RACE: NayKid Racing Buttonwillow double national summary

NayKid Racing Back on Top at Buttonwillow Lux and White Return to the Front of T1 Class BUTTONWILLOW, Calif., April 24, 2006 -- NayKid Racing entered this weekend's Double National events at Buttonwillow (Calif.) Raceway Park with the...

NayKid Racing Back on Top at Buttonwillow
Lux and White Return to the Front of T1 Class

BUTTONWILLOW, Calif., April 24, 2006 -- NayKid Racing entered this weekend's Double National events at Buttonwillow (Calif.) Raceway Park with the clear objective to set their 2006 Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Touring One (T1) class season back on the right track. Mission accomplished. Scotty B. White drove his No. 3 KUMHO Tires/ Dodge Motorsports/ SRT/ CORSA Exhaust/ Red Line Oil Dodge Viper SRT10 to victory lane in both events but it did not come easy for the Puyallup, Wash. resident.

Teammate Cindi Lux (Aloha, Ore.) set a track record for the class on Saturday and followed that with a quicker time on Sunday earning the pole position for both events in the No. 78 KUMHO Tires/ Dodge Motorsports/ SRT/ Nike/ MOMO USA/ Forgeline Viper. With Divisional titles in the balance for both drivers, and this being a Southern Pacific (SoPac) Division race for White, onlookers expected team orders to prevail at the Northwest-based team. However, in true NayKid Racing fashion, the two longtime teammates and friends would fight for each piece of real estate as if they were holding off their worst enemy.

Lux was quick throughout the weekend but White was within tenths of a second of her each time on track. The nose-to-tail battle that ensued between the two black and neon orange V10-powered Vipers delighted, and surprised, all in attendance. With only a handful of Divisional events remaining in the season, the NayKid Racing teammates each needed strong runs at the three-mile track in Southern California to keep their divisional title hopes alive after a difficult early season. In the first race, while Lux started from the pole position, White made a daring outside pass into turn one taking his No. 3 KUMHO Tires/ Dodge Motorsports/ SRT Viper to the point. He would hold-off Lux's constant bombardment to take the win and the all-important points.

"The Dodge Vipers were flawless all weekend," said White about his two race wins. "This Buttonwillow configuration has 25 turns and tons of massive braking. I think the Corvettes were running out of brakes and we didn't have any trouble at all. Cindi was faster than me all weekend and we battled hard the whole time. In that first race we had a little difference of opinion in how to enter the first turn and we almost got together. Anyone that thinks we don't race each other hard is pretty confused. We needed these points but we still have a ton of work to do. All-in-all, it feels pretty good to be back on course with where we need to go."

In the second race, Lux got the better jump at the green and held the lead into one. She kept the top-spot until an unusual for Lux mistake took her wide and off-course allowing both White and another entry to sneak passed. White then drove-away to the checkered flag. Lux dropped two laps back making a precautionary pit stop due to a bad vibration following the off-course excursion. She would make up one lap on the field to finish third, one lap down to White.

"What a fun weekend of racing," commented Lux. "The configuration SCCA ran at Buttonwillow was more like a large go-kart track. Trying to get momentum with these cars was tricky but the Viper really stepped up to the plate, especially in the handling department. In the first race, Scotty and I challenged each other pretty hard for turn one and he held his ground and got the lead. It was pretty much nose-to-tail after that. However in the second race, things were different exiting turn one and I held the lead for five or so laps. Then I made bizarre, silly mistake which Scotty and one of the Corvettes totally took advantage of. I felt bad letting the crew down on that one but the car was absolutely flawless all weekend long! Scotty knew he was going to have to fight for these wins on track this weekend and he did a stellar job. Our success train is starting to move again. Hopefully, no more bad luck is over our heads and we are ready to take-off running."

As they were in 2005, the NayKid Racing teammates are the other's major nemesis on the track. However, since pioneering the Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster in T1 competition last year, Lux and White have seen an onslaught of other Viper teams to the class. When coupled with the strong presence of competitors such as the Corvette and Porsche 911, T1 has become one of the most hotly contested battles in SCCA competition. It has been, however, the NayKid Racing Vipers, now the SRT10 Coupe, that continue to be the biggest threat to the Corvette T1 stranglehold. White is fighting for his sixth-straight, seventh overall, SoPac Division title and has three victories in the Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe. Lux is racing for her fourth-straight Northern Pacific (NorPac) Divisional title and has scored two victories for the Viper SRT10 Coupe.


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