RACE: Valvoline Runoffs fact sheet

FACT SHEET WHAT: Valvoline Runoffs=AE Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) National Championship WHERE: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Steam Corners...


WHAT: Valvoline Runoffs=AE Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) National Championship

WHERE: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Steam Corners Road Lexington, Ohio 44904

WHEN: Monday, October 2 - Sunday, October 8, 2000

WHO: Over 600 of the country's best amateur road racers who have earned the right to compete for a National = Championship.

PROMOTER: TrueSports, Inc.

EVENT SPONSOR: The Valvoline Company

RACE HIGHLIGHTS: 24 classes of SCCA Club Racing; each for a national championship.

RACE LENGTH: 20 laps (48 miles) or 40 minutes, whichever comes first

COURSE: 2.4-mile, 15-turn permanent asphalt road course with numerous elevation changes.

EVENT HISTORY: The 2000 event will be the 37th edition of the SCCA National Championships and the seventh year that the Valvoline Runoffs has been held at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Mid-Ohio will host the event through at least 2002. Mid-Ohio is the longest running host of the SCCA's season-ending event.


Showroom Stock Category Showroom Stock B David Daughtery/Mazda Miata Showroom Stock C Neal Sapp/Honda Civic Si

Production Category E Production Bob Endicott/Honda Prelude F Production Joe Huffaker/Huffaker Midget G Production Steve Sargis/Triumph Spitfire H Production Adam Malley/Honda Civic

Grand Touring Category GT-1 Juan Leroux/Ford Mustang GT-2 Tom Patton/Sunbeam Tiger GT-3 Pete Peterson/Toyota Paseo GT-4 Wilson Wright Jr./Nissan 200SX GT-5 Daniel Minkler/Nissan 200SX

Formula Category Formula Atlantic Brian French/Ralt RT-41 Formula Continental Mike Andersen/Van Diemen RF97 Formula Ford Keith Nunes/Swift DB-6 Formula Mazda Keith Roberts/ Star Mazda Formula Vee Roger Siebenaler/Mysterian M2 Formula 500 Jeff Auberger/KBS MK8.5

Sports Racer Category C Sports Racer Ben Beasley/Beasley B-2 D Sports Racer Bruce Sunseri/Cheetah SR1 Sports 2000 John Fergus/Carbir CS2 Spec Racer Ford Warren Stilwell/Spec Racer Ford

Sedan Category American Sedan Eric Curran/Chevrolet Camaro

Touring Category Touring 1 Jeff Altenburg/Chevrolet Corvette Touring 2 Rob Hines/Chevrolet Camaro

TRACK RECORDS: One Lap (2.4 miles)* Showroom Stock B David Daughtery - Mazda Miata (10/9/98) 1:47.811/80.140 mph Showroom Stock C John Phillips III - Honda Civic (10/8/99) 1:49.342/79.018 mph E Production Terry McCarthy - Mazda Miata (10/15/95) 1:36.951/89.117 mph F Production Joe Huffaker - MG Midget (10/11/98) 1:37.816/88.329 mph G Production George Bauchman - MG Midget (10/9/98) 1:41.652/84.995 mph H Production Bob Weber - A-H Sprite (10/10/98) 1:42.634/84.182 mph GT-1 Michael Lewis - Ford Mustang (10/12/97) 1:27.483/98.762 mph GT-2 Duane Davis - Toyota Celica (10/12/96) 1:32.371/93.535 mph GT-3 Ken Murillo - Nissan 240SX (10/11/98) 1:34.387/91.538 mph GT-4 John Olsen - Nissan 200SX (10/12/97) 1:38.866/87.391 mph GT-5 Kirk Olson - Honda CRX (10/10/98) 1:39.128/87.160 mph Formula Atlantic Stan Wattles - Ralt RT-40 (10/15/94) 1:21.354/106.202 mph Formula Continental Dave Weitzenhof - Citation 95SF (10/12/97) 1:26.586/99.785 mph Formula Ford John Hill - Swift DB-1 (10/12/96) 1:31.472/94.455 mph Formula Mazda Kevin Roberts - Star Mazda (10/11/98) 1:28.029/98.149 mph Formula Vee Jon Fogarty - Mysterian M2 (10/13/95) 1:41.348/85.250 mph Formula 500 Fred Edwards Jr. - KBS MK8 (10/8/99) 1:31.655/94.266 mph C Sports Racing Tom Foster - Tracer TR2 (10/14/94) 1:26.500/99.884 mph D Sports Racing Al Beasley Jr. - Beasley B2 (10/9/98) 1:27.529/98.710 mph Sports 2000 David Downey - Lola T89/90 (10/12/97) 1:27.606/98.623 mph Spec Racer Ford Tom Van Camp - Spec Racer Ford (10/12/97) 1:40.775/85.735 mph American Sedan Ross Murray - Ford Mustang (10/10/98) 1:39.297/87.011 mph

Touring 1 Jeff Altenburg - Dodge Viper (10/9/98) 1:38.639/87.592 mph Touring 2 Rob Hines - Chevrolet Camaro (10/9/98) 1:44.178/82.934 mph

* - SCCA Club Racing determines official track records based on fastest race lap.

<pre> TICKETS: Call 1-800-MID-OHIO or (419) 884-4000, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A Super Ticket (Monday - Sunday general admission) is available for $40.00. Weekend tickets (Thursday = - Sunday general admission) are $30.00. Paddock admission and grandstand seats are free. Ticket orders placed seven days prior to the event = receive a 10 percent discount.

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