RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD #33: Last Runoffs Ramblings

Volume 2, Issue 5 October 12, 1997 SPORTSMANSHIP IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT: In 1978, the D Sports Racing Sportsmanship Award was started by Dave Amen, who donated the Silver Trophy that is given each year. Ed Walsh was the first recipient, and ...

Volume 2, Issue 5 October 12, 1997

SPORTSMANSHIP IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT: In 1978, the D Sports Racing Sportsmanship Award was started by Dave Amen, who donated the Silver Trophy that is given each year. Ed Walsh was the first recipient, and since then at each Runoffs the D Sports Racing fans vote for the person who has contributed the most to the expansion and enjoyment of the DSR Racing Class. This year's recipient was Roy Maxwell, No. 55 DSR, Texas Region. What a great idea! Perhaps more classes will start their own similar tradition.

HAIL TO THE CHAMPIONS: Congratulations to Saturday's National Champions: GP - Hugh Armstrong/Milwaukee Region DSR - Michael Reupert/Milwaukee Region F500 - Michael Brent/New England Region FV - Jonathan Rufener/Central Florida Region SSC - Neal Sapp/Washington DC Region FF - John LaRue/Indianapolis Region SSB - Michael Galati/NeOhio Region AS - Ross Thompson/Arizona Region

BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER: Nikki Harris, wife of Peter Harris (FV No. 24), is here this week crewing and supporting Peter. She is also playing Big Brother and Big Sister to 25-30 inner-city children. Saturday, Nikki arranged for these kids to come out to the track and even paid their admission from her own pocket. She showed them what racing is all about, up close and personal. After giving the kids a tour of the track and introducing them to a few drivers, she took them up to her trailer and fed them lunch. Now that's a day at the races they won't forget.

THIS BOY WAS BORN TO RACE: Watch out, this Speed Freak is Rocking! Jonathan Rufener, No. 76 FV, Central Florida Region, took the gold in Formula Vee Saturday. At 17, Jonathan is the youngest driver to win a National Championship in SCCA. This is also his first year racing with SCCA, but it's certainly not the first year he's raced. Nor is it his first championship! In fact, this is his sixth championship at age nine, Jonathan started out kart racing, earning five championships. By 14, he was racing midgets. Jonathan always races with the number 76 on it for his dad, Gary, who owned a Unocal 76 Station.

THERE'S A WOMAN IN THE SHED: Tech shed, that is! Nancy Doucimo of the Florida Region may be the very first female "Line Chief" in Tech at the Runoffs. When asked, "how do you manage to work all day with these guys?" She declined to answer, but declined with a smile.

THANK A WORKER, OR TWO: We all know that the Runoffs wouldn't exist if it weren't for the workers and officials. Drivers, please take a few minutes to thank a couple workers before you leave. Workers thank other workers! And while your at it, give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done. Thank you, Workers and Officials you're the best of the best!

ACRL EXPRESSES THANKS, TOO: The following letter was faxed over by American City Racing League (ARCL) administrator Margie Smith-Haas today: To The SCCA Gang: Just wanted to drop you a short note and give all of you a big congratulations and pat on the back. You are putting on such a great show with the Valvoline Runoffs. I've been watching the races on Speedvision and they're fantastic. I remember going back to Road Atlanta for the SCCA Runoffs with my husband when we were first dating back in 1978. The hours of time and personal devotion of your membership, enables it to do such a great job. It is greatly appreciated and makes this week the premier motorsports racing event of the year! On behalf of the American City Racing League, we want to thank you for all your fantastic job not only at the Valvoline Runoffs, but at all of our events as well. Thumbs up! Have a great week." Regards, Margie Smith-Haas ACRL Administrator

OH NO! THE BIG 4-0! John "wingnut" Clagett, Vice President of Communications for SCCA Pro Racing, Ltd. (and television coordinator for the Valvoline Runoffs), turns the big 40 today! If you happen to see him today, be sure to wish him a very happy birthday.

PATC WHAT'S HER NAME?: Patc Henry, General Manager of Club Racing is soon to be Patc Arnold. She's (finally) getting married to former Director of Club Racing, Tex Arnold. The happy couple will wed in Nebraska, November 1, 1997. The Club Racing Staff held a surprise party for her last Wednesday evening in the Goodyear tower. Have you ever seen Patc speechless? She claims that she was completely surprised. Unfortunately, Tex was not able to make it to the party. He is in transit, moving to Colorado, where the happy couple where live (happily ever after, of course!).

MORE STATISTICS: As of this printing, the Southern Pacific Division is taking home one gold medal. The Northeast Division is taking home two. The Southeast Division is taking home two, Northern Pacific has claimed three, and the Central Division is making use of their home court advantage, earning seven. Come on Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Southwest! We want to see you folks to take home some gold, too.

MECHANIC OF THE YEAR: Congratulations to Mickey Schreiner of the Northeast Oklahoma Region, Mechanic of the Year winner. Mickey crews for wife Debbie, HP No. 6. THUMBS UP: Each year the Regional Participation Award is given to the Region with the highest percentage of participation. The Host Region, and previous winners are not eligible for this award. The Mahoning Valley Region consists of 205 members. Of those members, 11 workers and five drivers are at this event for a total of 7.8 percent. Congratulations, Mahoning Valley!

FLAMINGO CAPER CONCLUDES: The missing flamingos have returned. Shortly after midnight Saturday, the first of the fake-feather flappers appeared at the worker camping corral, followed thereafter by the rest of the flock, minus two birds who have (permanently?) flown the coop. The first to arrive was Priscilla, who demonstrated the remarkably short gestation period of plastic flamingos by showing up with a pert young "new-formed" flamingo of unknown gender. No-name I and II were next back, and had a sordid tale of Clive and Juliette it seems that Clive has taken up with with one of the track hookers (wrecker, that is), while Juliette is now strapped to the front of the Protest Central golf cart.

THAT'S A WRAP: This wraps up the 1997 Runoff Ramblings. We hope that you have had just as much fun reading the daily newsletter as we have had writing it. Thanks for coming to the 1997 Valvoline Runoffs. Have a safe trip home. See you next year.

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