RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD #5: So Pac Div News and Misc


VR-JPMD #5: So Pac Div News and Misc

Valvoline Runoffs '97

Copyright (c) 1997 John P. M. Dillon

Weather was warm today and tonight. I left track after 11:00 PM, still comfortable in my ever-so-stylin' W2W T-shirt. John (Rude Noise Racing) introduced himself and his HP racer as the Knoxes and I walked the paddock today. Expect to see more W2W's Thursday. Tomorrow the Knoxes, Ceci Smith, and I will go to Cleveland. When I get back I'll pick up the latest data from Scoring.

Tonight Scoring was working very hard.. They have two independent clocks and systems, and in at least one group they discovered the two clocks sometimes differed by as much as 25 thousandths of a second. This actually affected the grid order for one group! They worked very late to identify the problem and resolve the time differences. Kudos to Bill Skibbe, Lynda Polk, and Dave Killian in their diligence and dedication, and for taking a little time out to get me their data electronically.

>From hardcopy, here's how SoPac is doing after first qualifying. I'll upload more as soon as I can get the disk connected.

SSA: Bill Harrison, 5th; Tim Brecht, 8th; Rich Crites, 15th (no time, broken fuel pump.)

FA: Dan Vosloo, 9th; John Repar, 10th. Shawn Bayliff's times disallowed per Chief Steward.

T1: Bob Endicott, 3rd; Doug Gamble, 4th; Tom Brecht, 10th; Dave Fisher, 11th.

EP: Mark Brannon, 11th; Rod Kent, 14th.

CSR: Rick Eickhoff, 8th; Charlie Kuhlmann, 12th.

HP: Brian Linn, 6th.

GP: Terry Rohr, 18th.

DSR: Bill Lomenick, 8th; Glen Wild, 21st (no time).

F500: Kurt Jechel, 3rd; Sharon Lopardo, 23rd.

FV: Peter Harris, 35th; Marc Danziger, 36th; Mark Edwards, 45th (no time).

SSC: Bill Hagerty, 14th; Paul Bonaccorsi, 19th; Art Ragazzi, 33rd; Brian Husting, 34th; Bill Harrison, 38th (no time).

FF: Adam Dupre, 2nd; Stan Townes, 11th.

SSB: Eric Morehouse, 6th; Robert Davis, 24th.

AS: Ross Murray, 4th (oil problem); Kirk Robe, 11th.

GT5: Bill Gilcrease, 6th; Paul Oelrich, 21st.

FP: Keith Gillespie, 15th; David Morgan, 18th; Terry Rohr, 19th.

FC: Mike Williams, 4th.

GT3: Mike Lewis, 1st (over 2 seconds faster than 2nd); Wolfgang Maike, 11th.

GT1: Mike Lewis, 1st (new lap record, almost a second faster than 2nd).

GT4: Steve Lisa, 2nd; Keith Gillespie, 21st (no time).

SRF: Lee Fleming, 3rd; Cameron Earnshaw, 6th; Barney Moen, 9th; Mac Busby, 12th; Scott Webb, 15th.

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