RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD #23b: AS, FF Prov Results, AS Notes


VR-JPMD #23b: AS, FF Prov Results, AS Notes


1 92 Ross Thompson/Phoenix/AZ/SP/Ariz 2 81 Chris Bernard/San Francisco/CA/MW/KC 3 18 Tim Selby/Jonesboro/IN/CE/Indy 4 74 Ross Murray/Marina Del Rey/CA/SP/CSCC 5 87 Jerry Post/Allendale/NJ/NE/NNJ 6 94 Bob Hahn/Nacogdoches/TX/SW/Hous 7 25 David Beghtel/Ft Wayne/IN/CE/FtWn 8 28 Vince Meyers/Annapolis/MD/NE/WDC 9 69 Eric Butze/Memphis/TN/MW/MidS 10 57 Tom Himes/Slidell/LA/SW/Delt 11 27 Joseph Trapani/Dushore/PA/NE/NePa 12 6 Henry Gilbert/Miramar/FL/SE/Fla 13 8 Aaron Tennyson/Brandenburg/KY/CE/Ky 14 37 Jeffrey White/Melbourne/FL/SE/CFla 15 77 Ron Kerr/Kingwood/TX/SW/Hous 16 78 Dwight Faitz Jr/Trenton/IL/MW/StL 17 16 Michael Besselman/Massillon/OH/CE/NeOh 18 08 Don Kearney/Capitol Hts/MD/NE/WDC 19 07 Gardner Britt Jr/Fairfax/VA/NE/WDC 20 01 Gregg Ditzian/Miami/FL/SE/Fla 21 60 Harvey West/Owatonna/MN/CE/LOL 22 63 Chuck Dawson/Tampa/FL/SE/CFla 23 9 Kirk Robe/Sunland/CA/SP/CSCC 24 00 Hamilton Shepley/Hyannis/MA/NE/NEng 25 93 Jody Lift/Crestwood/IL/CE/Chi 26 2 George Pharis Sr./Sugar Land/TX/SW/Hous 27 95 Gary Hobbs/Oakton/VA/NE/WDC 28 88 Kent Biddinger/Midland/MI/CE/SagV 29 21 Chris Billings/Beaverton/OR/NP/Ore DNF 24 Andy McDermid/Grand Ledge/MI/CE/WMch DNF 55 Derek Hagen/Cadillac/MI/CE/WMch DNF 06 Bryan Dobyns/Manassas/VA/NE/WDC


1   17 John LaRue/Muncie/IN/CE/Indy
2   88 Bruce May/Plainfield/IN/CE/Indy
3   78 Clark Cambern/Farmington Hills/MI/CE/Det
4   3  Andrew Scherfenberg/Houston/TX/SW/Hous
5   71 Michael Kolthoff/Hamilton/OH/CE/Cinc
6   6  Stan Townes/Santa Clara/CA/SP/CSCC
7   19 Tim Dunn/Russell/OH/CE/NeOh
8   45 David Anderson/Pittsburgh/PA/NE/StCt
9   21 Bill Ferdon/Montclair/NJ/NE/NNJ
10  7  Dan Rinehart/Janesville/WI/CE/BhV
11  03 Jim Little/Lake Grove/NY/NE/NY
12  11 Tom Reinsel/Cleveland/OH/CE/OhV
13  31 Adam Dupre/Anaheim/CA/SP/CSCC
14  25 Jon Adams/Whitmore Lake/MI/CE/Det
15  95 Robbie Ferstl/Webster/TX/SW/Hous
16  4  Dan Weyls/Cleveland/OH/NE/MahV
17  33 Nick St Laurent/Austin/TX/SW/LnSt
18  23 Gerald Barrett/Edmond/OK/MW/Okla
19  42 Rich Sheya/Salt Lake/UT/RM/Colo
20  44 Dan Carney/Herndon/VA/NE/WDC
21  18 Georges Forgeois/New York/NY/NE/NY
22  29 Chris Winkler/Farmington Hills/MI/CE/Det
23  73 Jon Horgas/S Lyon/MI/CE/Det
24  9  Jerry Pacheco/Newcastle/CA/NP/SanF
25  75 Donald Baggett/Suwanee/GA/SE/Atl
26  37 Joe Parsons/Easton/PA/NE/NePa
27  15 Guy Cosmo/S Setauket/NY/SE/Fla
DNF 8  Mike Sauce/Arlington/TX/SW/Tex
DNF 5  Michael Hack/Blackhawk/CO/RM/Colo
DNF 2  Russell Ruedisueli/Wildwood/MO/MW/StL

RACE 15 - American Sedan

SportsCar picks: Jay Morris, Chevrolet Camaro Steve Kelso, Chevrolet Camaro Andy McDermid, Ford Mustang

