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The Price is Right for Solo National Championships and ProSolo Finale Contingencies TOPEKA, Kan. (Aug. 20, 2008) -- A wealth of contingency money and prizes are up for grabs at this year's Tire Rack® SCCA ProSolo Finale and Tire Rack Solo ...

The Price is Right for Solo National Championships and ProSolo Finale Contingencies

TOPEKA, Kan. (Aug. 20, 2008) -- A wealth of contingency money and prizes are up for grabs at this year's Tire Rack® SCCA ProSolo Finale and Tire Rack Solo National Championships, held at Heartland Park Topeka.

The ProSolo Finale, held Sept. 12 -- 13, offers four opportunities for competitors to cash-in on contingencies. As the final ProSolo event of the year, the ProSolo Finale will determine the Class Champions and Challenge Champions based on points accumulated through the season. Thus, in addition to money paid for taking a class win at the Finale, Volkswagen, Subaru, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Kumho and Hoosier will all offer additional payouts to those earning Championships in select classes.

The same goes for Challenge wins, where in addition to the standard payout for a Challenge win, several programs offer extra prizes to the Challenge points Champions. Mazda tops the list for payouts, awarding $1,500 to a Mazda driver who captures the Ladies or Hawk Super Challenge Championship. Volkswagen and Kumho each offer $1,000 to Challenge Champions using their equipment, while Hoosier is prepared to hand out four free tires to their drivers. Win a Challenge Championship in a Honda and receive $750, or $500 if you pilot a Subaru.

Honda continues its Honda Tuner Challenge and Hot Shoe awards at the Finale, and as always, Hawk Performance will award the Super Challenge winner with $100 Hawk product credit.

Recognizing the considerable efforts that go into competing, win or lose, most contingency sponsors offer payouts or prizes for second and third-place finishers in class competition, class championships and Challenges. In fact, the ChaseCam Bonus Challenge will award product credits all the way through eighth at the Tire Rack ProSolo Finale.

Competitors who have already registered for ProSolo contingencies this year do not need to re-register, but forms will be available on site.

All entrants in the Tire Rack Solo National Championships, held Sept. 16 -- 19, at Heartland Park Topeka, are required to fill out a new registration form specific to the Championship event, regardless of whether they've already sent in a registration form this year for ProSolo or National Tour events. The form is currently available online and all contingency materials will be available on site.

Volkswagen, Honda, Mazda and Toyota are all back on board for Solo National Championship contingency programs this year. Volkswagen, Honda and Mazda each have payouts for first through third, with Volkswagen offering $1,000 for a win, Mazda $800 and Honda $500. It's "go big or go home" for Toyota drivers who can settle for nothing short of a win in order to collect $1,000.

Tire makers Bridgestone, Kumho and Hoosier are back as well, along with a new program from Toyo Tires. Bridgestone and Kumho are each offering $800 for a win with decreasing payments for second and third. Kumho gives class winners using their product a trophy as well. Toyo's program for drivers using their Proxes R1R tires, awards winners $1,000, and also pays to second and third place finishers. Hoosier will award their drivers with free tires. A win will net you four Hoosier tires, two tires for second and one for third.

Race Technology USA will be offering discounts and product upgrades to first, second and third-place finishers in all classes. Competitors already using a Race Technology data system will have a choice between a discount on a new system and accessories or a product certificate for system upgrades. Those not using Race Technology in their car will automatically receive the new system discount.

Grassroots Motorsports continues their program, offering $100 to any subscriber who wins their class with the required Grassroots Motorsports decals on their car.

Last, but certainly not least, Pace American returns with its Pace Lap Challenge program. Competitors with the least amount of variance in their run times on each course during the Tire Rack Solo National Championships will be entered in a year-end drawing to win a new Pace Pursuit® trailer. Two winners will be chosen each day, one from each course, but no competitor can win more than once, including those who won entry into the drawing via Solo National Tour events. The grand prize winner will be drawn on the final day of qualifying for the SCCA National Championship Runoffs.

When registering for any Tire Rack ProSolo or Solo National Championships contingency program, review the program information carefully, and be aware that each program may have limitations on class and product eligibility. All programs require that competitors be registered before their event begins. To review contingency program information and download registration forms, visit, and click select either "contingencies" from the left menu to view ProSolo contingencies or select "Solo National Championships" to be directed to the Solo National Championship contingency programs.

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