RACE: NayKid 2004 season review

NayKid Racing Streaks Through 2004 PUYALLUP, WASH., November 10, 2004 -- Few would argue that NayKid Racing dominated the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) T1-class this season. However, principals Scotty B. White (Puyallup, Wash.) and Cindi Lux...

NayKid Racing Streaks Through 2004

PUYALLUP, WASH., November 10, 2004 -- Few would argue that NayKid Racing dominated the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) T1-class this season. However, principals Scotty B. White (Puyallup, Wash.) and Cindi Lux (Aloha, Ore.) strongly argue they could do better. The two, each driving one of the three KUMHO Tire/ Suburban Chevrolet/ CORSA Exhaust/ Red Line Oil Corvette Z06s, are looking at what can be done to strangle the breath out of the competition in 2005. Competition that they left gasping in 2004.

In 2004, NayKid Racing streaked through the first 11 races of its 12-race season taking every pole position and winning every race leading up to the finale. Few in motorsports can make the claim that they won 92% of their races this season. Fewer yet can claim that they did it against some of the best competition in the class. Beyond the wins, the team took 11 of 12 pole positions and two championships. White had the most successful year in NayKid's intra-team competition. He won seven races, 10 poles and broke three track records on his way to the Rocky Mountain T1 Championship. Lux, who won four races including the prestigious June Sprints at Road America, won her second consecutive Northern Pacific T1 Championship. She would also pull down six second-places, three track records and one pole. The June Sprints victory earned Lux the honor of being only the second woman in history to win the event. Ryan Snodgrass of Kirkland, Wash. was the third in the trio of NayKid pilots. Snodgrass joined the Puyallup, Washington team after a limited career in the sport. He did not win in his rookie year but raced to several top-tens and his first SCCA podium finish.

NayKid Racing entered the season-finale, the invitation-only SCCA Runoffs at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course undefeated. The winner-take-all event that decides the T1 class National Champion would be the only significant disappointment for the long-time, multi-championship winning effort. All three KUMHO Tire-shod cars were invited to the event, a noteworthy accomplishment in its own right, and would leave with two top-ten finishes. The frustration began early in the week as Lux found the wall in her only accident of the year. The NayKid crew got Lux's No.78 KUMHO/ Suburban Corvette back in the show but qualified deep in the pack. In her usual aggressive style, Lux charged back up through the field for an eighth-place finish. By week's end, White would take NayKid's highest finish at the Runoffs. His No.3 KUMHO/ CORSA Exhaust/ RedLine Oil Vette ran in the top-five throughout the day and left with a fourth. Snodgrass, in his first Runoffs' effort, ran to an impressive top-15 finish.

A completely dominating season it was not. However, few teams have ever come closer. With lessons learned from 2004, 2005 promises to be better yet. White and Lux have a strong, multi-year strategy charted with a path to the top. The '04 season marked the second year in the plan and the trend of the last two seasons suggest that the 2005 will be the strongest yet... a worrisome thought to anyone without a NayKid Racing decal on their car.


Cindi Lux: "If you want an example of a team that pays attention to every single, small detail; go no further. We spent an enormous amount of time going over every inch of these cars and had a testing schedule second to none. Lady luck bit us pretty damn hard at the last race of the year but that happens in racing. Everybody behind the scenes, from the most dedicated crew to the most supportive sponsors, are the reason for our success. Having two of the best teammates didn't hurt either! But, 2005 is right around the corner and it's time for us to get back to the drawing board. We have a ton of work to do."

Scotty B. White:

(about the season): "I don't think it has really sunk in to everyone yet. I think, out of the stats, the one that speaks the loudest is the zero DNF deal. We took the checker every time we took the green, every car, every race! That speaks to the dedication of our crew. Our sponsors provided us with great products from the KUMHO tires to Loyning motors to the Redline Oil that keeps 'em spinnin'! And Chevrolet built a pretty dern good, 'lil hot rod for us to start with! This team is an amazing group of people. Everyone has such a burning desire to win and does whatever it takes in order make it happen. I am super impressed with Ryan, this guy has dodged more wrecks this year than any rookie driver should have to! Cindi and I raced harder this year than we ever have; and traded a little paint to prove it. A huge thank you goes out to every one of our great sponsors and every team member that worked their butt off to achieve this killer season!"

(about the Runoffs): "Picture this; a little kid kicking his fourth-place trophy down the street all the way home from the 'big game' where his team lost. That's how I felt for a couple weeks after the Runoffs. The reality is this team had such an unreal season it would have been a miracle to continue the performance all the way through the Runoffs

To learn more about NayKid Racing, please visit www.NayKidRacing.com. For more on Cindi Lux please see www.CindiLux.com.


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