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CINDI LUX, JEFF ROBBINS GET PODIUM FINISHES FOR DODGE AT SCCA CHAMPIONSHIP RUNOFFS Dodges lead majority of T1 Division Race before bad luck takes them out of Contention for Win TOPEKA, K.S. (October 15, 2006) -- Dodge Motorsports leads the...


Dodges lead majority of T1 Division Race before bad luck takes them out of Contention for Win

TOPEKA, K.S. (October 15, 2006) -- Dodge Motorsports leads the field for the majority of the T1 race in the 'super bowl' of amateur road racing this weekend at Heartland Park Topeka. Scotty B. White and Cindi Lux led with their Vipers for Dodge, between the two of them leading for three-fourths of the race. Lux and Jeff Robbins would finish second and third, giving Dodge two podium finishes in the prestigious Runoffs.

The Dodge Vipers were strong throughout the race, with White and Lux running 1-2 and looking as though they would get Dodge the win. But a cut tire knocked pole winner and race leader White out of the lead on lap nine.

White, who has set qualifying records and the fast-lap-of-the-race at this track for two years in a row, was strong early leading half of the race before the cut tire kept him from the win.

"I had an eight second gap (over the second place driver) and we were maintaining that gap. I just felt the backend of the car getting a little squirrely and was just hoping and praying that we didn't have a problem," said White of the incident after the race. "It definitely had a little wiggle going into turn one and two on lap nine and by the time I got to turn 11 the tire went completely down. The car spun and I headed into the pits."

White returned to the race after the crew changed two tires, and finished the race a lap down in 17th position.

"I think that everybody all week long thought that I was going to win the race. I wasn't sure. I know that a lot can happen, and unfortunately something did happen," said White. "But we put two SRT10s on the podium and my teammate (Cindi Lux) finished second, got her highest finish at the Runoffs and lead the second half of the race until she lost her brakes basically in the last two laps.

"The sanctioning body put so much weight on us that any small piece of debris can go through a tire, that's what happened to me, and it's just overtaxing on the brakes on this car," White continued. "It's pretty hard to call it a sports car at 3,850 pounds and it just overtaxed the brakes on Cinid's car. Either one of those things cost us the victory but we did our best and circumstances worked out that we did not take the checkers. We just have to take that and move forward."

Second place driver Lux took over the lead when White fell behind and looked as though she would take the win. But she ran out of brakes with two laps to go, keeping her from the victory.

"The added weight that the SCCA gave us was pretty tough on these cars. But we held it exceedingly well and for us it was just a case of just being one lap short of holding on," Lux continued. "When you add that much weight its just going to be taxing on the brakes and the tires. Everything on the car gets stressed so much more in a heavier car even though these cars are built so much superior than the other production cars like a Ferrari or a Corvette."

Despite the brake issue, Lux was able to hold on for a second place finish, and give Dodge its best finish in the Runoffs. Although it was a good finish, Lux knows the car was capable of more.

"We're disappointed. [Both Scotty and I] had the race win in our hands," said Lux after the race. "But I am holding my head up high when I leave this place because we have the best car in this class. I'm proud of the fact that the cars ran as great as they did. There was a little bit of bad luck on our side, but that's racing."

Lux would have taken the prestigious Triple Crown had she finished in the top-spot.

Jeff Robbins also scored a top finish for Dodge in his Viper. He started fifth and raced his way up to a third place finish, the second Dodge driver on the podium for the weekend.

"Our car was working really well until toward the end of the race. The additional weight really wore on our tires and just wore us down a little bit," said Robbins after the race. "It was great running 1-2-3 with fellow Dodges of Scotty [White] and Cindi [Lux] for most of the race. It ended up pretty well with Cindi second and me third. We didn't win it, but we had great support from the Dodge guys and we took third. That's not bad. "

The T2 divison saw George Biskup finish in the top-10 in his No. 15 Biskup Motorsports Dodge SRT4, picking up five positions on the way to the checkered flag after starting 15th. Adam Treadway finished 24th, picking up four positions in his No. 08 Treadway Chrysler Dodge SRT4 after starting 28th.

In the SSC division, Jim Eli of Birch Bay, Wash., finished 17th in his No. 9 UPR.com/Dodge/Kumho/UPR Dodge Neon. Fellow Neon driver Paul Sherman of Andover, K.S. finished 23rd in his No. 94 Dodge.

Dodge paid out $9,000 in contingency awards in the Runoffs this year, with awards going to six different drivers in two of the three divisions Dodge competed in.

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