RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Sunday press notes #4

RACE ...

RACE# 12 H Production

Sports Car Picks: Steve Hussey - AH Sprite Ray Yergler - AH Sprite Mike Feavel - AH Sprite

Grid: Steve Hussey, Michael Feavel, Randy Canfield

Lap 1: Don Feller, gridded 5th, spun at station eleven, impacted the tirewall, but was able to continue. He dropped 17 positions. Lap 3: The order is Mike Faevel, Steve Hussey, Randy Canfield, Chester Niemczycki, and Ron Bartell. Lap 4: Al Drum moves up into the top 5, passing Bartell. The top three are now Hussey, Faevel, Canfield and the three are close enough to throw a blanket, albeit a large one, over all three. Lap 5: Leaders unchanged. Lap 7: Ray Yergler, 1987 HP Champion, gridded 7th, is up to 5th place. Hussey in the tires at station 3 and out of the race. Lap 10: The order was Feavel, Canfield, Drum, Niemczycki, and Yergler. Lap 11: John Bishop and Paul Mevoli came together near station 11. Both drivers okay. Randy Canfield spins and continues at turn 3. Lap 12; Full course yellow and the order is Feavel, Drum, Niemczycki, Canfield, Yergler. Lap 15: Green Flag. Lap 16: Feavel, Niemczycki, and Brian Linn who worked his way up steadily from his 21st starting position. Lap 17: Linn gets by Niemczycki for 2nd behind Feavel. Lap 18: Yergler got by Drum. Lap 19: Drum gets his 4th place slot back on the last lap. Steve Hussey wins his third National championship in HP. The margin of victory is 9.321 seconds Drivers Quotes Race 12 HP

Michael Feavel - 1st "To say I was 'pretty happy' to see Hussey pull off is an understatement." "When he (Hussey) spun off I had no brakes and had to use my transmission to slow me for the next 3 laps or so - then my brakes returned." "If Hussey would have been there at the end, it would have been a real good race, but still we were very lucky. We had to run a practice motor. We just had to cross our fingers and go for it."

Brian Linn - 2nd "I'd gotten up to 7th and didn't see anybody in front. The yellow came out and really helped. When you start that far back you just have to hope for a yellow." Chester Niemczycki - 3rd "The caution flag sure helped."

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