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>From: Greg Rubenstein The Runoffs Ramblings Volume 1, Number 1 Wednesday, October 9, 1996 The Runoffs Ramblings debut: With Volume 1, Number 1, The Runoffs Ramblings makes its debut, offering competitors, participants and members of...

>From: Greg Rubenstein

The Runoffs Ramblings Volume 1, Number 1 Wednesday, October 9, 1996

The Runoffs Ramblings debut: With Volume 1, Number 1, The Runoffs Ramblings makes its debut, offering competitors, participants and members of the media tidbits of information and news about all aspects of the SCCA Valvoline Runoffs. If you have information for The Runoffs Ramblings, jot it down and drop it in The Runoffs Ramblings box at the base of the tower. Be sure to include your name, Region of Record, class/car number/specialty and a local telephone number (if any). Special thanks to Lynne Huntting (who came up with the idea for a newsletter and put together much of this issue's information) and contributor John Dillon. The Runoffs Ramblings will be produced daily through Sunday.

BY THE NUMBERS: As of Wednesday afternoon, there are 78 SCCA Regions represented by 600-plus drivers from 38 states and three countries the U.S., Canada and El Salvador. A total of 621 cars have been on track thus far.

COMP BOARD MEETING: The Thursday Competition Board Meeting, scheduled for the lunch break in the tent below the Tower, is for the Formula/Spec Racer Groups. The Competition Board is Chaired by Peter Quenet/Detroit, and its members include Phil Creighton/Atlanta; Michael Higgins/Arizona; Brian Holtz/Philadelphia; Bob Lybarger/BlackHawk Valley; Vic Skirmants/Ohio Valley; Fletcher Williams/Atlanta; and John Hancock, Board of Directors member from Area 7.

THE NEON SONG: The Neon racers have their own song, written by some corner workers who may have too much time on their hands. Lyrics were handed out at the Monday night welcome party, and is sung to the old marine tune, "The Caissons go rolling along." Lyrics are available around the paddock and on CompuServe s GO RACING forum, SCCA Club Racing section.

WEBER DOING AN ENGINE SWAP FOR FG AND GP: Mark Weber/ St.Louis #25 FP and #25 GP, will be busy this week, changing engines back and forth in his red 1963 AH Sprite. He is running the same car in both production classes, and come qualifying, he will be switching engines. He has nearly four hours Wednesday, but Thursday he has less than 60 minutes. Helping with the stopwatch-worthy efforts is Michael Crawford, here at the Runoffs on a "Busman's Holiday." Crawford is the Goodyear Motorsports Manager for the Indy Car program.

WICKER HURTS HAND: Ron Wicker/SFR, hurt his hand last week with a hand tool, gouging it severely enough to require a surgeon's intervention.The resultant injuries had the doctors not wanting Wicker to race this weekend, but there is no keeping him out. With the bandages and all, Wicker couldn't fit into his Nomex glove so he set out to find a replacement. His search ended in a local Ohio fabric store, where he was relating his need to the staff when he was overhead by another shopper. She offered her help and took Wicker and crew back to her home where she spent the next two hours hand-crafting a special fire-proof glove complete with gusset to accommodate the bandages. She refused all offers of compensation, saying merely that Wicker was to pass on the kindness to someone else.

MOREHOUSE INJURED: Eric Morehouse, SSB Miata driver, had a ramp collapse on his foot while helping unload Pratt Cole's EP Miata. The Miata was on the ramp at the time.The doctor told Eric he'd have to stay horizontal and keep his foot up if he wanted to race. It's amazing what you can do horizontal though change the oil, check the tire pressures, and count on your friends for help, said Morehouse. I credit Jeanie (Ross) with doing all the work she organized it all." The help Ross organized included crewmen from Mike Lewis, Bill Harrison, Gail Blake, and a bunch of others. "They all helped prep the car; it's amazing how everyone pitches in to help a racer in trouble, said Ross. Despite the injury, Morehouse managed to be third fastest in Tuesday s practice.

HICKS IN BACKUP: Jay Hicks/SFR/#98 CSR Tracer TR2, hit the chicane wall during a test session over the weekend and the team has had to have a new tub sent from Tracer Racing in California. In the meantime, Hicks, who was uninjured in the crash, is driving his backup car. The Tracer Racing hot tub is up and running, in the grassy paddock area on the corner of Hot Tub Way and Tracer Lane.

MILLER MAKES IT 26: Jeff Miller /Milwaukee #0 CSR, is racing in his 26th-consecutive SCCA Runoffs. He won the CSR Runoffs in 1978 and the DSR Runoffs in 1976, 1977, and 1981.The family honor is being carried on this year in DSR with son Jason Miller, who is racing the #11 DSR in his first Runoffs (as a competitor). The 22-year-old college senior only can fit in three to six races a year between his engineering studies. He holds the DSR track record at his home track of Road America, but confesses that he "is on a steep learning curve" at Mid-Ohio. One person Jason has learned a lot from is Nancy James/Arizona #99 92 Amal Tj, who was fastest Monday in the DSR practice. James, who also wears the title of grandmother, actually hails from the San Francisco Region, but DSR competition there is fierce, with the DSR Runoffs winner coming from SFR the last five years. James remembers that when she went through her SCCA Drivers' School in Cal Club 'years ago', her instructor was Phil Binks, husband of Marge Binks, Chair of the SCCA Board of Directors.

TEAM GREEN SCOUTING: Barry Green and Bob Earl of Indy Car racing s Team Green are here this week scouting talent for their newly-established Team Green Driver Development Academy. Team Green had three drivers at their press conference Tuesday: Derek Hill, Barber Dodge Pro Series driver-son of Phil Hill; Matt Sielsky, FC driver and Ron Tomasi FC driver.

GRID LOTTO: To alleviate pre-grid problems, a lottery is being held for today and Thursday s qualifying. Dave Killian, one of the Timing Chiefs, calls it the "Skibbe Lotto," but Bill Skibbe, the other Timing Chief, says to credit Doug Reed. Alternatives to the lottery were considered, including the use of practice times.

RUNOFFS ON-LINE: Results from this year s Valvoline Runoffs, including practice, qualifying and race results, are available on CompuServe s GO RACING forum, SCCA Club Racing section, and on the World Wide Web at http//:www.valvoline.com.

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