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>From: Greg Rubenstein The Runoffs Ramblings Volume 1, Number 2 October 10, 1996 SCCA WORKERS OF THE YEAR: The Thursday Night SCCA Valvoline Runoffs worker social will honor the SCCA Workers Of The Year drop by after the last checkered...

>From: Greg Rubenstein

The Runoffs Ramblings Volume 1, Number 2 October 10, 1996

SCCA WORKERS OF THE YEAR: The Thursday Night SCCA Valvoline Runoffs worker social will honor the SCCA Workers Of The Year drop by after the last checkered flag. The worker social is held at the Honda Pavilion, (behind the Carousel, in front of the camping area).

RACE GROUP NINE CHANGE: Race Group Nine (SCA) has been combined with Race Group Four (S2000). The SCA group had been scheduled to be the last group on Friday. A split start will now be used, with the S2000 cars gridded first.

THANKS FROM T&S: The Valvoline Runoffs Timing and Scoring staff wishes to thank those drivers who were requested to improve their numbers and did so. Particular thanks go to: #17 FP; #49 GT5; #03 FF; #30 SR; # 0 SRF; #29 SRF; #81 SRF; #18 AS; #78 AS; #18 SSC; #44 GP; #71 SSB; #45 SSB; #48 FV; #46 HP; #51 GT3.

YOUNGSTER AT THE RUNOFFS: Jeremy Treadway of Ticonderoga, NY/MoHud, age 17, could be the youngest driver ever to be on The Runoffs pole. Treadway was one of the first 16-year old drivers to get his SCCA license when the age requirement was lowered last year. He went through a Driver s School in 95, and qualified for The Runoffs this year, despite being denied entry to his home track s National at Watkins Glen due to his being under the age of 18. He was a North Atlantic Road Racing Champion at the age of 16. Treadway lists his occupation in the Driver s Bio Book as High School Student. He ran seventh in practice here in a 94 Van Diemen, and was fastest so far in the rain after the first day of qualifying in FC.

MORE YOUNGSTERS: Another young driver is Andre Zawislak/Monroe NY/NY, who is fastest by at least two seconds in the GT-5 class in a Nissan Sentra, and he is one of only two drivers who were faster than the existing track records in practice. He is 21 years old, but just started racing this Spring when he went through Driver s School.

NOT SO YOUNGSTER: The oldest driver at this year s Runoffs is veteran driver Dan Carmichael of Columbus, OH/OVR. Carmichael is the defending National Champion in the Formula Atlantic class. He admits to being 77 years old and has been coming to The Runoffs since the mid-sixties. Carmichael started racing in 1964, when he retired from the Navy as a fighter pilot. Carmichael won his first of three National Championships in 1969.

MORE NOT SO YOUNGSTERS: Another veteran driver is Colonel Joe Hauser, of Odenton MD/WDC, who admits to being 76 years old. Hauser has competed in the Runoffs for 32 consecutive years.

MINI NEWS: In GT-5, Richard Kraus/Treasure Island FL/Cola, is taking his Austin Mini Cooper home. Too many problems, he said of the car, which was one of only two in-line, rear-wheel-drive Mini-Coopers here at The Runoffs. The in-line Minis are a new innovation, and West-Coast Mini maven Joe Huffaker, Petaluma CA/SFR/NorPac, (who has run but never won the National Championship in his Mini Cooper) made a point of checking it out before he finished building his own in-line Mini. The concept is radical for the Cooper since most Minis are front-wheel-drive cars.

THE MACARENA REARS ITS UGLY HEAD IN T&S: To the anguish of everyone within earshot, many members of the Timing & Scoring crew have taken to practicing the Macarena in the tower in between sessions. I ve seen the cheat sheets diagraming the moves, says Dave Killian/NeOhio. If it s good enough for the New York Yankees ground crew, it s good enough for us. SpeedVision is planning to film this display at 9:30 a.m. Friday, for usage later on in the weekend during some down time.

