RACE: NayKid Racing clinches Division championships

NayKid Racing Wins Championships with Dream Season DENVER, July 6, 2004 -- NayKid Racing came to Denver, Colorado with a stranglehold on the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) T1 class. They went back to the Northwest with two championships, an...

NayKid Racing Wins Championships with Dream Season

DENVER, July 6, 2004 -- NayKid Racing came to Denver, Colorado with a stranglehold on the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) T1 class. They went back to the Northwest with two championships, an undefeated regular season and the competition quaking in the wake of the KUMHO Tire/ Suburban Chevrolet/ Redline Oil/ Kodiak Racing Wheels/ CORSA Exhaust Corvette Z06 "Destruction Tour".

Scotty B. White (Puyallup, Wash.) clinched the Rocky Mountain Divisional Championship while Cindi Lux (Portland, Ore.) won her second consecutive Northern Pacific Divisional Championship. White's title came at the end of two exciting races at Second Creek Raceway where the dynamic driving duo again finished one-two in both of the T1-class races of the weekend. Lux previously clinched her Divisional title prior to the weekend. However, races ten and eleven weren't the cakewalk that the team has experienced more often than not this year. White took the top-step on the podium in both races but didn't have an easy time of it. As has been the case in all eleven races runs this season, White's white Corvette had Lux's red Z06 demanding his complete attention.

Making Saturday's race most impressive was Lux's inspiring charge from dead last on the grid to the back bumper of White's pole winning No. 8 at the checkered flag. Lux started last on the grid due to an engine malady, which held down the power of her Chevy V8. However, the tenacious NayKid crew kept searching, finding the problem and resolving it before the first race Saturday.

The two battled side-by-side once again Sunday with White taking the win and Lux in second. In the process, both drivers shattered the old track record by 2.5 seconds with Lux, the 1999 American Le Mans Series Women's Global GT Series champion, stamping her name in the record books with the honor. NayKid Racing will now begin an intensive testing program to prepare for September's SCCA Runoffs at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. The race winner in that event, will be crowned the SCCA National Champion in T1 class.

Scotty B. White: Scotty B. White: "It was stinking hot and there was no air [oxygen, due to the altitude]. This course is like a miniature Sears Point. It's a tight, twisty course and we weren't acclimated to the altitude. It was tough. It's insane to think that we have run 11 races and won 11 times against some of the hardest competition out there. I can't believe it. What a dream season. People think we are either cheating or they are in awe of the performance we put up this year. The people that know us just keep heaping praise on us. They know we are as straight as they come. It's cool. Cindi and I fought hard today. Fortunately, for me it was a really tight track so she couldn't get around. I am just glad the season is over and we can get to work preparing for Mid-Ohio and continue the 'Destruction Tour'. It has been a riot! The whole NayKid crew just worked so hard for it. We are working our butts off in the car. Our guys work so hard on the cars that Cindi and I push as hard as humanly possible to honor that commitment. It's a good deal. I'm really pumped."

Cindi Lux: "In Saturday's race, I didn't know if the car was fixed or not. It was kind of like rolling the dice. Once I knew the car was back, I just put my head down and was on a mission! The second-place really breathed new life into the team and me. Starting dead last and getting up to second is a testament to the crew. I just drive what they give me. The biggest thing going into Sunday was to get the championship but of course Scotty and I love to race... and race hard we did. Scotty's white car now has a hint of red paint from me rubbing on him. If anyone wondered if we had team orders; we answered that today... NO WAY. It has been an unbelievable year. KUMHO gave us a great tire to do our jobs and we are expecting, and hoping, for KUMHO's 710's at Mid-Ohio. But the 700s have been an incredible tire since day one. There is no way we could produce these insane results without the great support of KUMHO and all our great associate sponsors this year. This type of year in racing is something drivers just dream about but it's a reality for us and I am so incredibly proud of this effort."

To learn more about NayKid Racing, please visit www.NayKidRacing.com. For more on Cindi Lux, please log-on to www.CindiLux.com.


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