RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD #26: From the protest board


VR-JPMD #26: From the protest board

Valvoline Runoffs '97

Copyright (c) 1997 John P. M. Dillon

Mike Lewis won GT3 ahead of Pete Peterson who drove from last to 2nd. Wolfgang Maike was second, but spun on the last lap, last turn. Top three drivers all talked about how slippery it was on course.

GT1 finish: Lagod, Lewis, Grey.

Think that Ross Thompson was tossed from AS, so maybe Ross Murray may now be third in AS.

Notes from the protest bulletin board.

41 FV successfully protested 76 for passing the safety car and a yellow flag at the last full course yellow. He was assessed a one-lap penalty. It's was under appeal. Believe that Rufener won after all.

Two passes under yellow, SSB 21 by 55, SSC 71 by 07, were dismissed for insufficient evidence that double yellows were on display.

Jon Horgas vs Dan Rinehart for 4.5 conduct and 20.1.8 physical violence. Apparently referred to CenDiv executive steward for driver review as Dan Rinehart had left the track and the timing of the protet filing.

Winkler vs Horgas for Reckless and Dangerous driving and unsportsmanlike conduct. Deemed "no indication of violation; shared fault." Now under appeal.

In AS, Trapanis vs McDermid for passing. Reports show pass was avoidable. Received reprimand and 45 day probation beginning 9/15/98. I've not seen a delayed-implementation reprimand before; suspect that it runs the reprimand through next year's Runoffs, which are Oct 5-11 '98.

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