COCKEY MAKES IT 26: Josh Cockey, King George VA/WDC/NE, has been coming to The SCCA National Runoffs for the past 26 years as a corner worker. For the past 15 years he has worked the entire week, and for the last six years at Road Atlanta, Cockey was the Assistant Flag Chief. Wednesday was the first time in his 26-consecutive years that he took a planned day off, just to walk around and check out the action. He scheduled the break two weeks ago and Wednesday morning felt it was a fortuitous choice given the weather.

RHINO BOY MASCOT CAPTURED: The RRR has struck. The Runoffs Rhino Removers kidnapped Terry Coates (Rhino Boy) Team Mascot in broad daylight and have sent a ransom note threatening unmentionable behavior unless their demands are met. Bob Heffelfinger, Chief of Security at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course refuses to comment, citing security concerns. Rhino Boy has answered the ransom note with a letter assuring full cooperation with the demands.

FF TO RACE ON QUALIFYING TIRES: For the first time at The Runoffs, the Formula Fords will have to race on the tires on which they qualified. Whichever tires are on the car during the fastest of the two qualifying runs will have to be the race set.

MORE NUMBERS: Two existing track records have been (unofficially) broken so far in practice at The Runoffs. Andre Zawislak of Monroe NY/NE, turned a 1:41.314 Tuesday in his #14 Village Auto Works/Bob & Leslie Nissan Sentra in GT-5; and Steve Hussey/Los Gatos/CA/SFR, the defending HP National Champion in his #37 Huffaker/Red Line Oil/Mini Mania AH Sprite, turned a 1:43.306 Monday. Of the 25 SCCA National Champions crowned here at Mid-Ohio last year at the Valvoline Runoffs, 20 have returned. Of those 20, three will not be defending their championships. GT-5 Champion David Walsh, of Macon GA/MGa, has switched to the GT-4 class, EP Champion Bruce Qvale, San Francisco CA/SFR/NorPac, switched to FC and SSGT Champion Grant Carter, of Bowie MD/WDC, switched classes from SSGT, which became the new T1. There is precedence in repeating National Championships. Duane Davis, of Camas WA/Ore/NorPac, has won eight National Championships in three different classes (GT-2 1991-1993; GT-4 1987-1988; and GT-5 1985-1987). Tom Foster, of Hickman CA/SFR, has won seven National CSR Championships, and his Tracer Racing teammate and partner Chuck Billington, of Modesto CA/SFR, has won five CSR National Championships. Dave Weitzenhof, of Bath OH/NeOhio has won six National Championships in three separate open wheeled classes: Formula Vee/1972; Formula Ford 1977/1979/1981/1987; and Formula Continental 1992. Randy Canfield, of Gaithersburg MD/WDC, has won five HP National Championships, (1969, 1971-1972, 1985, and 1990). Jeff Miller, of Plymouth WI/Milwaukee, has won five, in CSR and DSR. Michael Galati, of Olmsted Township OH/NeOhio, has won four National SSB Championships, 1989-1990 and 1993-1994. Galati won both the SCCA World Challenge T2 Drivers Championship and Red Line Oil Rookie of the Year last Saturday at Sears Point Raceway.


DEER GALATI: Michael Galati suffered an unpleasant surprise on the way to the track Tuesday morning. A wayward deer leapt into his Audi s path and met an untimely demise, shattered the Audi windshield and left Galati with a minor nose scratch. It didn't keep him off the track, however.

FA ROTARY KIT: In an effort to make Formula Atlantic more affordable, Tony Woodford is now making a conversion kit for Swift DB4s. The kit slots a Mazda 12A bridge-port engine into the Swift. This is basically a GT3-spec engine conversion. Contact Steve Sanders, Mazda Motorsport, at (800)-435-2508, fax (717)-727-6943 or e-mail at 102724.3102@compuserve.com.

BUCK S IS BACK: As you've probably heard, Buck's restaurant burned down a few weeks ago. Well, they're back in business, sort of. Buck s has set up a big tent and are serving a limited menu for all the racers. Your choices are rumored to be steak or chicken.

WOMEN AT THE RUNOFFS: There are 10 women drivers of the 621 who have taken to the track this week, including two in the SSC class, three in SSB. Two women are racing in the same group with their husbands Lea Bartlett in SSC and Lisa Noble in FV.

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