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NayKid Racing Divides to Conquer Lux Takes Two Wins, White Splits Time to Fight for Title KENT, Wash., June 6, 2006 -- For the first time in four years, NayKid Racing divided its two-car Dodge Viper SRT10 team in an attempt to conquer the ...

NayKid Racing Divides to Conquer
Lux Takes Two Wins, White Splits Time to Fight for Title

KENT, Wash., June 6, 2006 -- For the first time in four years, NayKid Racing divided its two-car Dodge Viper SRT10 team in an attempt to conquer the competition. Cindi Lux (Aloha, Ore.) focused on the Northern Pacific (NorPac) Division of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) with her No. 78 KUMHO Tires/ Dodge Motorsports/ SRT/ Nike/ MOMO USA/ Forgeline Viper. Scotty B. White (Puyallup, Wash.) split his time between Pacific Raceways in Kent, Wash. and the California Speedway in Fontana, Calif.

Lux would dominate the Touring One (T1) class at Pacific winning pole position twice, setting a track record in the process and winning both 30-minute races. White's weekend was one of travel and challenges. With his No. 3 KUMHO Tires/ Dodge Motorsports/ SRT/ CORSA Exhaust/ Red Line Oil Dodge Viper SRT10 T1 class car in California for Sunday's race, he entered a GT1 class Dodge Viper Competition Coupe at Pacific on Saturday. He would retire the Dodge "Comp" Coupe from GT1 competition and then have a cut tire drop him out of the lead at Fontana in Sunday's T1 show.

In an attempt to win a remarkable sixth straight Southern Pacific (SoPac) Division title, White made the unprecedented move to send his Dodge Viper SRT10 to California in pursuit of points. He focused his attention on Saturday in his "home" race at Pacific in the GT1 class, a first this year for White. The Dodge Competition Coupe made a strong showing in its debut. However, the 520 horsepower, purpose built race car would be pulled in prior to the checkered flag. White then jumped on a plane and traveled to Fontana for his second outing of the season on the infield road course of the famous oval.

As it had been before earlier in the season, the No. 3 NayKid Racing Viper SRT10 was fast out of the box taking the pole position for Sunday's feature. However, a cut tire would interfere in White's race snatching the win from him. A pit stop to replace the tire would drop the black and neon orange NayKid Racing Viper two laps down to the leaders. He would recapture one lap- an impressive feat in the 30-minute race. The result was strong enough to keep him narrowly alive in the SoPac title chase. He know has five pole positions, three track records and five race wins in the T1 class Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe.

"What a weekend," said White. "What a hoot driving the ultimate SRT hot rod, that Viper Competition Coupe! It is a SMOKIN' HOT ROD! That thing is mean, nasty, smelly and fast as hell. We dodged raindrops watching Cindi battle the Ferrari and she did a stellar job as always. Then Joe and I hopped a plane for Fontana to race in 100 degree heat. The T1 SRT10 Viper was bad fast even in the heat. About halfway through, somebody crashed and left debris in the banking. At 150 mph it's hard to see. It sure is a bummer to have half a lap on the field and cut a tire but, oh well. At least we didn't wad the car up this time. [White is referring to an early season cut tire that sent his Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster into the wall at Phoenix Int'l Raceway]."

Back in Washington State, Lux was having challenges of her own. The same Ferrari 360 that first appeared in the T1 class at Miller Motorsports Park on Memorial Day weekend, rolled out at the 2.25-mile, 10-turn Pacific's course as well. Again, the two squared off for an ultimate showdown of American might versus Italian finesse.

Lux would again flux the SRT muscle of the Viper's V10 declaring that America's supercar was not ready to relinquish its title. In Saturday's race, in the dry, the two locked horns with Lux taking a well-fought victory. Sunday's race was even more challenging for all involved as rain began while the cars were gridded and grew worse immediately after the start. Deciding to remain on KUMHO's 710 racing tire versus a full KUMHO rain tire, Lux had her hands full on the damp track as the mid-engined Ferrari was able to pass. However, as the track continued to dry after the race's midpoint, Lux set chase catching and then taking the lead with an off-line, and therefore wet, pass on the Ferrari. She was able to hold the lead till the checkered flag taking her fifth race win of the season. She now holds a comfortable lead in the NorPac point championship. The 1999 American Le Mans Series Women's Global GT Champion has earned six pole positions and four track records in her 10 races thus far in '06.

"What a typical Northwest weekend of weather...rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine," commented Lux. "Pacific Raceways can be especially challenging in the wet as there is no room for error! But our Vipers were on rails all weekend long. It was excellent having one race in the dry on Saturday and one race in the wet on Sunday. It really showed how remarkable the Viper and KUMHO's are in both the wet and dry race conditions. These cars flat get it done. That Ferrari is such a different animal from the Viper. Based upon all the comments after the race, I know the spectators truly enjoyed the Viper versus the Ferrari battle on track. Boy, I cannot believe Scotty's bad luck at "rovals" this year. Sounds like he had the entire T1 field totally covered at California Speedway but that nasty debris on track keeps finding him! He did an impressive job keeping that SRT out of the wall at that speed."

To learn more about NayKid Racing, please visit www.NayKidRacing.com.

For more on Lux Performance Group, LLC please see www.CindiLux.com.


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