Ernst Krueger Jr., Newport Beach, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:23.569, 71.078. 15. (7),Steve Rehkemper, Chicago, Ill., Spec Racer, 1:23.573, 71.075. 16. (11),Seainn Hendricson, Phoenix, Ariz., Spec Racer, 1:23.492, 71.144. 17. (16),Shawn Morrison, Conway, N.H., Spec Racer, 1:23.767, 70.910. 18. (21),Charlie Shears, Houston, Texas, Spec Racer, 1:24.042, 70.678. 19. (4),Bill Jucha, Bear Valley Springs, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:24.099, 70.631. 20. (09),Jason Ott, Brighton, Colo., Spec Racer, 1:24.169, 70.572. 21. (55),Ralph Mayfield, Houston, Texas, Spec Racer, 1:24.258, 70.497. 22. (03),Paul deAlva, Phoenix, Ariz., Spec Racer, 1:24.489, 70.305. 23. (01),Niki LaRue, Erie, Colo., Spec Racer, 1:24.705, 70.125. 24. (3),Johnny Santo-Spirito, Denver, Colo., Spec Racer, 1:24.669, 70.155. 25. (61),Mike McCarthy, Huntington Beach, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:24.941, 69.930. 26. (14),Jim Sweet, San Jose, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:24.948, 69.925. 27. (9),Richard Doty, Haddon Heights, N.J., Spec Racer, 1:25.015, 69.870. 28. (35),Dan Miller, Vancouver, Wash., Spec Racer, 1:25.016, 69.869. 29. (20),Niki Ruman, Washington, DC, Spec Racer, 1:25.068, 69.826. 30. (48),Steve Ott, Brighton, Colo., Spec Racer, 1:25.095, 69.804. 31. (70),Paul (Ed) Raby, Las Vegas, Nev., Spec Racer, 1:25.272, 69.659. 32. (42),Rod Beckman, Lincoln, Neb., Spec Racer, 1:25.059, 69.833. 33. (13),Amy Ruman, Washington, DC, Spec Racer, 1:25.370, 69.579. 34. (64),Michael Smith, Saratoga, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:25.403, 69.552. 35. (97),David Harriman, San Jose, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:25.407, 69.549. 36. (53),Robey Clark, Dallas, Texas, Spec Racer, 1:25.964, 69.098. 37. (51),Dana Moore, San Diego, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:25.317, 69.622. 38. (22),Steve Ladoniczki, Palm Harbour, Fla., Spec Racer, 1:26.265, 68.857. 39. (5),Tom Miserendino, Los Angeles, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:26.408, 68.743. 40. (60),Howard (Duck) Allen, Portland, Ore., Spec Racer, 1:26.226, 68.888. 41. (41),Patrick Turner, Gold River, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:27.141, 68.165. 42. (15),Budd Severino, Daytona Beach, Fla., Spec Racer, 1:27.224, 68.100. 43. (72),Morry Goldstein, Las Vegas, Nev., Spec Racer, 1:27.565, 67.835. 44. (02),J. Ronnie Bledsoe, Flagler Beach, Fla., Spec Racer, 1:28.731, 66.943. 45. (6),Denny Fosdick, Riverside, Calif. Spec Racer, no time. 46. (12),Lee Fleming, Lake Forest, Calif., Spec Racer, 1:23.857, 70.834.

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