RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Sunday press notes

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RACE #11 - Showroom Stock B

Sports Car picks: Michael Galati, Mazda Miata Eric Morehouse, Mazda Miata Jeff Altenberg, Mazda Miata

Grid: David Daughtery, Michael Galati, Jeff Altenburg

Lap 1: Multi-car incident between station 9 and 10, involving Mike Galati, Austin Smith, Carolyn Wright, David Parsons, and Beuran Hicks. All were able to limp into the pits, except for Wright whose Dodge Neon sustained considerable damage. Ambulance called for Wright who was still in the car sitting in the center of the track. "Jaws" needed to get doors open. Wright was conscious and talking to the rescue workers. Lap 2: Full course yellow with safety car on course. The order is David Daughtery, Jeff Altenberg, Harry Manning, Michael Courtney, and Eric Morehouse. Lap 8: Green flag Lap 12: Joe Holley' Mazda Miata flipped at station 5. He went into the gravel pit and turned over, ending up resting against the tirewall. Pace car did not go out as the car was in a safe position. Holley was not injured. The order was still Daughtery, Altenberg, Manning, Courtney, and Morehouse. Lap 13: Morehouse and Manning battling for third place. Lap 15: Courtney got by Morehouse for 4th place. Lap:17: Morehouse got by Courtney at turn 8. The winner is Daughtery, winning his 3rd SSB championship -'93, '95 and '96- and his 4th in total including the '94 win in SSA. All his wins were in Nissans. Second goes to Altenberg, and third goes to Harry Manning. **The race was shortened to 40 minutes per the Supps due to the several laps under yellow, which resulted in only 17 laps. Caroline Wright was transported to a Mansfield hospital for x-rays and observation only.

Driver Quotes Race #11 - SSB David Daughtery - 1st " I told everybody that it was going to be a slow start, but Galati wasn't listening and went to sleep at the start." "I wanted to cut a perfect first lap - which I did, then the yellow came out." "I wish Michael(Galati) would have been there 'cause I really wanted to race him - he's my buddy."

Jeff Altenberg- 2nd " I was hoping Michael (Galati) and David (Daughtery) to mix it up a little bit. " "I felt like he (Daughtery) was just playing with me - I just couldn't catch him." Harry Manning - 3rd "I didn't see the incident on the first lap because I got by Galati at the start - I wondered what happened to him."

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