RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD #16: Press Notes Wed Qualifying


VR-JPMD #16: Official Press Notes, Wed Qual

The second day of qualifying begins with another "Chamber of Commerce" weather pattern and everyone expects to qualify well.

In the first session (T1/SSA) Steve Alexander tapped the tire wall in Turn 11 with his Camaro Z28. John Lechner (SSC) performed a similar move in the next group with his Neon, scraping the wall at the Turn 11 bridge. When Jack Keller spun his Neon in Turn 2, Neal Sapp was forced to loop his Neon in avoidance. Joel Solly's Neon adventure in Turn 14 included a tire wall encounter as well.

In the DSR/S2000 session, James Boehm cooked his engine and scattered oil across Turn 3. As a result, Jim Rawson, David Brand, Jason Miller and Erik Weyls all spun.

In CSR/FA, Brooks O'Brien (FA Swift DB-4) hit the wall just prior to the Turn 11 bridge and continued. A short time later CSR racers Rick Eickhoff and Jeff Miller came together in Turn 1. As a result, both were parked for the duration of the session, Miller with a broken axle.

Charles Carrico (SSB Neon) slipped off course in Turn 3, then hit the wall in Turn 8, then pulled over in Turn 9 to check his car before continuing.

Barney Moen, Cal Club's Webmaster (http://www.calclub.com), spun into the Turn 11 tires with his SRF, but continued after damaging the tire wall.

In AS, Chuck Dawson spun his Mustang in Turn 1 and hit the fence. Later on Kent Biddinger put his Mustang into the tires at Turn 7. Not to be outdone by the Fords, Kirk Robe's Firebird found the Turn 15 tire wall, but managed to escape with minor damage.

The Turn 11 concrete wall claimed another car, this time Pete Peterson's Toyota Paseo. The GT3 session was stopped so they could remove the car safely.

The F500 crowd endured at least 15 spins in its qualifying session, while Jason Fox (Novakar J-6) slid into the guardrail between Turns 7 and 8 before continuing.

As far as Formula Fords go, their qualifying was pretty quiet: only nine spins, one "black flag all," and a few "off-and-ons" marred their second qualifying. The stoppage resulted when Mike Sauce spun and was unavoidably tagged by Donald Baggett's Swift.

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