RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD: Official Press Notes #1



Welcome to Mid-Ohio and the Sports Car Club of America National Championship Runoffs. The weather has been on its best behavior so far this week. There is a possibility of rain on Thursday evening. It has not rained here in several days and many drivers have commented about the thick tire rubber on the track surface "in the line" this afternoon. The weather prediction for Friday through Sunday is for cooler temperatures but dry. Steve Bidlack is the PR Manager for Mid- Ohio, Greg Rubenstein is on loan from SCCA Pro Racing Department as is Eric Prill, who is responsible for keeping the SCCA website updated and interesting. Judie Walton-John from the Club office is collecting info for the RUNOFFS RAMBLINGS so if you have any good =93scoops=94 be sure and let her know. Ann McHugh, Bette French and several volunteers from nearby SCCA regions will be manning the Press Room to help you get the information you need. If you have any questions let us know.

The Registration team reports that there are over 570 entries this year, and 620 volunteer workers from around the country.

This is the first year that there are 3 qualifying sessions for each group and only Monday as =93practice=94. Monday was relatively uneventful, as drivers learned or re-learned the course. The exception was Randall Pfluger from Carrollton, Tx who put his FV Adams Aero upside down at station 14. Randy was ok, but the car was damaged.

During the 1st session (SSB) on Tuesday, Chad Melnik put his Nissan 240SX upside down at station 3. A half hour later Brian Loehner ran his KBS Mk5 (F500) hard into the Turn 3 barrier; driver was taken to Medical. Turn 9 was not immune from contact; Joel Black thumped the barrier there with his Porsche 914S (GT3) and continued. Turn 15 was the next to taste the tap of a car when John Teaby hit the tire wall with his Datsun 510 (GT4). Brad Drew (FA) took a much harder hit in Turn 14 after spinning in oil, shearing the Mazda engine from the transaxle.

In FV, Bill Allmann appeared to have handling problems with his Adams Aero, having 3 spins in the 20 minute session. Bill Wallschlaeger (Lazer MkII), Dave Beckish (Mysterian MkII) and Eric Tremayne (Piasa PV-1) each thrilled to a pair of spins apiece.

Most of the sessions proved to be fairly uneventful today.

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