RALLY: Maine PRO Rally - Notes #4

Maine Forest PRO Rally Round ...

Maine Forest PRO Rally Round #6 - 1998 Michelin PRO Rally Championship Rumford, Maine Press Notes #4 - Saturday, August 1 - 10:00 AM

17. Of the divisional-only competitors entered in today's event, the Chris Sanborn/David Holroyd Audi Quattro is a no-show.

18. More on the Kemp/McGuire off. On stage #1, Kemp was headed for a right hand bend after a straight when the rear end slid off slightly into a ditch. Thinking he could power out, Kemp kept his foot in the gas, but the car did not come out of the ditch. Instead, the rear end hit a tree, spun the car on its nose, and the car went airborn high enough to saw off a birch tree four feet off the ground. Neither entrant was hurt, but the car could not continue, with the trunk lid being the only body panel not in need of repair. Mechanically, bent control arms put them out of the event.

19. The "new" Cosworth-powered car at this event is the Peter Smejkal/Vlad Hladky Ford Escort Cosworth built as a rally car in the Czeck Republic. Smejkal hit a boulder yesterday, cracking the skid plate, so he will proceed cautiously today, try to get the car to finish in its first event.

20. The Mead Divisional Rally has 30 entries, 26 of which are also running the national event as well. Mike Hurst and Rick Davis should battle it out for the 02, while Chris Havas is the favorite in U2. The picture is not as clear in 4WD, as Ken Stewart, Gail Truess, Dean Fry, Garen Shrader, Ivan Orisek, Sylvester Stepniewski, and Lee Shadbolt could all win.

21. After four stages in the national event (Friday night), the Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker Hyundai Tiburon holds a 13-second lead over the David Summerbell/Michael Fennell Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV. The Carl Merrill/Lance Smith Ford Escort Cosworth is one second behind Summerbell after losing second place with a slower first in-town stage. Noel Lawler/Charles Bradley are fourth in the Hyundai Elantra, despite Lawler completely looping the car at the end of the downtown stage (#3) after overcooking it in the last corner.

Class leaders include:

--Tom Ottey/Pam McGarvey Mazda 323GTX (5th overall - first in Production GT). --Chris Havas/Eric Trembley VW GTI (9th overall - first in Group 2). --Ralph Kosmides/Joe Noyes Toyota Supra (12th overall - first in Group 5). --Jay Kowalik/Scott Embree Honda Civic VTEC (16th overall - first in Production.

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