RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD #13: Showroom Stock Meeting


VR-JPMD #13: SS Comp Board Meeting

Valvoline Runoffs '97

Copyright (c) 1997 John P. M. Dillon

First off, I learned last night from Doug Berger that John Brewer just suffered a blood clot in his leg and can't attend the Runoffs. He was going to be crewing for Duck Allen.

I attended the Showroom Stock Comp Board meeting yesterday. Topics included:

It was reiterated that more drivers wrote letters against the Touring concept than for it, despite the Comp Board's recommendations, so the concept was killed. Some discussion and rehashing occurred, however.

A proposal was put forward to make everything after the catalytic converter "free"; it met with a mixed response.

There was a question about allowing World Challenge T2 cars as a National class. The Comp Board said that they were looking at an option to plug them into E Production in 1998.

A lot of dialog ensued over additional transmission options for AS cars, including Richmonds and Jerichos. Some argued great success with the existing Borg-Warner T5's, while others said they snapped 3rd and 5th gears easily. One driver said that B-W sometimes forgot a spacer for 3rd gear, causing the problem. The cost differential is not great, $1100 to $1300, but the fear is that AS will begin migrating to GT1. Said Peter Quenet, "If you've got a good class, don't upset the cart."

Chuck Bailey asked about the future of SSA, which is on probation this year for last year's lack of participation. When looking at qualifying times for SSA and SSB, we see that they are very closely interwoven, so it's possible A cars would get moved into B if their attendance doesn't improve (as defined by the GCR).

It was acknowledged that lots of SCCA drivers are leaving, moving to other marque clubs like POC, BMWCCA, Corvette Club, etc. They're looking at a revised "Super Touring" (called "T1", with existing "T1" becoming "T2") class that would make all these cars eligible, including Vipers, Vettes, Ferrari Challenge cars, and so on.

Ken Payson requested an advisory committee for Showroom Stock, pointing out that it seems to be working well for AS.

After the meeting I talked with Brian Holtz, who serves on the Comp Board. What's the best part? "It's the people we meet everywhere; there are a lot of good folks out there, racing and building cars. THere's satisfaction in trying to make the club work better. We're all dedicated to the club." And the worst? "Those four hour conference calls that go on till midnight east coast time!" He admits that he enjoys the meetings at the Runoffs, "though they get frustrating sometimes!" He closed with "I'm having a good time here, otherwise I'd just be sleeping on a hillside in the sun."

A few notes from the Protest bulletin board. (I don't know how to read these real well.) Tom Van Camp successfully protested Phil Keirn SRF for 12.1.5.D.4 of the GCR and pp 59 (step 19) and 62 (picture) of the Roush manual. If you have a SRF, look it up and let us know what it's about. Apparently "the part in question is not allowed."

There was an RFA against Rick Haynes, who received a 9 race probation for 20.1.7 unsportsmanlike conduct for behaviour towards officials. I overheard someone saying a competitor gave Registration a hard time; I wonder if this was the situation here.

Howell Jones III received a 3-event probation for passing under yellow.

The freeway god (photos of the dog named Freeway) is adorning the cars of Robert Davis, Eric Morehouse, and Dave Fisher. Fisher's first few sessions were disasters, and he kept coming in on the hook. After Freeway magically appeared on his window, Fisher successfully completed every session he started.

Lastly, Steve and Corrine Sanders are having baby #2 around the end of November. Their future daughter has been named "Hailey."

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