Grid Top 3: Ross Thompson, Time Selby, Chris Bernard

LAP 1: Ross Thompson tried to make it a fast start and took off and left the field behind coming out of the keyhole. The starter didn't through the green and the field will have to line back up and try it again. LAP 2: Thompson brings the field down again for a fast start, but the field is waved off again. LAP 3: The field gets the green flag this time and Thompson leads them through the first turn. LAP 4: Thompson has already pulled out a lead over second place Chris Bernard. Bernard is followed closely by Tim Selby and Ross Murray with a gap back to Jerry Post. Bernard is smoking going through the esses, possibly tire rub at the rear. LAP 5: Bernard's rear tires are smoking again going into turn 1. LAP 6: Thompson has pulled out a four second lead over Bernard. The battle for second has strung out a little with Bernard, Selby and Murray each having some breathing room. Post is another four seconds back in fifth. LAP 10: Chris Billings loses an engine in a big way at the start line and pulls off in a huge cloud of smoke before turn 1. LAP 12: Bernard appears to be picking up some time on the leader Thompson. There is a gap back to third now as well. Selby and Murray still duel for third. LAP 13: Bernard is now three seconds behind Thompson and an equal margin ahead of Selby and Murray. Post trails well back in fifth. LAP 15: Murray has lost touch with Selby as the battle for third has broken off. LAP 16: Thompson is getting into some lapped traffic. Both Thompson and Bernard have trouble, but Thompson seems to come out ahead. LAP 18: Murray is closing up on Selby for third. LAP 19: Bernard loses more ground on Thompson negotiating lapped traffic. Murray tries a last charge coming out of the carousel as Selby comes up on lapped traffic. They split around the slower car, but Selby just holds on to take third.

Ross Thompson takes the National Championship. Chris Bernard finishes second and Tim Selby hangs on to take third.

Ross Thompson was selected for the Stack, Inc. "Drive of the Race" award and Chris Bernard was selected for the "Outstanding Drive" award, also sponsored by Stack, Inc.

Top Three Driver Quotes Race #15 AS

1st:  Ross Thompson 
2nd:  Chris Bernard 
3rd:  Tim Selby 

Driver Quotes

TS: Strategy in holding off Ross Murray; He had more punch on the straights, I had him better in the corners; the key was just ignore him. It pretty much worked.

CB: Passed Tim early. I just dove down inside in the keyhole

RT: Once I heard I had about a 4 second lead, eased up about midway through the race. Lap 15, close encounter. My philosophy is that the backmarkers should move out of the way. He pointed left, then went left, I had to put 2 wheels in grass as a result.

What about the aborted starts ?

RT: Pole sitter sets pace. Officials did a poor job of communicating what they wanted on how we should start.

TS: I couldn't keep up with him on the first start, maybe a factor of gearing.

CB: Able to pull away from Ross M/Tim. I stopped looking in mirror and focused on what's ahead, changed style a little bit.

TS: Lapped cars were my nightmare. Last lap, caught a marker in "center line" of carrousel, can't go inside or outside. He was slow, Murray took the outside line, Murray had a little better punch, almost got it. Murray had many chances to bump me out of the race but he didn't do it, it was fun to race with him.

CB: Happy with tranny, not happy with clutch, missed a downshift in T.6, had a vibration second half of race.

CB: Tranny problems. Had a tranny shipped in last night, wife brought it to the track.

RT: Found this to be a very positive experience so far. First runoffs. Was asked to drive the car two weeks before the first national in January, didn't really know about AS.

RT: Thanks Goodyear, Valv, I Dream Software out of Seattle. Kip Martin engine builder, Competition Engine Development.

CB: Thanks Mike Culp crew chief, father William Bernard, atty by trade, mechanic by love of sport; engine builder Bob Morton. Thanks Red Line Oil. Mustangs had lot of HP in back section, but couldn't handle through the corners.

T: Rebello engine, rest of the car built by me. Valvoline oil.

Three different tires on podium, two oils.

RT: Tire comments: whatevers the best deal for the individual. I won on Goodyear, but until now I didn't think much of Kumho and Hoosier.

CB: Kumho has been working a few years on race tires, but it's a good tire, a fast tire, one of the fastedst qualifying tires.

T: Hoosier is the smallest company by far, but they make the best of their resources, they really support racers.

Next year:

CB: want to do World Challenge if I can. Some Pro racing.

Tim: Probably see the same thing (Runoffs) next year.

RT: Don't know what next year'ss plans are. This was kind of fun.

CB: Next year, why don't you take up golf?!

RT: This is the closest you can get to a real race car; it goes, it turns, it stops.

T: Just like the original Trans AM. A great class.

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